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11 Best Promotional Video Production Companies (2024 Updated)

Michael Pirone
January 27, 2024

The State of Video in 2023

As the digital economy continues to expand and grow, more businesses are using promotional videos as an effective tool for marketing and advertising. In 2024, it is expected that more organizations and companies will turn to promotional video production companies to create specialized video content for their video-centric campaigns.

To help these organizations/companies, marketers, and startups identify the best promotional video production companies available today, we have prepared a list of the best 11 Promotional Video Production Companies in 2024.

These top-ranked companies have extensive experience creating highly engaging and creative promotional videos that can help increase brand awareness and visibility amongst target audiences.


    11 Best Promo Video Production Companies Today

    1. Vidico

    Clients: Amazon, Airtable, Spotify, Samsung, Uber, Digital Ocean, Salesforce, Square, and more.

    Industry Experience: 5+ years

    Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Who We Are: 

    Vidico is a video production company specializing in creating engaging and impactful content. Our directors, writers, producers, camera operators, designers, and video editors are dedicated to helping startups and tech companies transform complex concepts into compelling stories that their audiences can easily understand.

    Our award-winning team designs live events and commercial videos to meet their client’s needs, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement with target audiences. Recently, we achieved the YouTube Campaign of the Year Award, one of the highest honors among video creators.

    Vidico’s promotional video campaigns ranges from tech startups to larger enterprises. We make the promotional video production process ridiculously easy and produce effective company promotional videos to communicate the product’s value props with high precision and creative flair.

    Ready to unlock the full potential of your company through captivating videos? Discover your perfect video solution with Vidico’s Vidifit Quiz! Get a precise estimate of our tailored video production services. Take the quiz now and unleash the power of captivating storytelling through video.

    Check out this promo video we recently produced for Spotify:

    If you want an exceptional team of talented professionals who work diligently on every project while ensuring the highest quality standards are met at each stage, Vidico is for you! It is one of the top video production companies with a team that has a wealth of knowledge from pre-production through post-production to help you reach your goals faster with fewer hiccups.

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    2. LAI Video

    Industry Experience: 20+ years

    Who They Are: 

    LAI Video is one of Washington, DC’s most renowned video production companies. Since its founding in 2010, it has become a leading provider of promotional and corporate videos, commercials, animations, and live-event videos.

    It is one of the promotional video production companies that capture the user’s attention and tell compelling stories. Their film specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to capture stunning videos and cinematic shots that bring ideas to life.

    LAI video services don’t just stop at promotional video campaigns- the promotional video company can help you create anything from training videos and explainer videos to corporate culture films or live-streaming events.

    3. Skeleton Productions

    Industry Experience: 15+ years

    Who They Are: 

    Skeleton Productions is renowned for its creative and customer-centric approach to video services. They offer video strategy and video marketing services as part of their portfolio, providing companies with a comprehensive solution for their videos.

    Throughout its business, Skeleton Productions has proven its expertise in creating engaging promotional videos that capture an audience’s attention.

    This promotional video production company works closely with each client to understand and develop tailored solutions that effectively meet the specific needs of each project.

    Additionally, they provide comprehensive post-production services such as editing, audio mixing, and visual effects to guarantee an outstanding final product. Through its commitment to excellence and outstanding industry reputation, Skeleton Productions has become one of the most sought-after professional video production companies in the UK today.

    4. 90 Seconds Promotional Video Production Company

    Industry Experience: 12+ years

    Who They Are: 

    90 Seconds is a promotional video company with offices in seven cities worldwide. Since it was founded in 2010, 90 Seconds has partnered with over 3500 brands and 13,000 creators to produce more than 30,000 videos.

    The team at 90 Seconds prides itself on creating high-quality videos that engage viewers and drive lasting results for their clients. They understand the importance of telling engaging stories through their promo videos.

    90 Seconds also offers end-to-end solutions from storyboarding to post-production. Clients can be sure they will get precisely what they need with hassle-free video production services.

    5. Slinky Productions

    Industry Experience: 15 years

    Who They Are: 

    Slinky Productions is a leading promotional and product video production company based in Birmingham, UK. They’ve worked with some of the most significant media and entertainment figures for over 25 years.

    They make corporate videos, animation, instructional, live events, and commercial videos, whether an event or a product launch; Slinky Productions has the experience and expertise to deliver top-notch video marketing that will get noticed.

    Their video production services are handled with meticulous attention to detail to make commercial videos exceptional and meet our expectations.

    6. Bold Content

    Industry Experience: 10+ years

    Who They Are: 

    Bold Content is a leading promotional video company based in London. Founded by award-winning directors, camera operators, scriptwriters, video editors, and film specialists, their portfolio is filled with high-quality corporate videos, animation, event, and commercial videos.

    In addition to producing top-quality video content, Bold Content also offers marketing services. Their experienced team can help you create powerful campaigns tailored to your target audience and objectives.

