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10 Best Animated Marketing Videos That Convert Audiences (2024)

Laura Chaves
October 31, 2023

Animated videos have become a valuable tool for businesses, offering an engaging way to communicate differently from traditional advertising.

These animated videos combine storytelling and visual creativity, allowing companies to share complex ideas, promote products or services, and connect with their audience in a memorable and compelling manner.

Here are the best animated marketing videos that are a testament to the creative prowess of businesses in conveying complex ideas, promoting products or services, and forging meaningful connections with their target audience.


    Top 10 Animated Marketing Video Examples

    1. Vidico x Explorium – Advanced Animation

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: Startup, SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Non-Profit, Established Business, Financial Services

    Collaborated With: Pando, Spotify, Bob, BotCentral, Bailey Nelson, Airtable, Square

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Explorium animated marketing video is one of the must-watch marketing videos that uses animation style to showcase the innovative technology of the company.

    The thoughtful design with high-contrast colors, negative space, and subtle patterns and shapes makes the video visually engaging and effectively guides viewers’ attention.

    The marketing video simplifies complex concepts through animation, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand and harness the power of data and machine learning in the Fintech field.

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    2. Vidico x Spotify Advertising | Ad Studio – Campaign Animation

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: Startup, SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Non-Profit, Established Business, Financial Services

    Collaborated With: Pando, Spotify, Bob, BotCentral, Bailey Nelson, Airtable, Square

    What Makes It Stand Out: The campaign video from Spotify is a must-watch for its ability to convey an essential message: the democratization of podcast advertising.

    Using the video, they can explain how easy it is to connect with audiences across various podcast platforms.

    3. Amazon’s Super Simple Payment System – Amazon One

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Online Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Streaming, Business

    Collaborated With: Seattle Kraken, Hudson NonStop

    What Makes It Stand Out: This one-minute animated video offers a straightforward and engaging explanation of how Amazon One operates.

    What makes this marketing video stand out is its visually pleasing animation style. It uses vibrant colors and animations to grab your attention and combines it with an interesting story for clear branding.

    4. Creattie

    Target Industries: UI, E-commerce, Art, Food, Business

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: The promotional video is a prime example of a minimalist explainer video executed to perfection.

    It serves as an excellent example of a precisely executed explainer video, offering valuable insights for anyone looking to create compelling and informative content for clear branding that will catch the attention of new customers.

    5. Slack’s Communication Without Chaos – Animated video

    Target Industries: Technology, Financial Services, Media, Education, Health & Life Sciences

    Collaborated With: Uber, Airbnb, NASA

    What Makes It Stand Out: The animated marketing video campaign from Slack is laser-focused on a single objective: erasing the confusion that often plagues communication.

    What makes this explainer video stand out is the simplicity of the video. It adopts a minimalistic approach with flat colors, a clean font design, and a thoughtfully crafted video script.

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    6. Logitech and RingCentral

    Target Industries: Information Technology, Business, Education

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: Logitech and RingCentral have masterfully blended cartoon-style animation with actual product displays in their commercial.

    While the voiceover serves as the primary audio element, other subtle sounds, such as device connectivity notifications, play a vital role in keeping viewers engaged and maintaining the video’s tempo.

    7. Starbucks Animated Explainer Video

    Target Industries: Business, Food, Beverage

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: Big brands like Starbucks use the “Why does Starbucks Blend Coffee?” campaign as a testament to their thoughtful approach and centered around ideas.

    Starbucks adopts a simplistic 2D animation style for this video, complemented by a skilled voice actor who expertly narrates the video’s purpose.

    Combining a clear narrative and visual straightforwardness makes a compelling and unique 2D animated marketing video.

    8. Android Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Target Industries: Media

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: YouTube video marketing has ushered in a new era of advertising, granting brands the freedom to convey narratives in unconventional ways.

    Telling a compelling story without words or text can be challenging. Still, Android rises to the occasion by leveraging an original song to capture the animated characters’ emotions and images using a video.

