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20 Best Examples of SaaS Explainer Videos That Work (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 12, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

New ideas always come up, and the way we make and use Software has changed a lot because of something called SaaS – Software as a Service.

Imagine this: complicated computer stuff, hard-to-understand processes, and advanced ideas explained in a 2-minute video.

The explainer video doesn’t just teach you; it also keeps you interested and excited- that’s what our SaaS video examples can do.

We’ve seen companies that make SaaS do creative things, and here are some great examples of SaaS explainer videos worth watching.

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    Top SaaS Explainer Videos in 2024

    1. Vidico – Spotify CTA Cards

    Estimated Pricing: $10,000 – $13,000

    Target Industries: SaaS, Financial Services, Non-Profit, Industrial, Seed Startups, Series Startups, Established Enterprise, E-commerce & Retail, and more

    Collaborated With: Spotify, Nutrislice, Square, Airtable, Koala, Treasury Prime, Digital Ocean, and more

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video introduces “Call to Action (CTA) Cards,” a novel way for advertisers [1] to engage with podcast listeners exclusively on Spotify.

    Using a simple, minimal visual style, Vidico highlighted the key features of CTA Cards, such as eye-catching visuals, customizable text, and clickable buttons.

    It is one of the great SaaS explainer video examples to watch because the pacing and background music allow every target audience to absorb the Saas product video presented.

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    2. Vidico – Square for Retail

    Estimated Pricing: $10,000 – $14,000

    Target Industries: SaaS, Financial Services, Non-Profit, Industrial, Seed Startups, Series Startups, Established Enterprise, E-commerce & Retail, and more

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video introduces “Square for Retail” as a comprehensive solution to empower retail businesses to grow efficiently.

    It effectively captures the attention of the target audience with a powerful statement: “Like you, your retail business is unique.”

    Using clear and concise language, the video effectively communicates the features of each plan. The narration is straightforward and informative, highlighting the tangible benefits for SaaS companies. Overall, it presents a compelling message for why “Square for Retail” is the right choice to propel your business forward.

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    3. Vidico – Airwallex

    Estimated Pricing: $5,000 – $8,000

    Target Industries: SaaS, Financial Services, Non-Profit, Industrial, Seed Startups, Series Startups, Established Enterprise, E-commerce & Retail, and more

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video [2] addresses the challenges of cross-border transactions for businesses engaged in international trade, e-commerce, or working with overseas clients.

    It effectively captures the essence of Airwallex’s core message – that it is the most reliable and powerful platform for global payments. The presentation of its features is concise yet comprehensive, making for an engaging, best SaaS explainer video.

    Modern animation brings life to complex concepts, effectively conveying how Airwallex can streamline processes and improve efficiency in payment management. That’s the magic of a great SaaS product explainer video.

    4. Vidico – Buffer

    Estimated Pricing: $5,000

    Target Industries: SaaS, Financial Services, Non-Profit, Industrial, Seed Startups, Series Startups, Established Enterprise, E-commerce [3] & Retail, and more

    Objective: Product & Brand Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video features a relatable host, Erica, who shares her experience managing various tasks as a small business owner.

    Erica explains the pain points of updating websites with fresh content and highlights the simplicity of using Start Page in the SaaS product video.

    The Saas video animation complements Erica’s narration. Erica’s friendly and relatable tone adds personality to the video, making it engaging and approachable. Using humor, such as referencing multiple takes, adds authenticity to the content.

    5. Github

    Target Industries: Enterprise, Education, Teams, Startups

    Collaborated With: Stripe, Pinterest, P&G

    Objective: Brand & Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: With a simple animation style complementing the narrative, the successful explainer video from GitHub ingeniously spotlights its essential features and functionalities.

    It forges an instant connection between the SaaS company and the target audience through relatable examples.

    Unlike other SaaS explainer videos, the GitHub explainer video emphasizes the platform’s universality, catering not only to developers but to all companies as software companies in the modern era.

    The video creatively showcases GitHub’s significance in global software development, highlighting its role in diverse projects, from algorithms to businesses and even space missions.

