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10 Best Kickstarter Videos of All Time (2024)

Laura Chaves
June 25, 2024

Picture yourself as a marketing pro navigating a world brimming with content. Your mission? To launch a video that not only stands out but becomes the talk of the town. It’s a tall order.

Video marketing is notoriously tough, balancing creativity with strategy to resonate with audiences and win over potential backers.

At Vidico, we’ve been down this road. We’ve analyzed the best Kickstarter videos and gleaned what makes them click with viewers. Let’s dive into these insights together. We’ll break down the winning strategies and show you how to apply them to your projects.

With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to create Kickstarter videos that not only capture attention but also build trust and inspire action from your audience.


    Top 10 Successful Kickstarter Video Examples for 2024

    1. SimCam x Vidico

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: The SimCam Kickstarter video is an excellent example of effective crowdfunding communication. It skillfully combines technical information with compelling storytelling to engage potential backers.

    This crowdfunding video introduces SimCam, an AI home security camera. It showcases unique features, such as intelligent person detection, 360-degree rotation, and night vision capabilities. The presentation is clear and concise, highlighting how SimCam offers more control and security in a user-friendly package.

    Amount Raised: $310,000

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    2. Darkfade

    Quick Description: The Darkfade Kickstarter video is a stellar example of how an effective crowdfunding campaign can captivate and educate its audiences. Originally setting a modest goal of €15,000, the video exceeded expectations by raising an astonishing €394,852.

    The video starts with a unique hook—a cough that preludes an imminent, important announcement, instantly grabbing the viewer’s attention.

    The short video addresses common frustrations with traditional flashlights, such as difficulty adjusting brightness and cumbersome positioning, framing these issues as unnecessary hassles that users face.

    Amount Raised: €394,852

    3. Exploding Kittens

    Quick Description: The Exploding Kittens video campaign is a perfect illustration of how the internet’s love for cats, combined with fun, humor, and creativity, can lead to overwhelming success.

    This hilarious card game captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts and gamers alike and leveraged these elements into a crowdfunding triumph, raising nearly $9 million.

    Known as one of the most funded projects in the Kickstarter Board Game category, Exploding Kittens card game stands out for its impressive funding total of over $8,782,571.

    The video smoothly transitions from these hooks to explain the game’s mechanics and rules to board gamers, transforming a simple product explanation into an engaging story of fun and laughter.

    The campaign’s success underscores that sometimes simplicity and humor are key to captivating and motivating backers.

    Amount Raised: $8,782,571

    4. Bird Buddy

    Quick Description: Next on our list of standout Kickstarter videos is Bird Buddy, a smart bird feeder equipped with a camera that captures the delightful visits of various birds. This video was instrumental in helping Bird Buddy soar past its €50,000 goal to raise an impressive €4,190,158.

    The simple video begins with the endearing introduction of a character – the narrator’s father, a passionate bird-watcher. The video starts with a joyful tone, which shifts as a problem is introduced.

    The product’s key features are showcased in 10-15 seconds as the father unboxes and sets up his Bird Buddy. Also, the clear and compelling CTA perfectly caps off what makes this one of the best Kickstarter videos.

    Amount Raised: €4,190,158

    5. Baubax

    Quick Description: The BAUBAX travel jacket is one of the most funded Kickstarter campaigns. Its 15-in-1 design, now updated to 25 features, helped raise a remarkable $9,192,055.

    The captivating video is simple, effectively using a problem-solution format to highlight functionality. This campaign video features a guy wearing a travel jacket, and its concept creates a consumer base anxiety- a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).

    They cement the idea that the travel jacket is essential for anyone who values comfort and efficiency, especially for those with entangled headphones, an uncomfortable neck, and cold flights.

    Amount Raised: $9,192,055

    6. Pebble Time

    Quick Description: The 2015 Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign was more than just the launch of a new smartwatch; it was a masterclass in storytelling. The campaign’s video presentation, both simple and effective, was pivotal in connecting with the audience on an emotional level.

    This strategic narrative helped Pebble Time introduce a product and captivate and engage clients, leading to a remarkable $20 million in funding. This campaign is a great example of how a compelling idea, paired with an engaging video, can achieve monumental success in crowdfunding.

