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25 Best Animation Ads: Bringing Stories to Life (2024)

Laura Chaves
September 16, 2023

The State of Video in 2024

Have you ever spotted awesome animated ads that make you stop scrolling? They’re not just entertaining – they’re connecting businesses with their target audience.

Animation videos have proven to be a compelling medium for conveying messages, telling brand stories, and captivating audiences but it’s hard to choose the right animation style for your project.

We’ve compiled 25 of the best animation ads from innovative brands like Apple, Slack and Spotify. If you’d like to see animation ads specifically for your industry, check our portfolio.


    Top 25 Inspiring Animation Ads

    1. Vidico x Spotify

    Average Pricing: $11,180 – $17,560

    Target Industries: Financial Services, Seed Startups, Series Startups, SaaS, Industrial, E-commerce & Retail, Established Enterprise, Non-Profit, and more

    Collaborated With: Airtable, Spotify, Freshbooks, Square, Uber, Vimeo, Digital Ocean, and more

    What Makes It Stand Out: The video stands out for its relevance, visually pleasing design, and actionable insights, making it a valuable resource for marketing professionals.

    In 55 seconds, Vidico effectively engages viewers by addressing marketers’ challenges in measuring campaign impact on brand equity.

    Visually, the animation employs modern graphics and vibrant colors, maintaining interest through dynamic transitions. The pace syncs well with the voiceover, creating a cohesive experience.

    Transform your ideas into captivating animations with Vidico’s expertise. Start by discovering what video fits your business with our video marketing quiz.

    2. Vidico x Phonexa

    Average Pricing: $11,180 – $17,560

    Target Industries: Financial Services, Seed Startups, Series Startups, SaaS, Industrial, E-commerce & Retail, Established Enterprise, Non-Profit, and more

    Collaborated With: Phonexa, Airtable, Spotify, Freshbooks, Square, Uber, Vimeo, Digital Ocean, and more

    What Makes It Stand Out: In 92 seconds, Vidico created animated commercial content that resonates with a broad audience.

    The animated video content features a modern design with sleek graphics, maintaining engagement through seamless transitions.

    The cartoon animation introduces the Phonexa platform as a lead tracking and distribution solution, addressing the challenge of assessing marketing efforts across various channels.

    It is one of the best-animated ads examples that employs a modern 2D style animation with upbeat music. At the same time, the voiceover guides viewers through features like data insights and predictive analytics.

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    3. Keyword Magic Tool (Semrush)

    Target Industries: Education, Enterprise, IT, Industrial, E-Commerce

    Collaborated With: Samsung, Tesla, Decathlon, Forbes, Walmart

    What Makes It Stand Out: The animated video shines with its concise message, engaging background music, and effective content.

    As seen in stunning animated commercials, the advertisement animation employs clear visuals to showcase the tool’s process.

    The voiceover and upbeat background music significantly impact and guide potential customers using the tool for profitable SEO or PPC campaigns.

    4. Play With Oreo

    Target Industries: Food

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Oreo ingeniously used animation in advertising by making a fun animated video, “Play,” appealing to youngsters and adults who cherish Oreos.

    Their “Play with Oreo” video features seamless transitions, vivid colors, thoughtful sound design, and charming characters that captivate even the toughest audience.

    Oreo’s animated ad excels, and this promotional video demonstrates the brand’s ability to innovate and inspire in the realm of animated ads.

    5. “Work, Simplified.” – Animated Commercial Video from Slack

    Target Industries: Technology, Business, Media, Finance, Retail

    Collaborated With: Uber, Airbnb, NASA

    What Makes It Stand Out: Slack has secured a spot for having one of the best animated video ads examples widely recognized for business communication.

    Their animated video commercials have consistently showcased their prowess in crafting exceptional advertising animations.

    This video ad exemplifies the remarkable concept of “simple complexity,” effectively utilizing an economy of storytelling that maximizes the potential of visual communication.

    And here’s the best part — the ad doesn’t require much time! It gracefully captures the audience’s attention within a minute, never overstaying its welcome.

    6. Catch Animated Commercial

    Target Industries: Food

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Coca-Cola “Catch” video commercial is an iconic animated ad that masterfully portrays the diverse meanings and shared experiences of enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola.

    The stop motion animation synchronized with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony’s sentimental background music proves enthralling, successfully evoking the sentiment of rejoicing in joyful moments.

    Coca-Cola’s legacy spans numerous years, affirming its affinity for utilizing banner ads and the best animated commercials.

    7. Project Sunroof (Google)

    Target Industries: Home, Business, Office, Personal

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Google’s “Project Sunroof” video exemplifies how animated videos excel at conveying intricate narratives.

    In this perfect summer commercial, Google introduced its innovative venture of integrating solar power generation estimates with Google Maps.

    The objective was to inform homeowners about potential savings upon transitioning from conventional electricity to solar power.

    Despite the complexity of the concept, Google adeptly presents it in a two-minute video ad. The effectiveness is evident as the video garnered over 2 million views on social media platforms.

    As a result, Project Sunroof has been successfully launched across the United States- an expected result for well-thought-out and creative examples of animated videos.

