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12 Best 3D Explainer Videos To Get You Started (2024 Updated)

Laura Chaves
December 21, 2023

Exploring innovative ways to convey complex ideas? 3D explainer videos leverage the power of three-dimensional graphics and animation to bring concepts, ideas, and narratives to life, visually striking and immersively.

They can break down intricate topics into easily digestible visual content, making them an invaluable tool for marketing, education, training, and entertainment.

With our deep understanding of video production and its role in effective marketing, we’ve carefully selected 12 standout examples. These 3D explainer videos demonstrate their power in various contexts, providing you with insights and inspiration across different industries.


    Top 12 3D Explainer Video Examples Worth Watching

    1. Vidico x Wilio

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: Industrial, Series Startups, Financial Services, Seed Startups, Established Enterprise, Non-Profit, E-commerce & Retail and more

    Collaborated With: Wilio, Airtable, EasyAgile, Spotify, Uber, Digital Ocean, Vimeo, Square, and more

    What Makes It Stand Out: The 3D explainer video for Wilio stands out as one of the best examples because of its well-crafted content, unique visual design, and appropriate background music selection.

    Our [1] animation has effectively communicated and resonated with its target audience across multiple regions in Eastern Europe.

    The platform’s value proposition’s clear and visually appealing presentation resonates with individuals and businesses seeking reliable and convenient service solutions.

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    2. Uiflow

    Target Industries: Software, Security, IT

    Collaborated With: Amazon, Ali Express

    What Makes It Stand Out: Despite having a straightforward script, this 3D explainer video captivates its audience by cleverly using stunning visuals and bold colors.

    The animation video addresses a common challenge in enterprise software development – the slow, fragmented, and resource-intensive process.

    This 3D explainer video for UI Flow stands out due to its visually stimulating animation, creative use of colors, and effective communication of a solution to a complex problem.

    3. Toggl Animated Videos

    Target Industries: Personal, Established Enterprise, Small Businesses, Education

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: One of the standout features of this explainer video is its use of 3D animation to make abstract ideas visually appealing and relatable.

    By creating lively animation of characters and scenes, the explainer video bridges the gap between the viewer’s everyday experiences and the concept of time management.

    The video is an excellent example of how 3D animation can deliver ideas to life in an imaginative and impactful manner.

    4. Megagrass

    Target Industries: Lifestyle, Home, Environment, Government

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: The 3D explainer video for MegaGrass stands out because it can tackle an unusual topic and problem engagingly, even without live-action.

    The creative use of 3D animation makes it an excellent example of how animated videos can effectively convey complex information while keeping the human connection as they watch the video.

    5. Bankwest Halo

    Target Industries: Finance

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Bankwest animation video stands out for its ability to use a relatable, fun, and humorous scenario to communicate the convenience of the Bankwest Halo payment solution effectively.

    The video resonates with viewers who appreciate innovation in banking services and the ease of making payments in everyday situations, even while cycling.

    6. Webflow

    Target Industries: SaaS, Ecommerce, Localization, CMS

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: This 3D animated explainer video shines in its ability to convey the future of software development for two reasons:

    3D animation, in particular, allows for intricate and visual graphics, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

    The music is spot-on. It complements the visuals, texture, animation, and narration to create an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

    7. American Express

    Target Industries: Finance

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: American Express ads stand out in the marketing world due to their fun, clever, and relatable animation and story.

    It addresses a common consumer concern – no-return policies at stores – and presents American Express’ Blue Card as a solution that offers returns and cashback even in such situations.

    It effectively communicates the message, the valuable financial service, in a relatable and creative manner, making it an excellent example of effective ads.

    8. Airbnb

    Target Industries: Lifestyle, Home, Real Estate

    Collaborated With: General Public and Property Owners

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Airbnb explainer video is a powerful tool to reach the target audience. It will likely resonate with its target audience, including travelers and potential Airbnb users.

    It addresses common concerns and misconceptions people may have when considering Airbnb for their accommodation needs, particularly when traveling abroad.

    The lighthearted and relatable approach makes the video informative and entertaining.

    9. Wrapify

    Target Industries: Transportation and Logistics

    Collaborated With: Pepsi, Google, Coca-Cola

    What Makes It Stand Out: This 3D animation video is notable for effectively communicating Wrapify’s concept – advertising businesses through cabs – in a short, simple, and highly explanatory manner.

    The nature of the video ensures that the audience remains attentive and retains the message of the business or brand.

