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15 Best Product Advertisement Examples That Work (2024)

Laura Chaves
April 8, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Let’s face it—mistakes can be expensive, especially in online advertising. But by familiarizing yourself with successful product advertisement examples, you can sidestep common pitfalls and avoid wasting time and resources on ineffective strategies.

We’ve rounded up some seriously awesome product advertisement examples that can empower you to differentiate your brand and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.


    Top 15 Effective Product Advertising Videos To Inspire You

    1. Glossier

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: This Glossier product video is a sleek and minimalist showcase of their cosmetics line, featuring smooth transitions between various beauty products.

    With no voiceover, the video relies solely on text to convey the brand’s message of creating products tailored to real beauty routines. The minimalist approach and bold aesthetic align perfectly with Glossier’s brand identity.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • A minimalist aesthetic that reflects Glossier’s brand image
    • Smooth transitions between beauty products enhance visual appeal
    • Reliance on text alone effectively communicates the promotional messages without voiceover

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    2. Temple & Webster

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: This video ad by Temple & Webster, Australia’s leading online furniture and homewares retailer, combines humor and relatable scenarios to showcase the convenience and affordability of shopping with them.

    With a catchy soundtrack and a humorous narrative, it effectively highlights the brand’s offerings while entertaining viewers.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Engaging storyline with relatable scenarios
    • Humorous tone that resonates with the audience
    • Seamless integration of product showcasing within the narrative

    3. Pringles

    Quick Description: In this Super Bowl commercial, Pringles showcases the staggering variety of flavor combinations, leveraging the power of numbers to captivate viewers.

    With a humorous twist and a nod to the game’s numerical theme, the video highlights Pringles’ extensive options memorably and engagingly.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Clever use of numbers to grab attention in television commercials
    • A humorous narrative adds entertainment value while showcasing product versatility.
    • A memorable ending reinforces Pringles’ appeal to a wide range of tastes.

    4. Alexa

    Quick Description: This Amazon Echo commercial cleverly demonstrates the versatility and indispensability of their product through a hilarious narrative featuring unexpected stand-in voices for Alexa. With a star-studded cast including Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Sir Anthony Hopkins, the video entertains while subtly reinforcing the idea that Alexa is an essential part of daily life.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • A funny and entertaining narrative captures viewers’ attention
    • The star-studded cast adds star power and humor to the advertisement
    • Subtle persuasion toward the idea that Alexa is an essential and irreplaceable part of daily life

    5. Kevel

    Quick Description: This animated product ad for Kevel, created by Adzerk, effectively breaks down the complexities of ad tech platforms and presents Kevel as the solution to the viewer’s brand advertising strategy needs.

    The ad’s straightforward approach effectively captures viewers’ attention and communicates the product’s value proposition.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • A clear outline of market challenges and disadvantages
    • Emphasis on Kevel’s unique selling points and benefits
    • Effective use of animated motion graphics

    6. Karma Cola

    Quick Description: This captivating ad for real Cola takes viewers on a journey to discover the origins of their favorite beverage.

    Unlike traditional product ads and a search campaign, this one doesn’t overtly sell anything, yet effectively targets Cola enthusiasts by suggesting that Cola can be enjoyed in a healthier way.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Creates a unique atmosphere with cool illustrations, a recognizable shape, and African details
    • Appeals to Cola lovers who prioritize healthfulness
    • Captures viewers’ attention with an engaging narrative

    7. Adidas

    Quick Description: Adidas showcases its prowess in the shoe manufacturing industry with innovative product advertisements, such as featuring robots in their manufacturing process.

    The company hired a great team with a creative approach that captivates audiences and sheds light on the intricate details of its manufacturing processes.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Innovative portrayal of manufacturing processes involving robots
    • Captivates the audience’s attention with entertaining and intriguing content
    • Demonstrates Adidas’ commitment to transparency and innovation in manufacturing

    8. Tetley

    Quick Description: This product advertisement cleverly uses the idea of talking animals to convey a deeper message about the importance of relaxation and social connection over a cup of tea.

    While talking to animals may seem like an old trick we see in TV commercials, the ad effectively communicates that this tea facilitates meaningful conversations and relaxation.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Conveys a deeper message
    • Utilizes talking animals to communicate
    • This relevant message for today’s digital age, where real-life socializing is limited

    9. Nike

    Quick Description: This Nike ad exemplifies the “no see-say” rule in online advertising by effectively conveying its message without relying on explicit verbal communication.

    Through engaging visuals of light and comfortable shoes accompanied by floating particles, Nike launched a brand-personalized ad that creates a sensory experience that urges viewers to interact and feel the product’s comfort.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Conveying the message through visuals through a “no-see-say” strategy
    • Engaging visuals creates a sensory experience where their sales increased by millions.
    • Utilizes visual puzzles, a particular shape, and associative imagery to captivate attention and leave a lasting impression

    10. AT&T

    Quick Description: AT&T’s internet data plan advertisement is one of the best examples of product ads where it takes an unexpected turn by presenting itself as a horror movie trailer.

    With suspenseful music, eerie voiceover, and testimonials reminiscent of a horror film, the campaign ad initially sets a chilling tone.

    However, it quickly reveals a twist, suggesting that WiFi in the car can prevent a road trip from becoming a nightmare.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Unexpected twist on a horror movie trailer format to promote a product
    • Clever use of suspenseful elements to capture the viewer’s attention
    • Subtle messaging about the benefits of WiFi in vehicles for keeping kids entertained on road trips

    11. Patagonia

    Quick Description: This product advertisement is a prime example of effective video marketing, capturing viewers’ attention and inspiring them to become customers.