    8. Why Does Starbucks Blend Coffee?

    Target Industries: Food

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: The sensation of experiencing a scent or touch after watching an advertisement signifies the success of marketing efforts, a prime example of potent advertising and video marketing.

    While animation videos lack actual scents or flavors, the video targets to reach potential customers using precise sound design and visuals that can elicit sensations and emotional reactions.

    This synergy is exemplified in the Starbucks Blend video, where the viewer’s engagement mimics the sensation of savoring coffee.

    Even from their couch, they can practically smell the fresh brew; that’s one of the perfect examples of animated videos your business could have.

    9. “The Place You Want to Be” – Cartoon Advertisement (Volkswagen)

    Target Industries: Automotive

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Animated video ads in the automotive industry are rare, making Volkswagen’s decision to opt for a playful animated video a daring move. In hindsight, this choice proves to be highly effective.

    Unlike most car ads, they brought a green beetle to life and told the story from its perspective. It makes it easy for people to understand how Volkswagen’s service suits their cars.

    The animation video opts for cinematic music and beautiful visuals throughout the entire video. Their cartoon ads do not have any voiceover but manage to show how their product works.

    10. Stories of Better (Toyota)

    Target Industries: Automotive

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Getting ready for the big Paris Motor Show, a vast car event, Toyota shared its brand story in a video called “Stories for Better.”

    This animation advertising uses detailed paper models and a strong brand message to show the value of the entire Toyota brand.

    In this video, they emphasize their promise of excellence, moving away from the usual car ads and focusing on the brand’s value and compelling story.

    11. SLURPEE Animated Advertisement

    Target Industries: Food

    Collaborated With: 7-Eleven

    What Makes It Stand Out: 2D motion graphics suit TV and internet channels. The Slurpee video is a perfect example, showcasing how 2D motion graphics can yield stunning visuals comparable to 3D.

    Geared towards the younger generation, the video maintains an energetic and colorful vibe. The video remains succinct while introducing a new product design, clocking in at under 15 seconds, amplifying its appeal and engagement.

    12. In Pursuit of Greatness (Wimbledon)

    Target Industries: Sports

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: This iconic animated ad for Wimbledon is a historical account of tennis and evolving video styles.

    This voiceover-free video takes a daring leap. Voiceover typically grabs viewer attention; with it, there’s a chance of losing interest. However, this gamble paid off handsomely.

    The dynamic backdrop of music and heartwarming story evokes powerful energy, leaving us rewatching this video for its spine-tingling effect.

    13. “Air Reinvented.” – Cartoon Advertisement from Nike

    Target Industries: Sports

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Nike took a bold step by revamping their iconic sneaker models and proudly announced it with an animated commercial video, injecting a playful pun into the mix.

    It is a tribute to the brand’s past sneaker designs, making animated ads stand out even more. Observe closely as each new model appears on-screen – notice how the visuals and music adapt according to the sneaker’s unique style.

    14. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Target Industries: IT

    Collaborated With: Android

    What Makes It Stand Out: Part of Android’s anti-bullying campaign, this video may initially resemble a social initiative, yet its conclusion cleverly unveils its marketing intention.

    The explainer video underscores the significance of embracing uniqueness. Each frame artfully communicates the company’s stance in a genuinely heartening manner, capable of captivating even the most skeptical viewer.

    15. Mindfulness (Apple)

    Target Industries: IT

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Amid discussions about excessive screen time’s negative impact, Apple took proactive measures to maintain its brand image using animated video ads.

    Beyond promoting the new app feature, the video makes sure that it reinforces Apple’s status as a pioneer in lifestyle-oriented innovations, just what any business would do.

    The mobile app successfully reached more than seven million strong downloads.

    16. “Imagine What You Could Do” – Animated Commercial from American Express

    Target Industries: Finance

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: American Express presents animated video examples that spark commercial creativity. In line with any advertisement, it highlights the product’s advantages but with a twist of imaginative storytelling.

    Moreover, it blends captivating illustrations with a vintage color palette complemented by uplifting music.

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    17. Yota Animated Commercial

    Target Industries: IT

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Using animated commercials can tap into the feeling of nostalgia.

    Yota, a mobile network, does a great job using visuals from 1990s video games to catch people’s attention and show their cheaper options compared to big providers.

    This idea fits well with the animated ad and helps people understand the lower cost of their services.

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    18. The Bear and the Hare (John Lewis)

    Target Industries: General

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: John Lewis transformed a department store into a heartwarming experience during the 2013 holiday season.

    Their animated short film, “The Bear and the Hare,” weaves a touching tale about gift-giving, cleverly showcasing their brand.

    With the added allure of featured artist Lily Allen, the original video gained an impressive 16 million views.

    Even more remarkable is that the custom track created for the video garnered over 33 million listens on YouTube alone. This success proves that investing in a renowned artist for a single commercial video can yield remarkable rewards.

    19. “The Fastest Food Delivery in Town” – Animation Advertising (Swiggy)

    Target Industries: Food

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Within 30 seconds, the company skillfully portrays its service as the heroic savior, effectively highlighting its key attributes.