    Amount Raised: $20,000,000

    7. SmartHalo 2

    Quick Description: The SmartHalo 2 Kickstarter campaign showcases why it’s not just a sequel but an evolution of the original smart bike extension, appealing to cycling enthusiasts. This campaign set an ambitious goal of CA$ 75,000 and soared to a remarkable CA$ 1,699,530 in funding.

    The great video is pretty straightforward. It directly addresses bikers, reminding them of their passion for cycling. Uniquely, SmartHalo 2 itself takes on the role of narrator, creating a personal emotional connection with the viewer.

    This campaign is distinguished as one of the best Kickstarter videos due to its effective use of narrative, personalization, and clear demonstration of value. It resonates deeply with its prospective audience and drives impressive funding results.

    Amount Raised: CA $1,699,530

    8. The Coolest Cooler

    Quick Description: The Coolest Cooler transformed a commonplace item into an internet phenomenon. It’s hard to imagine a cooler becoming a viral sensation, yet its dynamic, entertaining, and feature-rich Kickstarter video achieved exactly that.

    The campaign raised over $13 million, largely thanks to this engaging content. This success story underscores the power of excellent visuals and a captivating narrative to make even the most ordinary products seem indispensable.

    Amount Raised: $13,000,000

    9. Phantom

    Quick Description: Phantom is not just any wooden chessboard; it’s a robotic marvel that brings the game to life with magnetically animated movements, allowing you to play with opponents across the globe. Starting with a modest goal of $6,000, it captivated backers and soared to an impressive $1,912,092 in funding.

    This Kickstarter video is considered one of the best due to its engaging presentation, innovative product introduction, and effective communication of both problem and solution, making it a standout in the crowdfunding community.

    Amount Raised: $1,912,092

    10. Pono Music

    Quick Description: The Pono Music Kickstarter campaign succeeded primarily due to its strategic use of celebrity endorsements and clear value proposition.

    By featuring social proof from prominent musicians who praised the high-quality audio experience Pono Music offered, the campaign leveraged the credibility and influence of these artists to attract attention and build trust with backers.

    Together, these elements propelled Pono Music to raise over $6 million, showcasing the power of influencer endorsements and a well-articulated value proposition in a Kickstarter campaign.

    Amount Raised: $6,000,000

    What’s a Kickstarter Video?

    A Kickstarter video is a promotional tool used in crowdfunding campaigns on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and company blog posts. It conveys information and persuades possible backers to invest.

    The video typically encapsulates the project’s essence, detailing the product’s features, goals, and problems it aims to solve. It also acts as a persuasive medium, combining visuals, narratives, and emotional appeals to connect with the audience and encourage financial contributions.

    A Kickstarter video is a crucial element in storytelling and marketing for any funding goal. It aims to transform an audience into supporters by effectively communicating the project’s value and potential impact.

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    How Does It Work?

    Successful Kickstarter videos are a key component of crowdfunding campaigns. They are designed to effectively communicate a project’s essence and value to potential backers.

    The best Kickstarter videos work by providing a clear and engaging narrative that showcases the project’s purpose, its unique features, and the benefits it offers.

    Typically, a Kickstarter video will start with an introduction that grabs attention, followed by a demonstration or explanation of the problem the project aims to solve.

    Boost your campaign’s potential with a high-quality Kickstarter video. Our professional video production team is here to help you secure maximum funding. Use our VidiFit Quiz and connect with us today!

    Kickstarter Video Structure


    This segment is crucial as it sets the tone and engages the viewer immediately [2]. The introduction should be captivating and quickly communicate what the video is about, ideally within the first few seconds. This part should hook the viewer’s interest and motivate them to stay tuned.


    After grabbing attention, the video should clearly define the problem that the project intends to solve. This section should resonate with the viewer’s experiences or aspirations, making the problem relatable and emphasizing its significance.


    Following the problem, the video should present the project’s solution. This is where the product or service being developed is introduced as the answer to the previously mentioned problem.