    Every detail in the advertising example, from the colors and style to the characters and music, is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of coziness and comfort.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Meticulously crafted details evoke a sense of coziness and comfort
    • The inclusion of fluffy animals reinforces positive associations with the product
    • Impressive animation captures the viewers

    12. Axe

    Quick Description: This AXE product advertising example is a masterclass in effective advertising. In just 30 seconds, it packs a celebrity endorser, a compelling narrative, stunning animation, detailed sound design, and more.

    By featuring Nick Eh, 30, a popular video game streamer with a massive young male following, AXE precisely targets its audience.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Utilizes a celebrity endorser, Nick Eh, 30, to appeal to a specific target audience
    • Narrative storytelling and visually stunning animation
    • Uses target-specific demographics for the product

    13. Heinz

    Quick Description: By cleverly associating this relatable scenario with their brand, Heinz ensures that their brand will come to mind the next time consumers make such a swap.

    This marketing strategy effectively resonates with a wide audience, showcasing the power of connecting everyday experiences with a brand.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Utilizes a relatable scenario that resonates with a wide audience
    • Cleverly associates the brand with a common experience, ensuring brand recall
    • Demonstrates marketing genius by linking everyday occurrences with the brand

    14. American Express

    Quick Description: This product video from American Express embraces the modern era of social media and Instagram, departing from stereotypical luxury snapshots to offer a glimpse into the aspirational lifestyle consumers can achieve with their product.

    Unlike traditional methods, the video opts for a unique and stylized approach rather than live or generic stock footage.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Embraces the modern influence of social media platforms
    • A unique and stylized approach stands out.
    • Reinforces the promise of a desirable lifestyle

    15. Ikea

    Quick Description: In a bold and unconventional move, IKEA collaborated with agency Åkestam Holst and Mercene Labs to create the first “pee-stick” ad in 2018.

    Women were encouraged to use the ad itself to discover if they were expecting. If the test revealed a positive result, they were offered a special discount on the advertised crib.

    This innovative concept generated buzz and discussion around the ad, the company, and the heavily discounted crib.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • A bold and unconventional approach to advertising
    • Provides a unique and practical benefit to expectant mothers
    • Generates significant buzz and discussion around the ad and the company

    What’s A Product Advertising?

    Product advertising is a form of marketing communication that aims to promote and sell a specific product or service to potential customers [2].

    It involves creating advertisements in printed materials (print media), digital, or other media formats, highlighting the product’s features, benefits, and value proposition.

    Product advertising typically focuses on persuading consumers to purchase the product by showcasing its unique selling points, addressing customer needs and desires, and differentiating it from competitors.

    It aims to increase sales, brand awareness, and loyalty. Product advertising could be radio advertising, print advertising, mobile advertising, digital advertising, or outdoor advertising.

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    How Important are They?

    Product advertising is pivotal in business success by increasing visibility, raising brand awareness, and driving sales.

    Effective advertising educates consumers about the product’s features and benefits. It creates emotional connections through compelling storytelling or engaging visuals, raises brand awareness on social media platforms, and fosters loyalty to the brand.

    Benefits of Product Commercials

    • Increase brand recognition and visibility on search engines
    • Opportunity to showcase product features and benefits
    • Ability to target specific demographics and market segments
    • Enhanced consumer engagement and emotional connection
    • Drive sales and revenue growth [3]
    • Generate buzz and word-of-mouth marketing opportunities
    • Adaptability to various advertising channels and formats

    How to Use Your Advertising Videos Effectively

    • Know Your Audience: Understand your target audience’s demographics, preferences, and behaviors to tailor your own ads accordingly.
    • Set Clear Objectives: Define specific goals for your product ads, whether increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or educating consumers about your products or services.
    • Leverage Paid Promotion: Amplify the reach of your product ads by investing in paid ads through social media advertising, influencer partnerships, or other digital marketing channels with a special discounted price.
    • Iterate and Improve: Continuously gather feedback from your audience and analyze performance data to refine your product ads and strategy over time, ensuring ongoing effectiveness and success.

    Types of Product Video Advertising


    Pioneering product video advertising introduces new products or innovative features to the market. The advertising examples aim to educate consumers about novel solutions, create excitement, and establish the brand as a leader in innovation within its industry.


    Comparative product video advertising directly compares the features, benefits, or performance of the advertised product against competitors. The advertising examples highlight the product’s advantages over others, aiming to sway consumer preferences and drive purchase decisions.


    Competitive product video advertising focuses on positioning the advertised product as superior to competitors’ offerings without directly comparing them. These video ads emphasize the product’s unique selling points, quality, or value proposition, aiming to differentiate it and attract consumers’ attention amidst competition.

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    How do I advertise my product?

    Advertising your product involves creating and implementing strategic ad campaigns across various channels to reach your target audience effectively. You can conduct online or outdoor advertising.

    This typically includes identifying your target market, crafting compelling messaging and visuals, targeting specific demographics, and selecting appropriate advertising platforms.

    What are the most common products advertised?

    Some of the most frequently advertised products include consumer goods such as food and beverages, clothing and apparel, electronics, automobiles, the vodka market, beauty and personal care products, and household items.

    Additionally, paid and social media ads commonly advertise financial services, healthcare, travel, and entertainment services.

    What is a brand advertisement?

    A brand advertisement is a type of advertising that promotes the overall brand image, values, and identity rather than specific products or services [4].

    Brand or product advertisements often convey the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP), personality, and values through storytelling, emotional appeal, and engaging visuals.

    Whether via print ads, magazine ads, or online product ads, brand ads help differentiate the brand from competitors and build a strong connection with the target audience.

    Let’s Get Started

    Product advertisement video examples are powerful tools for businesses to promote their products effectively, connect with their target audience, and drive sales.

    The best advertisement examples demonstrate brands’ diverse and innovative approaches to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression, from showcasing product features and benefits to telling compelling stories and evoking emotions.

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