    6. Webflow

    Target Industries: Freelancers, Agencies, Startups, Education, Enterprise

    Collaborated With: Upwork, Discord,

    Objective: Brand & Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: Imagine if everyday problems mirrored the frustrations of web design—things not working, everything looking alike, elements disappearing, and stubborn components.

    Webflow is a game-changer, and they have one of the best SaaS explainer videos that educate potential customers and generate leads.

    Suddenly, coherence reigns, aesthetics align, and the functionality you envisage materializes seamlessly. Without a thousand words, you’ll learn that by watching their impactful Saas explainer videos.

    7. Slack

    Target Industries: Technology, Media, Small Business, Retail, Public Sector

    Collaborated With: Uber, Airbnb, NASA

    Objective: Brand & Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video introduces Slack as a solution to these challenges.

    Their Saas videos highlight Slack’s capability to consolidate various forms of communication into a single platform, making it easier to manage conversations, collaborate on projects, and share files.

    Through this narrative-driven approach, the video effectively communicates with the target audience and boosts sales.

    8. Zendesk

    Target Industries: Enterprise, Small & Medium Business, Startups

    Collaborated With: Tesco, Instacart, Lush

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: Zendesk’explainer videos are a great example of delivering an entire concept of your SaaS business in 140 seconds.

    The video introduces Zendesk as a comprehensive solution that effortlessly tackles customer service challenges, a SaaS video marketing strategy that your own SaaS company should adapt.

    Beyond integration, the video delves into Zendesk’s ability to assimilate collaborators, knowledge articles, apps, and data from other systems.

    9. Hubspot

    Target Industries: Marketing, Sales, Service

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video commences by unveiling the essence of HubSpot—an integrated solution encompassing memorable marketing, sales, and service software. It sets the stage for holistic business growth that doesn’t come at the cost of customer satisfaction.

    With a comprehensive approach and a unique brand value proposition, HubSpot is one of the best SaaS product videos.

    The marketing videos offer a solution and compelling story that attracts every viewer’s attention.

    10. Adobe

    Target Industries: Small Business, Freelance, Enterprise, Education, Home, Personal

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The SaaS animation video strategically captures the essence of Adobe’s offering by highlighting the diversity of creative tools available within the Creative Cloud ecosystem.

    The animated video showcases how the suite caters to various creative needs through visually engaging whiteboard animation, from graphic design to video editing.

    11. Microsoft

    Target Industries: Personal, Startups, Enterprise

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The Microsoft Office App doesn’t need animated characters to provide the best explainer video.

    The single video shows how their Software can be beneficial to the end user and how it can boost sales. The music serves as a guide, enhancing the visual experience and resonating with the viewer’s attention and emotion.

    Visual and user interface takes center stage, painting a vivid picture of a future where images and videos seamlessly guide our inquiries.

    12. Shopify

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Retail, Sales

    Collaborated With: Wildleaf, Purenectar

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video opens by addressing the challenges of e-commerce conversion rates. It empathizes with the viewer’s efforts and investments in optimization strategies that might need to hit the mark.

    Through engaging visuals, the video is a great example of high-quality explainer videos delivered in an easy-to-understand manner.

    It highlights Rep’s multifaceted user interface abilities, from recommending products that align with visitor preferences to answering specific product-related questions and executing upsells skillfully.

    The video is concise but impactful, swiftly conveying that Rep is the long-awaited answer to achieving brick-and-mortar-like conversion rates. It is a strategy you can use for video marketing your SaaS businesses.

    13. Grammarly

    Target Industries: Education, Enterprise, Retail, Personal

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    Objective: Brand & Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The explainer video starts with how Grammarly’s versatility can help a user, from professional emails to academic essays- a great way to start any SaaS product videos.

    The video portrays Grammarly as the companion that ensures your thoughts are translated flawlessly into words.

    It’s a visual representation of refining and polishing—an evolution from mere words to impactful communication.

    The entire video is a visual ode to the creative process, guiding you through the transformative power of crafting written content with precision and finesse.

    14. Asana

    Target Industries: Marketing, Product, IT, Sales

    Collaborated With: Spotify, NASA, The New York Times

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video commences with a relatable message: The role of a project manager is no longer confined to a select few—it’s a possibility for anyone.

