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11 Best Recruitment Videos of All Time

Michael Pirone
March 29, 2022

Recruitment is a demanding process, requiring time, effort, and resources. However, there is a solution that can streamline your hiring efforts while captivating top talent—recruitment videos. A video offers an efficient way to attract the right candidates and showcase the company culture.

In this article, we will explore the significance of recruitment videos and their benefits and present the 11 best examples of all time. Get ready to be inspired and effortlessly enhance your strategy. Let’s dive in!


    11 Best Recruitment Video Production Services To Inspire Your Own

    1. Vidico

    “Charity begins at home,” they say. At Vidico, we have a fun, casual, and supportive work culture—that’s what our team members say.

    We create videos to show candidates what working for us is like. The video highlights the great things about working at Vidico as well as the opinions of our employees regarding our culture.

    Our recruitment video production company offers video production for recruitment for different industries, especially for businesses in internet-related services and software products.

    We are a video production agency, and we produce the best recruitment videos for our clients in Method Recruitment, Camp Australia, Airwallex, and Coalition Inc., with an accurate representation of the company’s culture and core values.

    If you are ready to unlock the power of video marketing and take your recruitment process to a higher level, take the revolutionary VidiFit quiz app and get a clear pricing range for just 90 seconds.

    2. Airwallex

    Airwallex’s recruitment video provides the information that any potential candidate would need to get started with the company.

    The potential employee will clearly understand the company’s objectives, workplace culture, employee benefits, company achievements, and more.

    The video we created for Airwallex was recorded inside the office with faces from the company and comes with employee testimonials.

    3. Camp Australia

    Camp Australia presents its recruitment video in a question-and-answer format where an expert answers candidates’ questions before working with the company.

    They partnered with Vidico to create a video describing their daily work and how they achieve their business goals. Through our top-notch video service, we ensure to describe the benefits of working at the organization.

    4. Coalition Inc

    Coalition Inc. strives to describe its corporate culture and paint a clear picture of its ideal employee. We begin the video by describing the company’s goals, missions, and visions, as well as the importance they place on them.

    Then, we explain and describe the company’s culture, giving prospective employees a clear idea of the qualities they need to thrive.

    In addition, the company goes to great lengths to show its human and social side in the video. Our video also includes clips of employees describing their experience with the organization and its impact on them, both professionally and personally.

    5. Method

    What you’ll love about this recruitment video is that the video describes how the company embraces a people-centric culture that supports its staff and allows them to grow and thrive in just 30 seconds.

    This video was meant to show potential employees that their culture differs slightly from most recruiting agencies which may catch the potential new hire’s interest.

    Their recruiting video described the flexibility and opportunities of working at the company, which significantly helps the HR department and the suitable candidates for the job.

    6. Zendesk

    Zendesk is one of the hottest SaaS brands, and instead of taking a silly route of showcasing the company’s mission, they use a video to attract prospective candidates and job seekers.

    Our recruiting video highlights the work setup, showing employees working from anywhere and promoting work-life balance. Instead of settling for job listings and employee referrals, they use well-crafted video content as part of their recruitment efforts.

    If you want to promote jobs with the best recruitment videos but don’t know how to start, our VidiFit quiz can help you.

    7. Dropbox

    Dropbox video content is different from other companies in San Francisco that use a more traditional approach in recruitment video production.

    Vidico used visual creatures like puppets and other visual gags but with their employees’ actual voices, making their video more captivating than most.

    Visual storytelling helps create content that is unique, remarkable (retain information), and naturally compelled.

    During our employee interviews, each brought a unique perspective to the recruiting video and made its “one team” culture shine. Also, benefits like an on-site gym and music room were highlighted in our video.

    8. Fiverr

    Like a multinational technology company, Fiverr set out to show potential candidates what life at the company is like, and they managed to make the video interesting, funny, and unique.

    Our video captures an actual work office scene showing the inside of the workplace and the teams working, like a typical Monday morning. Our team broke up the video by adding funny footage and relevant workplace interactions at the end.

    Videos encourage sharing, which means they can quickly attract new talent for the new job by using a video clip.

    9. McDonald’s

    The most important thing regarding the best recruitment videos is the ability to speak to a specific target audience. The video tells a delightful and compelling story and encourages viewers to apply to the company.

    We all know that most McDonald’s employees are teens and young adults. With this, they make a video and align it with the target audience by using animation, visual effects, and background music.

