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8 Examples Of Product Launch Videos To Create Your Own

Michael Pirone
May 24, 2022

Launching a product to market can be stressful. Perhaps even more stressful than the production of the product you intend to market. Using video in this area allows you to offer essential information in a short amount of time and provide an engaging experience to your target audience.

In this article, we will show you how to use video to launch your product with tactics for writing your scripts and examples of product launch videos you can learn from to perfect yours. 

The Best Types Of Product Launch Videos To Consider

There are several video types you can use for your product launch. Here are the video types that, in our experience, will help you better tell your story and grab the attention of your target audience. 

Brand videos 

Brand videos are more focused on storytelling than just demonstrating the product. For example, it focuses on the idea behind the product, why the company decided to create the product and its benefit to the customers rather than just detailing its features. A brand video can be live-action as it can also be an animated one. 

Product overview videos

Here, you show your audience what the product looks like, how it works, and its value to the users. You take excellent footage of the product and break down its ins and outs for the viewers, along with a mix of narrative and product benefits. Product overview videos are a cost-effective option for brands with a tight budget and in need of a fast turnaround (4-5weeks).

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are effective and prominent for both launching a new product and updating an old one. You can create live-action or animated explainer videos. Live-action explainer videos are convenient for demonstrating the product in a real-life situation with a user, an actual person, showing and explaining how the product works and its benefit for the audience. 

Animated explainer videos use 3D and 2D animations as well as motion graphics to help tell your story and inform your target audience about your product’s utility and benefits. 

App videos

App videos are much more designed for applications and software. It is usually a demonstration of the application, what it is used for, and a description of the user’s interest. The video usually includes a representation of the user interface and details the different features. 

7 tactics to craft a good story and script for your product launch videos

Here are seven tips you can leverage to craft stories and write scripts that hook your viewers and get them to buy through your product launch video. 

  • Take an empathetic approach. 

Take the time to get to know your target audience and put yourself in their shoes. You need to understand that the people outside your company have no experience or knowledge of your product. Also, while it may be easy for you to understand how the product works and its core value, it may not be so easy for them. 

You have to detach yourself from someone who has worked extensively on the product and take an empathetic approach to create your product launch videos. Ask yourself what you would like to learn about your product if you didn’t know about it and what is the best way to hear it. Consider their perspective; they don’t know what you know. It’s even likely they won’t be able to see the product’s value the way you do. 

So you need to empathize and keep their perspective in mind throughout the scriptwriting process. This will ensure that every sentence you write best explains your thinking and provides value to your target audience. The overall result is that they will have a much better understanding of your offering and better identify with the idea behind your product. 

  • Create a character(s) that experiences your product

We naturally tend to want to hear stories, and we even enjoy them more when we identify with the story’s protagonist. So the best way to tell a story and engage your target audience is to create a protagonist they can relate to. Take the time to profile your ideal customer and create a character who experiences the same pain points as your potential customers—pain points that your product will address.

Your goal is to depict the life experience of your ideal customers before product awareness. So, while writing your script, create and follow one or more characters who live your customers’ “life” before they discover your product. This will not only keep your product launch video from coming across as just a product pitch, but it will also create an anchor and make your video engaging and relatable. 

Then, you can inject some excitement and introduce your product as the game changer in their “life experience.” Your product will come into the picture as the next logical step in your script if you do it right. You can then walk them through your product and offering and answer questions they will most likely have. 

  • Teach about your product and offerings

After introducing your product, you need to ensure that you provide all the essential information about it and provide value. Depending on your product, there may be many questions you need to answer to give immersive product knowledge that triggers the buying intent. 

But ultimately, you need to make sure your target audience knows what the product is, who it’s for, its purpose, its different use cases, why it can help your customers, and the benefits they’ll receive. 

A good start, for example, is to make sure your script answers the five WH questions about your product to begin with: (What it is, who should use it, why use it, where to use it, and how to use it), and then you can provide more information about your unique selling point, your purpose with the product, reviews, and more to win the viewer—which brings us to the next tip.

  • Prove value and differentiation

Whatever product you are selling, you need to prove value and differentiation. 

Let’s say you’re selling a product that solves a common problem in everyday life, such as a mattress. You’ll have a lot of competition, and simply telling a great story and getting your customers to know your product won’t cut it. So you need to prove the unique value of your product, show why it is different from other products in the market, and give reasons why your customers should choose your product over the competition. 

For example, you can prove value and differentiation by sharing the unique process or materials you use to create your product. You can explain to your target audience why that process or materials make your product different and how it/they contribute to a better product. 