    10. Tesla Powerwall

    Target Industries: Automation, Automotive

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: This Tesla Powerwall advertisement stands out for its clear and concise communication of the product’s benefits.

    The visual design showcases the Powerwall’s features, philosophy, and benefits visually compellingly. The smooth transition of animation and clear voiceover contributed to the overall effectiveness of the advertisement.

    11. Intel AI

    Target Industries: AI, Innovation, Security, Computer Hardware

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: This Intel AI video stands out for its innovative approach to combining various video forms – animation, live-action, and typographic elements.

    Its visual appeal, creativity, and ability to simplify complex AI concepts [2] make it an excellent example of how to engage and educate an audience in a visually mesmerizing way.

    12. Hololens 2

    Target Industries: AI, SaaA

    Collaborated With: Microsoft, PTC, Gig

    What Makes It Stand Out: The introduction video for Hololens 2 by Microsoft [3] stands out for its innovative combination of kinetic typography, 3D animation, robust sound design, and user testimonials.

    The three-dimensional space animation creates a fully immersive experience beyond a traditional promotional video, effectively conveying the product’s features and benefits while engaging the audience deeper.

    Why Work With Vidico

    Award-Winning Video Production

    With over 1200 video campaigns and 600+ product video launches under our belt, including work for 20 unicorns and Fortune 200 clients, we understand the power of 3D explainer videos in transforming complex ideas into engaging, easy-to-grasp narratives.

    Our experience, particularly with tech, SaaS, and fast-growing startups, has shown us the unique challenges and opportunities in these sectors, and we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality videos that exceed client expectations.

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    Vidico has a solid and established track record of working with some of the world’s most prominent and respected brands. Our past collaborations demonstrate our ability to deliver outstanding results.

    We will keep you in the loop with our process, from planning to visuals, and ensure you get your money’s worth. We are open to comments and suggestions as we review your animation projects.

    Expertise in Creative Storytelling

    We specialize in crafting compelling and engaging narratives that resonate with audiences. Our expertise in creative storytelling ensures that each video project we produce effectively conveys its message and captivates viewers.

    Our 3d animation projects posted on media channels like Google and YouTube prove our expertise in the field. When we create video animation for brands, we ensure the story has a good connection with target customers.

    High Quality Three Dimensional Space Design & Audio

    Vidico is dedicated to delivering the highest visual and sound design quality. We employ the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that every aspect meets the highest standards.

    As your reliable video production partner, we will keep you in the loop with the process, from planning and story to post-production.

    Tailored Animated Videos for Diverse Industries

    Unlike other video companies, our team is experienced in creating videos for various industries, from technology to healthcare, finance, and beyond.

    There is a big difference between regular video and 3d animation, but we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs and goals of the customers.

    A Dedicated Team of Experienced Professionals

    Vidico boasts a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about video production. Our experts work collaboratively to bring your vision to life and achieve your desired outcomes.

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    Beyond video production, Vidico offers comprehensive video marketing strategies to maximize the impact of your videos. We ensure that your content reaches the right audience and achieves your objectives.

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    What are 3D explainer videos?

    3D explainers are animated videos using three-dimensional computer-generated imagery to illustrate complex concepts, products, or processes visually.

    These animated videos employ depth and perspective to provide a more immersive and engaging viewing experience.

    3D animation video is often used in marketing, education, and training to convey information effectively and creatively.

    Unlike still images, 3d visuals can simplify intricate subjects, making them easier for audiences to understand and remember.

    When do you need 3D explainer videos?

    You may need 3D explainers to clarify complex concepts, showcase intricate product designs, or engage your audience with visually compelling content. They are valuable for industries like technology, healthcare, and engineering to illustrate intricate processes.

    In the marketing world, a video can make your product, idea, or service sell by providing more immersive and informative details.

    When you need to simplify and visualize information effectively, animated videos can be a powerful tool for engagement and communication. If you want a transparent cost for your video project, use our VidiFit Quiz for free!

    Are 3D explainer videos effective?

    Yes, 3D explainer videos are highly effective. They engage and educate audiences by simplifying complex ideas, making them easier to understand and remember.

    The visual depth and realism of 3D animations enhance viewer retention and engagement, making them ideal for conveying intricate concepts or showcasing products.

    While the cost may vary, explaining your products and services using a video is more efficient and remarkable [4].

    In Conclusion

    3D explainer videos are a dynamic and effective medium for conveying complex ideas, showcasing products, and engaging audiences.

    Their ability to combine visual depth, creativity, and immersive storytelling makes them a powerful tool for marketing, education, and communication.

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