    The video cleverly incorporates the concept of flexibility in an engaging manner. It assures viewers that, with Asana, even unexpected events won’t derail their projects.

    This segment is a testament to Asana’s dedication to creating a planning tool that accommodates the unpredictable nature of projects without sacrificing deadlines.

    15. HootSuite

    Target Industries: Publishing, Engagement, Social Commerce, Advertising

    Collaborated With: Ikea, Domino’s, WHO

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video opens with relatable pain points like the social media frenzy- making HootSuite’s video marketing one of the best examples of SaaS explainers.

    People are capturing moments, following influencers, and building connections through screens. However, entering this social realm can feel like gatecrashing a party for businesses.

    As the narrative progresses, the video introduces Hootsuite as the ultimate invitation to this digital soiree. Hootsuite’s visual storytelling beautifully illustrates how the platform levels the playing field for businesses.

    16. Typeform

    Target Industries: Enterprise, Health Care

    Collaborated With: Airbnb, Hermes, Hubspot

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video introduces a transformative platform that empowers businesses to connect with their target audience on a human level, fostering meaningful connections through thoughtfully designed digital interactions.

    Unlike other SaaS explainer videos, the Typeform explainer video creatively depicts the transformation of typical forms and surveys into engaging experiences.

    Visuals and whiteboard animation reinforce how Typeform’s people-friendly forms, quizzes, surveys, and asynchronous video solutions elevate digital interactions, converting them into genuine human connections.

    17. Google

    Target Industries: Startup, Enterprise, Personal, Education

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The SaaS explainer video elaborates on what viewers can expect—an engaging news snippet and whiteboard animation spotlights individuals dedicated to solving global and community challenges.

    Imagine starting your day with a fresh perspective—one that’s brimming with positivity and hope. “Tell Me Something Good” is a daily ritual that the trusty Google Assistant delivers.

    It is the best SaaS explainer video that emphasizes how these stories aren’t just about problems; they’re about the remarkable solutions individuals and organizations actively pursue.

    18. SoFi

    Target Industries: Finance

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed & Confidential

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: In a world where Millennials often face financial challenges, the video introduces SoFi as a beacon of hope, presenting a solution to one of their biggest concerns—credit card debt.

    The best SaaS explainer video starts with a nod to the Millennial generation, capturing the essence of their struggles while debunking misconceptions.

    It then delves into the heart of the matter—the financial burden that this SaaS product explainer video explains further.

    The narrative transitions seamlessly into SoFi’s role as a financial ally. The visual depiction of this consolidation reinforces the idea of simplifying complex financial situations that reach the target audience.

    19. Pipedrive

    Target Industries: Sales, Software, Privacy & Security

    Collaborated With: Gartner, GetApp, Capterra, Gmail, Slack

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video kicks off with a compelling statement—Pipedrive is not just any CRM platform; experienced salespeople design it for salespeople.

    This introduction immediately establishes credibility and relevance to the target audience.

    Visually intuitive, Pipedrive’s interface is highlighted as a standout feature.

    The video emphasizes its role in keeping sales teams organized and focused, regardless of their geographical location. The result? Improved efficiency and strategic goal alignment.

    20. Discord

    Target Industries: Personal, Enterprise, Education

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed & Confidential

    Objective: Product Marketing

    Why It’s Worth Watching: The video gracefully begins by highlighting the essence of Discord—a unified platform that simplifies communication and collaboration within groups.

    It briefly introduces the concept of servers, where individuals come together to converse and connect.

    The video emphasizes the versatility of Discord. The concept of voice channels comes to life, likened to virtual gatherings where participants can converse naturally, much like friends sharing a couch.

    The ability to transition from voice to video and screen sharing amplifies the platform’s versatility.

    Incorporating humor, the video playfully portrays the dynamics of voice channels, from friendly debates to showcasing team collaboration.

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    What’s A SaaS Explainer Video?

    A SaaS explainer video is designed to help people understand what Software as a Service (SaaS) is all about.

    The best SaaS product videos have complex technical concepts that are simplified and presented clearly and engagingly.

    They use visuals, animations, and simple language to explain how SaaS works, its benefits, and how it can be helpful for businesses or individuals.

    The best explainer videos can be a great tool for introducing SaaS to a broad audience and making the information easily digestible.