    Including characters in the video can humanize the story and make the narrative more engaging. The main character can be the creator, the user who tested the product, or a fictional persona representing the target clients.


    This part of the video dives deeper into the specific features of the product or service. It’s an opportunity to highlight what sets the project apart from competitors and existing solutions, detailing the innovation, technology, or design elements that make it special.

    Call to Action

    Crowdfunding videos should conclude with a strong call to action (CTA) [3] that directly appeals to viewers to support the campaign through financial contributions, video sharing, or other forms of participation. The CTA should be clear and persuasive, giving viewers easy steps to get involved and help make the project successful.

    Benefits of Kickstarter Videos

    • Enhanced Visibility: The best Kickstarter videos help projects stand out in a crowded marketplace, attracting attention quickly and more effectively than text or images alone.
    • Emotional Engagement: The best Kickstarter videos can evoke emotions through visual and auditory storytelling, making the campaign memorable and relatable to possible backers.
    • Clear Communication: The best Kickstarter videos allow creators to clearly explain their project, the problem it solves, and the solutions it offers, ensuring that prospective backers fully understand and appreciate the value proposition.
    • Increased Credibility: Showing the faces behind the project or demonstrating the product in action helps build trust and authenticity, which are crucial for gaining support.
    • Higher Conversion Rates: The best Kickstarter videos are more persuasive and can lead to a success rate, as they provide a dynamic way to engage viewers and encourage them to take action, such as pledging support.

    Key Tips & Strategies You Can Use

    Monitor Video Duration

    Kickstarter videos are concise and to the point, with 2-4 minutes long enough to convey essential information without losing the viewer’s attention. Shorter videos may lead to viewer drop-off before reaching the crucial call to action.

    Target Your Audience

    Tailor your video specifically to the needs and interests of your target audience. Understanding who your backers are likely to be — their preferences, challenges, and what they value — will help you craft a message that resonates and motivates them to support your project.

    Emphasize Storytelling

    Use storytelling to make your video compelling and memorable. A good story can emotionally connect with viewers, making them more likely to support your campaign. Structure your video with a clear narrative, stunning visuals, and background music to keep viewers engaged.

    Encourage Sharing

    Make your video easily shareable. Include social sharing buttons and ensure your video content is engaging and relatable enough that viewers will want to share it with their networks.

    Also, consider adding a prompt at the end of the video to encourage viewers to share it on social media, increasing its reach and impact.


    How to make a successful Kickstarter content?

    To create a successful Kickstarter campaign video, structure your high-quality content with a clear introduction, problem statement, solution presentation, and strong call to action.

    Use storytelling to connect with viewers, sharing relatable experiences or testimonials emotionally. Keep the video concise, ideally 2-3 minutes, to maintain interest and invest in high-quality production to build trust and professionalism [4].

    Invest in high-quality video and audio production to present your project professionally and build trust with possible backers. You can use our VidiFit Quiz to connect with our professional Kickstarter campaign video team.

    How do you get a Kickstarter to go viral?

    To make a Kickstarter campaign go viral, create engaging and shareable content using humor, surprise, or emotional appeal.

    To create the best Kickstarter videos, you can collaborate with influencers to expand your reach and implement a robust social media strategy to promote your video.

    Encourage sharing with a clear call to action, making it easy for viewers to spread the word.

    How much does a Kickstarter video cost?

    The cost of a Kickstarter video varies widely, typically ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on production quality, length, and complexity.

    Also, Professional production can range from $10,000 or more, depending on the level of detail and expertise required to communicate your project’s value effectively and appeal to possible backers.

    Final Thoughts

    The best Kickstarter videos blend compelling storytelling, high-quality production, and clear, concise messaging. These videos introduce the project and connect with viewers emotionally, addressing common problems and presenting innovative solutions.

    These videos can significantly enhance the success of a crowdfunding campaign by incorporating a strong call to action and leveraging social media for broader reach.

    Ultimately, the best Kickstarter videos turn viewers into enthusiastic backers, driving interest and financial support to bring creative projects to life.

    Ready to craft a compelling Kickstarter video that captivates your audience and drives your ad to success? Use our VidiFit Quiz to get started for free!


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