    10. Moo

    The way Moo presents its brand is very fun—encouraging candidates not to think twice before applying.

    In this great recruitment video, Moo reiterates its commitment to diversity. You can see it by observing the employees or by paying attention to the LGBTQ flag they have paraded in the video.

    More importantly, the video attracts more candidates, makes a lasting impression, and helps the company stand out on job boards.

    Let Vidico showcase your company’s unique culture and values. Attract the best candidates and build a strong team. With Vidico’s VidiFit quiz, you can find the right type of video to meet your goals, along with its high-level estimation.

    11. Shopify

    Shopify took an unconventional approach to recruitment. Shopify wanted to showcase its hiring process and how they help its employees break through any barriers and reach their full potential in a video.

    They brought the concept to life with a fun, metaphor-driven recruitment video. The video shows the company’s CEO describing the employees he wants to hire for the company. The video clarifies that the company is looking for resourceful and proactive people.

    What Is a Recruitment Video?

    A recruitment video is a short video that captures the look and feel of a company to show candidates what it would be like to work for them authentically. The video is meant to give candidates a clear idea of a position’s day-to-day roles, responsibilities, and perks and the entire workplace.

    The company courts talent and subtly showcases its culture and environment authentically and naturally. The idea is to reach talent and make them choose your company (potentially among many others).

    Why Are Recruitment Videos Important for Your Business?

    Beyond the apparent interest in showing your candidates what life would be like if they worked for your company, recruitment videos help attract ideal candidates and reduce the risk of a bad hire.

    Great Way To Tell Your Company’s Story & Company Culture

    Video consumption is outpacing all other communications mediums, and video marketing results are at an all-time high.

    Creating a video with a narrative voice and compelling visuals is an excellent way to capture any audience’s attention. Video contributes to adding a more human and face-to-face-like experience to your hiring campaign materials and ensures a reasonable engagement rate.

    In creating a video for recruitment, you can tell the story of your company and your employees. Usually, we use testimonials in the video from current employees to share their experiences.

    Attract More Candidates

    According to research conducted by CareerBuilder, job openings with video clips have a 34% higher application rate. Similarly, Hire Rabbit found that employment advertisements with video clips had 12% more views than those without videos. Also, TalentWorks shows us that they receive about 36% more follow-through applications when they add video clips.

    It means that a) candidates pay more attention to your job openings when you use a video, b) they take time to go through the video and analyze your offering genuinely, and c) they are more likely to take you upon it. It also means that you can get many qualified candidates by adding videos to your employment postings.

    Enhance Candidates’ Engagement in Job Postings

    Recruiting videos also provide hard-to-ignore statistics for hiring managers looking to engage candidates and encourage them to apply.

    According to FireFish, recruitment agencies see an 800% increase in engagement when incorporating video clips, resulting in fast-paced and higher positions for these ads in candidate search results.

    In addition, 86% of marketers reported that video helped drive traffic to their website, according to Wyzowl; and Forbes found that people spend 88% more time on a website with video than on one without.

    Companies incorporating video content on their career pages will also rank higher in Google searches.


    Why should I invest in recruitment video production? 

    Recruitment video production allows you to showcase your company culture, attract top talent, and differentiate yourself in a competitive market. A video offers a dynamic and engaging way to communicate your employer’s brand and make a lasting impression on potential employees.

    How long should a recruitment video be? 

    A recruitment video should be concise and engaging, typically 1 to 3 minutes. It’s essential to capture the viewers’ attention and deliver critical messages effectively within this video timeframe.

    It’s Your Turn To Win Talents With Amazing Recruitment Videos

    You’ve seen it. Recruitment videos are highly effective. A single video can provide companies with a medium they can leverage to win the hearts of talent in the ever-shrinking talent pool.

    Our recruitment video production agency can create visually stunning video clips that showcase your workplace, employees, and career opportunities. Engage candidates on a deeper level and give them a glimpse into their potential future with your organization.

    As one of the best video productions today, Vidico can make your typical employment ad engaging and visually appealing. We’ve created multiple recruitment videos and career video clips for companies across different business verticals.

    Why waste time and money on trial and error when you can get an instant high-level estimation of your video project’s cost? With VidiFit Quiz, you’ll gain valuable insights into the world of video production, helping you make informed decisions that align with your budget.

    If you’re ready to partner up, you can get a clear pricing range for your target video here.

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