    They provide creative video marketing services from concept development to successful delivery on multiple channels. With their carefully crafted strategies and innovative solutions, they can create live event videos that resonate with viewers and drive results.

    7. Ninja Promo

    Industry Experience: 5+ years

    Who They Are: 

    Ninja Promo is a leading video marketing agency that offers an array of packages for video production services to meet the ever-growing needs of marketers.

    They have a skilled and award-winning team that can handle every step of video marketing services, from video strategy to post-production. It includes scriptwriting, directing, shooting, and editing.

    The company employs experienced camera operators, editors, and writers who use their various backgrounds to create unique video styles that instantly capture viewers’ attention.

    8. ASL Productions

    Industry Experience: 15+ years

    Who They Are: 

    ASL Productions is a full-service video production company with over fifteen years of experience creating and delivering high-quality videos.

    ASL has worked with notable names like McDonald’s, Aspen Dental, Bacardi, and BMW.

    Regarding video production, ASL Productions will go above and beyond to ensure that the quality of their work meets the highest standards every time. From researching stories and pre-production to post-production, their experienced team will be in charge of your video marketing.

    9. BONOMOTION Promotional Video Company

    Industry Experience: 18+ years

    Who They Are: 

    BONOMOTION is a Miami-based video production company that creates unique and compelling visual content. Their experienced professionals have produced work for some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Disney, Sotheby’s, SAP, Mastercard, and Satair Group.

    They are also experienced in producing yacht videos showcasing vessels in spectacular settings. For each project they take on, BONOMOTION takes every measure to ensure their clients receive visually stunning results that bring out the best aspects of their line or event engagingly.

    10. Brafton

    Industry Experience: 15+ years

    Who They Are: 

    Brafton is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in creating different types and formats of video campaigns. With an experienced team of animators, video producers, editors, and social media experts, they offer the most innovative solutions to help brands acquire more customers on the web.

    They also have a range of promotional video production services tailored for social media optimization, such as live streaming events or webinars.

    At the same time, Brafton’s services guarantee unique video content that will separate your brand from the competition and make it stand out in the crowded online space.

    11. MultiVision Digital

    Industry Experience: 12+ years

    Who They Are: 

    MultiVision Digital is a full-service video production and marketing company that provides comprehensive services for clients from all stages of video adoption.

    They specialize in remote video production, which allows them to work with clients anywhere in the world, no matter the location or size of their business.

    MultiVision Digital also offers a full suite of video marketing services, such as developing strategies, creating campaigns, optimizing content, and delivering relevant messaging to target audiences.

    Through innovative technology and an eye for detail, MultiVision Digital can help businesses engage with existing customers while expanding into new markets with engaging videos that drive conversions.

    What is a Promotional Video?

    A promotional video is a great way to showcase a product, service, or brand identity to potential customers. It can introduce a company or project, demonstrate its advantages and benefits, and create an emotional bond with the audience. Promotional videos come in many forms, from simple explainer clips to elaborate cinematic productions.

    Promo videos are usually short and have the power to capture attention quickly by leveraging inviting visuals, engaging music, and powerful storytelling techniques. A promotional video should be tailored for its audience and use language that is familiar and effective for them.

    The Importance of Promotional Video Production Services for Your Business

    A Promotional video is an essential tool for businesses in today’s digital age. They help increase brand awareness and serve as a great way to connect with customers, build trust, and showcase products or services interestingly and engagingly. With the right promo video, a business can reach more customers and generate more leads, sales conversions, and revenue.

    A well-crafted promotional video on your website or landing page can significantly impact your business’s success.

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    Why are promotional videos effective?

    Promotional videos are effective because they combine visual and auditory elements to engage viewers and deliver impactful messages.

    Videos capture attention, evoke emotions, and effectively convey information, making them powerful storytelling and promotion tools.

    Why should I hire a professional production company?

    A video production company ensures that your promotional videos are crafted with the utmost professionalism, guaranteeing high quality in terms of visual and audio elements.

    Moreover, these professionals possess the expertise to convey your intended message effectively, employing storytelling techniques and creative visuals that engage your target audience on a deeper level.

    From event videos and corporate videos to training videos, their experience in the industry equips them with the knowledge to tailor your video to your specific audience, ensuring it resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

    What is the typical cost of promo video production services?

    While some projects may be relatively affordable, with costs starting at a few thousand dollars, others, particularly intricate productions with special effects and multiple locations, can reach tens of thousands or even more.

    The promotional video production services cost can vary significantly based on several factors. Use our VidiFit Quiz and get transparent pricing in less than 2 minutes.


    Many excellent video production companies can help businesses of all sizes create videos that captivate audiences and engage potential customers.

    So, if you are looking for a world-class video production company to make an engaging, unique promotional video, look no further than Vidico

    Our experienced team of professionals is equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to craft high-quality, eye-catching visuals that will capture the attention and imagination of your target audience.

    From scriptwriting, storyboarding, and editing to animation and music composition, our comprehensive range of services is designed to ensure every final product meets your specific needs and expectations.

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