    The attention-grabbing text further solidifies these advantages in the viewer’s memory, and the prominent and compelling call-to-action informs them where to access the app.

    20. Headhunter

    Target Industries: General

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Your animated commercials have the potential to establish a meaningful link with your audience by incorporating pop culture references.

    Opting for relatable video styles rather than static ads grabs viewers’ attention and leaves a lasting impact, holding their interest until the end.

    While anime is immensely popular, you can explore various animation styles to connect with and captivate your audience.

    21. Wonderfilled (Oreo)

    Target Industries: Food, Sales

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: Taking advantage of the rising fame of an emerging electronic artist, Oreo enlisted Owl City to compose and record an exclusive track for their “Wonderfilled” TV commercial.

    The brand paired the cheerful and buoyant song with equally charming animation, creating a video as delightful as the globally renowned cookie itself.

    22. Havaianas

    Target Industries: Apparel, Sales

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: If you’ve got just 30 seconds for your animated ad, go for a lively rhythm complemented by vibrant colors and captivating visuals.

    This approach captivates your audience and maintains their interest, allowing you to present your offering effectively.

    The energetic music, rapid voiceover, dynamic animation, and exotic color palette hold viewers’ attention.

    To prevent the product from getting lost in the excitement, Havaianas cleverly emphasizes the sandals by magnifying their proportions, making them the central focus of the advertisement.

    23. Way Better (Clover)

    Target Industries: Food and Beverage

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: This creative way of promoting an ordinary grocery item shows that commercials can be super imaginative.

    It worked for Clover – they won awards for the best-animated TV commercial at the INFOCOM EME Awards and got first place for TV and visual effects at the Mobius Awards.

    24. Lenovo – Yoga Book

    Target Industries: IT, Sales

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: Lenovo, a top computer maker, shines with one of the finest animated commercials thanks to top-notch dialogue and scriptwriting.

    By combining poetry and animation, they effectively connect with viewers who stand to gain the most from the Yoga Book.

    To captivate your audience, take the time to delve into their needs and embrace what genuinely inspires them.

    25. NoseFrida (Fridababy)

    Target Industries: Health

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Fridababy sets the standard for product launch videos with their “NoseFrida” commercial.

    This smooth storytelling begins by presenting a common issue and guiding viewers through the solution, adeptly addressing potential concerns about the product.

    It’s a prime example of storytelling excellence, accomplished in under two minutes.

    Why Use Animation For Your Ads?

    • Engagement: Animation captures attention with vibrant visuals, enhancing viewer engagement.
    • Creativity: Animation allows limitless creative possibilities, making your ads stand out.
    • Complex Concepts: Complicated ideas can be simplified through animation, making them easier to understand.
    • Memorability: Unique visuals and characters create lasting impressions in viewers’ minds.
    • Flexibility: Animation adapts to various styles, from playful to professional, catering to your brand’s tone.
    • Target Audience: Customizable characters and settings can resonate specifically with your target demographic.
    • Emotional Appeal: Animation evokes emotions, fostering connections with your audience.
    • Simplification: Complex processes or products can be simplified visually, enhancing comprehension.
    • Global Reach: Language barriers are minimized as animation is universally understood.
    • Brand Consistency: Animation ensures consistent branding across all ads and platforms.

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    Why Work With Vidico For Your Animation Ads

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    Are animated ads effective in marketing?

    Yes, animated ads are highly effective in marketing. They grab attention, simplify complex concepts, and evoke emotions, enhancing audience engagement.

    Their versatility and visual appeal make them a powerful tool for conveying messages and promoting products or services. For example, medical animation videos can vividly illustrate the inner workings of the human body, helping patients better understand their conditions and treatment options.

    Will animated ads make my video stand out?

    Yes, animated ads have the potential to make your video stand out. Their creative visuals, unique characters, and captivating storytelling differentiate your content, leaving a memorable impression on viewers.

    The best animated commercial videos offer a fresh, eye-catching approach to capturing attention in a crowded advertising landscape.

    How much does an animated ad usually cost?

    The usual cost of an animated ad falls between $11,180 and $17,560, encompassing factors like complexity, length, and production quality. However, precise pricing may differ based on specific project details and animation style.

    Try our VidiFit quiz and get transparent pricing for your animated marketing video.

    How long should animated ads for marketing be?

    The optimal duration for animated ads in marketing typically ranges from 15 to 60 seconds. This concise timeframe ensures capturing and retaining viewer attention, effectively conveying the message, and maintaining engagement. Adherence to this duration ensures maximum impact in a short span.

    Final Words

    In the dynamic realm of advertising, animated ads have emerged as a compelling and versatile tool. Their ability to captivate, simplify complex ideas, and evoke emotions offers a unique advantage in reaching audiences.

    From engaging visuals to creative storytelling, the animated ad examples proved that fresh perspective leaves a lasting impact.

    If you’re ready to harness the power of animated ads for your marketing campaigns, our experienced team specializes in crafting high-quality, engaging animations that resonate with your audience.

    Elevate your brand’s message and capture attention with Vidico’s expertise. Use our video pricing quiz and start budgeting for your next animated video ads.

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