    Why Do You Need One?

    SaaS product explainer videos are essential to convey your product’s value and functionality [4]. It simplifies complex technical details, engages viewers with visuals, and concisely presents key points and brand identity.

    The visual format enhances memorability and encourages action, whether it’s signing up or making a purchase.

    Easily shareable, an explainer video expands your reach and infuses your brand with personality [5]. It educates potential customers about key features, giving you a competitive edge in a crowded market.

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    Why Work With Vidico For SaaS Explainer Videos

    Transparent Pricing

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    Clear & Compelling Videos

    We specialize in producing videos for tech that are both crystal clear and undeniably compelling. It communicates your message, ensuring your audience understands your story.

    Paired with captivating visuals and narratives, our SaaS product videos engage viewers, leaving a lasting impact and driving meaningful results.

    Proven Track Record

    Our track record speaks volumes. With collaborations that include industry giants like Spotify, Nutrislice, Square, Airtable, Koala, Freshbooks, and Digital Ocean, Vidico is the go-to for exceptional video content for SaaS companies.

    Join our esteemed list of satisfied clients and experience the excellence that has propelled these prominent names to succeed.

    Smooth Collaboration

    We pride ourselves on fostering a harmonious partnership with our clients. Our process ensures open communication, creative synergy, and a shared vision from concept to completion.

    Experience a journey where your ideas merge seamlessly with our expertise, resulting in videos that genuinely resonate with your audience.

    Experienced Team

    With a seasoned team of professionals, Vidico brings unparalleled expertise to every project. Our collective experience spans industries and creative disciplines, ensuring your vision is executed precisely.

    Vidico is a professional video production company that can deliver impactful results for your brand.

    Best Practices for Crafting the Best SaaS Explainer Videos

    Embrace Simplicity and Clarity

    The complexity of your company’s video storyboard directly impacts viewer engagement. Keep distractions at bay by focusing on concise, clear statements that resonate with your audience.

    Address Pain Points

    Most SaaS explainer videos revolve around addressing customer pain points. Your storyline should either present solutions to these challenges or highlight the repercussions of ignoring them.

    Align with Your Marketing Strategy and Sales Funnel

    Tailor your explainer video to align with different stages of the sales funnel. Understanding your commercial objectives enhances the video’s relevance and effectiveness.

    Implement a Strong Call to Action

    Every SaaS video should conclude with a clear call to action to maximize its impact and measure effectiveness accurately.

    The Future of SaaS Explainer Videos

    With the rapid advancements in technology, the future of SaaS product explainer videos looks promising. Emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and AI-driven animation are poised to revolutionize the style and effectiveness of these videos.

    AR and VR will offer immersive storytelling experiences, while AI-driven animation will enable personalized and interactive content. These innovations will elevate engagement levels and provide more tailored solutions to users, shaping the future landscape of explainer videos.


    Is it easy to create a SaaS explainer video?

    Creating a SaaS explainer video might seem straightforward, but it’s more challenging than it looks.

    While simple concepts can be explained in a basic manner, SaaS products often involve complex ideas that need to be simplified without losing their essence.

    Moreover, in the past few years, animation has allowed abstract ideas to come to life visually, which can be challenging without experience [6].

    Is a SaaS explainer video the same as a demo video?

    No, the SaaS explainer video is not similar to a demo video. A SaaS explainer video introduces the concept and value of a SaaS product, focusing on benefits. A software demo video showcases how the product works, demonstrating its features and functionality.

    What should be in a SaaS explainer video?

    A SaaS explainer video should introduce the problem it solves, highlight key benefits, use visuals to illustrate concepts, and end with a solid call to action.

    A SaaS product video should address business-related issues to attract customers and showcase brand messages. Using professional voiceover and colorful illustrations is ideal in a SaaS promo video.

    Final Words

    SaaS explainer videos are short visual presentations that explain and showcase SaaS products and their features.

    Our SaaS explainer video examples use animations, graphics, and narration to simplify complex technical concepts, making them easy for a broad audience to understand.

    Whether you’re a startup or an established business, Vidico has the expertise to bring your SaaS product to life through visually appealing and informative animated videos.

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