    It proves that with video animations, you can explain your point and service to the target viewer clearly and engagingly.

    9. Razer Naga Animated Promo Video

    Target Industries: Information Technology

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: This video is a quintessential illustration of a 3D animated promotional video that excels in every aspect.

    From its breathtaking animations to the high-energy background music that keeps viewers engaged, it effectively communicates all the key features of the mouse stunningly.

    Remarkably, this explainer video is a rarity in animated videos as it relies solely on visuals and music to convey its story without the need for a voiceover.

    10. Porsche

    Target Industries: Automotive, Transportation

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: Most car commercials typically involve live-action shoots. However, Porsche takes a different, cost-effective approach by bringing their iconic designs to life through animation.

    They use the video marketing explainer to promote core values and reveal the brand identity. The eye-catching transitions of the video left a lasting impression on the audience, making it a standout example of effective marketing through animation.

    How Do Marketing Videos Work?

    Marketing videos are a dynamic tool for brand promotion and information sharing. Video marketing [2] involves leveraging video content to engage and educate your target audience about your brand and products.

    These marketing videos can take various forms, such as advertisements, animated explainer videos, product demos, how-to-videos, or customer testimonials, designed to captivate viewers, convey key messages, and encourage specific actions.

    Marketing teams distribute these videos through various platforms, including websites, social media, and email campaigns, reaching potential customers and enhancing brand visibility.

    Benefits of Using Animated Promotional Videos

    • Enhanced Engagement: Animated promotional videos are inherently engaging due to their visual appeal and dynamic storytelling. They often feature colorful graphics, relatable characters, and imaginative scenarios, which capture the viewer’s attention and hold it throughout the video.
    • Simplified Complex Ideas: Marketing teams use animated video content to simplify complex ideas. Through visuals, it can break down intricate concepts into easily understandable segments. It helps viewers grasp the message without feeling overwhelmed by technical details or jargon.
    • Cost-Efficiency: Animated videos tend to be more cost-effective than live-action productions. They require fewer resources like actors, sets, and location rentals. Additionally, changes or revisions to the video can be made efficiently, reducing post-production costs.
    • Higher Retention: Animation [3] combines visual and auditory elements so the viewers can retain the details and information. Studies have shown that people tend to remember more when information is presented through video or audio [4].
    • Sharable Content: Animated promotional videos are highly shareable on digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Google. Their entertaining and concise nature encourages viewers to share and expand the video’s reach, potentially going viral.

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    Team of Professionals

    Vidico boasts a dedicated and skilled team of professionals. From scriptwriters to animators and videographers, their team combines talent and expertise to bring client’s visions to life and impress viewers.

    Video marketing expert like Vidico ensures that each project is handled by specialists who understand the nuances of the video production process, from script to post-production, resulting in an exceptional final product.


    How much do animated marketing videos cost?

    The cost of animated marketing videos can vary widely based on complexity, length, style, and the level of detail required.

    Simple animations may start at a few hundred dollars, while a more elaborate production can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Is animation part of digital marketing?

    Yes, animation is an integral part of digital marketing strategies. Animated marketing videos are used in various online platforms, including websites, social media, email campaigns, and advertising.

    Long video content is time-consuming, so animated videos with less than two minutes of run-time are enough to highlight the product’s features.

    They effectively capture the audience’s attention, convey messages, and promote products or services.

    Why do I need professional services for my animated marketing video needs?

    Professional services for animated marketing videos offer several advantages.

    Experienced professionals bring expertise in storytelling, visual design, and techniques to create compelling marketing videos.

    A video production company like Vidico can align your video content with your marketing goals, pain points, and interests, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

    While the DIY approach in marketing videos is fun and exciting, it can be challenging because you will need the right equipment to produce animations and screen recordings.

    Final Thoughts

    As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, embracing the creative potential of animation remains a crucial strategy for businesses looking to leave a lasting impact and effectively connect with their target audience.

    From enhancing brand identity to explaining product features and telling compelling stories, animated marketing videos have proven their worth in today’s competitive landscape.

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