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8 Best Recruitment Videos of All Time

Michael Pirone
March 29, 2022
Video Content
8 Best Recruitment Videos of All Time

Recruiting and especially choosing the right candidate to fit all your expectations requires a lot of patience and energy. Indeed, it is a long process (hundreds of emails, a pre-selection, multiple interviews) and can be expensive. 

Ideally, you want to find a way to attract the perfect talent quickly, recruit without going through hoops and loops, and without burning a hole in your bank account. That’s where recruitment videos come in. 

Recruitment videos offer you an innovative and more efficient way to administer your hiring process. In this article, we’ll look at what a recruitment video is, why it’s important, and then we’ll show you the best examples of recruitment videos to inspire yours and help you effortlessly attract talent to your company.  

Let’s get started. 


    What is a recruitment video?

    A recruitment video is a short video that captures the look and feel of a company to show potential candidates what it would be like to work for them in an authentic way. It is meant to give candidates a clear idea of the day-to-day roles, responsibilities, and perks of a position and entire workplace. 

    The company courting talent also goes to subtly showcase its company culture and environment in an authentic and natural way. The idea is to seduce talent and make them choose your company (potentially among many others). 

    Why are recruitment videos important for your business?

    Beyond the apparent interest in showing your potential candidates what life would be like if they worked for your company, recruitment videos help attract ideal candidates and reduce the risk of a bad hire. Let’s discuss the main reasons you should dig into using recruitment videos in your hiring process. 

    Recruitment videos are a great way to tell your company’s story

    We all know that everyone loves videos. Video consumption is outpacing all other communications mediums, and video marketing results are at an all-time high. 

    Video is a great way to capture any audience’s attention with a narrative voice and compelling visuals. It contributes to adding a more human and face-to-face-like experience to your hiring campaign materials, as well as ensuring a good engagement rate.

    Using video for recruitment, you can tell the story of your company and your employees in a storytelling way. You can also use testimonials from current employees to share their experience, their daily life, revealing the backstage of the internal life at your company (lunch break, convivial moments., etc.).

    Recruitment videos attract more candidates

    According to research conducted by CareerBuilder, job postings with videos have a 34% higher application rate. Similarly, Hire Rabbit found that job postings with videos had 12% more views than those without videos. Also, TalentWorks shows us that job ads with videos received about 36% more follow-through applications.

    This means that a) candidates pay more attention to your job postings when you use videos, b) they take time to genuinely go through the ad and analyze your offering, and c) they are more likely to take you upon it. This also means that by adding video to your job postings, you can get a much larger number of qualified candidates.

    Recruitment videos enhance candidates’ engagement

    Recruiting videos also provide hard-to-ignore statistics for hiring managers looking to engage candidates and encourage them to apply. According to FireFish, recruitment agencies see an 800% increase in engagement with job postings that incorporate videos. This results in higher positions for these ads in candidate search results.

    In addition, 86% of marketers reported that video helped drive traffic to their website, according to Wyzowl; and Forbes found that people spend 88% more time on a website with video than on one without. This essentially means that companies that incorporate video content on their career pages will also rank higher in Google searches. 

    11 Best Recruitment Videos To Inspire Your Own

    Now that you understand the value of using video in the talent attraction and recruitment process, we’ll show you our 8 favorite recruitment videos. You’ll have plenty to inspire and create compelling videos that bring you candidates.


    Airwallex’s recruitment video tops the list for the simple reason that it takes into account all the details of a recruitment video and provides the information that any potential candidate would need to get started with the company. At the end of the video, the candidate will have a clear idea of the company’s objectives, employee benefits, company achievements, and more. 

    Also, the video was recorded inside the office with faces from the company instead of the actors. Also interesting, the narrative is done by employees from the same department as the talent they’re trying to win over, which acts as a testimonial to benefit the talent. Thus, the talent will be able to discover the people he will be working with, his work environment (both the look and feel), and more.

    Camp Australia

    Camp Australia presents its recruitment video in a question-and-answer format where an expert answers questions candidates might have before working with the company. Here again, the company explains what it expects from its employees. It goes further and describes how it will be able to help the candidate in their daily work and achieve their business goals. 

    To this end, the expert describes the various initiatives, tools, training, and support mechanisms it provides as an organization to equip talent to deliver the best possible results. They also describe the benefits of working at the company and how it will help the candidate in various ways, including financially, physically, mentally, and professionally. 