You can also talk about the unique benefits of purchasing from your company. For example, you can talk about the guarantee you offer, the reviews you’ve received, the top brands you serve or work with, and the unique case studies. 

  • Build excitement

If you’ve been using the tips above correctly, you’ve already started to build excitement about your product. The key to building excitement around your product is to make people want to learn more about it, buy it, and use it after seeing your launch video. 

The best way to do this is to show your customers only a part of your product to pique their curiosity. You can also show just enough of the product to catch the eye while concealing enough to leave the viewer guessing. 

  • End your product launch videos with a solid call to action

Last but not least, when writing your script, you need to make sure you clarify the next action you want your prospects to take after watching your product launch videos. 

Typically, this might be to send them to your website to find out more about your product and your offers, refer them to a page where they can contact your sales reps, or perhaps send them to an e-commerce site where they can access your products. 

Ideally, you need to ensure they don’t leave after watching your video. So make sure with your call-to-action that they take a step towards your product or company.

8 Best Examples Of Product Launch Videos 

Here are 8 unique examples of excellent product launch videos you can learn from to inspire your own. 

  • Koala


Through its product launch video, Koala shows us the value of standing out from the competition and showing your unique value to your target audience. 

In a nutshell, Koala leverages its unique selling point to introduce its product and crush the competition. The company explains how most of the competition makes their product and why this is not to the buyer’s benefit. Then introduces its product as the ultimate solution. 

They used their unique approach to creating their product to demonstrate its value to the buyer. Notice that the video is fun and focuses on what the buyer will gain by purchasing Koala’s product. 

  • Spotify Ads

Spotify’s explainer video was to introduce their new product and show how it allows podcast producers to share their content on the platform. So they used an engaging 45-second animated video that introduced the service very well. As a cherry on top, the video portrayed the perks of sharing podcast content on the platform and how easy it is to connect with audiences, regardless of how they listen to podcasts. 

  • Square

What’s interesting about Square’s video is that the company understands that it’s addressing a large audience composed of several types of professionals and takes that into account. The product they are promoting serves a large audience, so they use a lot of examples and present several use cases so that everyone can see how the product serves them on a personal level. This makes the video relatable to the audience, and they can easily see the value. 

  • Digital Ocean

In this video, the animation helps attract the viewer’s attention. The voiceover helps tell the story, explaining what the product is, what it does, the audience it serves, and its value to the user. The video goes into all the product’s benefits and helps viewers imagine a future with the product. The video also tries to anticipate the potential barriers that may prevent the customer from using the service and tries to solve them in advance. 

  • Vimeo Enterprise

The video starts with a bang, and Vimeo doesn’t waste any time introducing its new product. Vimeo demonstrates its understanding of its potential customer’s problems and explains how it has positioned its product to satisfy them across the board. They show how their offering allows their potential customers to achieve their goals of better communication within the company and gain ample benefits while they are at it. 

  • Ftrack

This video is the perfect example of an app video on our list. The video shows the application’s user interface and describes the different features and what they are used for. The user will see what the application looks like, see it in use, and understand how to use it. Also, the video begins by listing and reiterating potential problems that may drive the need for the app. They take into account the pain points of potential customers and demonstrate how the application will help them solve these problems and make their lives easier. 

  • Buffer 

This is the ultimate fun and straightforward product launch video. With a short and fun 80-second video, Buffer introduces us to their new landing page builder and explains what it is for, the audience they have designed it to serve, and the value they get from it. They made sure to demonstrate the product on all of its interfaces while explaining how each feature helps the audience to achieve their goals with the product.

  • Airtable

The Airtable video is also a great example of an app video. What’s interesting is that the video doesn’t just show the user interface of the application; it also uses motion graphics to illustrate icons and detail the features of the application and its functionalities. They also break down the app’s use cases and explain the different things you can achieve with it. After watching this video, you will know precisely what the application is, what you can do with it, and why it is an essential tool for business development. 

Collaborate with Vidico to create your product launch videos!

The secret to successful product launch videos lies in the script and how your target audience identifies with the video in general. 

Ideally, you want to make sure you give them some experience with the product and create excitement. You need to make sure they know everything they need to know to decide. It’s also critical to ensure that the information is conveyed with the correct language and words.  

Vidico is the company that produced all the videos on this list. We have experience and have worked with companies in all sectors, including e-commerce, applications, and software products. We have a team of video professionals who take the time to understand your needs and produce a video that resonates with your audience and brings you unprecedented results. 

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