    They also take the time to describe the recruitment process in the video. They conduct surveys and let candidates tell them what they want from the company and promise to deliver.


    “Charity begins at home,” they say. At Vidico, we have a fun, casual, and supportive work culture—at least, that’s what our team members say. So we wanted to create a recruitment video to show candidates what it’s like to work for us.

    This video is a perfect example of a recruitment video because it highlights the great things about working at Vidico as well as the opinions of our employees regarding our culture.

    Coalition Inc

    Coalition Inc. strives to describe its corporate culture and paint a clear picture of its ideal employee. As such, the video begins by describing the company’s goals, missions, and visions, as well as the importance they place on them. Then, they explain and describe the type of mindset needed to work for the company. This allows them to give candidates a clear idea of the qualities they need to thrive in the company.

    In addition, the company goes to great lengths to show their human and social side in the video. They describe how they take pride in supporting their employees through both happy and sad times. The video also includes clips of employees describing their experience with the company and the impact it has had on them, both professionally and personally. 

    Also, the video does a great job of showing the work office and highlighting the collaborative spirit among employees. The video features several faces of the company’s employees, all of which contribute to getting the narrative across to candidates. 


    What you’ll love about this recruitment video is that it does a great job of describing how the company embraces a people-centric culture that supports its staff and allows them to grow and thrive in just 30 seconds. Essentially, this video was meant to show potential employees that their culture is a little different from most recruiting agencies, make it a unique selling point, and attract talent, which it nails down quite well. 

    The company highlights the benefits of working on their team and shows potential employees how they treat their current colleagues. In turn, they also asked their current employees to share what they think about the company and what they like about it. In a nutshell, they described the flexibility and opportunities that come with working at the company. All of this helps make the recruitment video compelling so that the company is sexy in the eyes of its target talents. 


    Zendesk is one of the hottest SaaS brands out there. Their recruitment video is a great example of how to attract new talent.

    For starters, the video is very well structured and strategic. It shows that Zendesk is open to remote work, showing employees working from anywhere. Then, it shows how involved Zendesk is in social responsibility activities as well as how much Diversity is rooted in the way they hire.


    Dropbox’s recruitment video made our list because of their unique approach to employee interviews. You’ll quickly notice the fun use of puppets and other visual gags while they still cast actual voices of their employees, which makes their recruitment video more captivating than most. 

    To put it simply, the “only” interview question they were asked was “what they like about the company.” Each interviewee brought a unique perspective to the video, and together they presented the company from almost every angle and made its culture shine. 

    Watching this video will give candidates a clear picture of the environment they will potentially be a part of and what current employees think of it. More interestingly, they describe the positive impact the company has on the lives of its customers to attract talent by showing them that they are stepping into something bigger than just a lucrative business.  


    Like most companies, Fiverr set out to show potential candidates what life at the company is like, and they managed to make it interesting, funny, and unique. The video captures an actual work office scene showing the inside of the workplace and the teams working, like a typical Monday morning. They also broke up the video by adding funny footage and relevant workplace interactions. 

    In addition, the slow computer voiceover and background music add drama and coolness to the video, helping to hook viewers and keep them watching the video until the end. 


    If your goal is to create a recruitment video that connects with candidates and drives tons of engagement, you should take inspiration from McDonald’s’ style. What we love most about this recruitment video is its ability to speak to a specific target audience. Basically, the video tells a delightful and compelling story and encourages viewers to apply to the company.

    Now, we all know that most of McDonald’s employees are teens and young adults, which is precisely the target audience for this video. This can be seen through animations, visuals, and background music. Also, anime is a prevalent genre in Japan among young people, so McDonald’s chose to make its recruitment video in this style to align with the target audience.


    The way Moo presents its brand is very fun—encouraging job candidates not to think twice before applying. In this video, Moo reiterates its commitment to diversity, and you can see it by observing the employees or by paying attention to the LGBTQ flag they have paraded in the video.

    More importantly, Moo shows future candidates that the company’s employees don’t take themselves too seriously, that they take life in their stride, and above all that they are free to experiment with whatever they want.


    Shopify took an unconventional approach to recruitment videos. Shopify wanted to showcase their recruitment process and how they help their employees break through any barriers and reach their full potential. 

    They were able to bring the concept to life with a fun, metaphor-driven recruitment video. The video shows the company’s CEO describing the type of talent he wants to hire into the company to his talent acquisition manager.  

    The video clarifies that the company is looking for resourceful and proactive people. Although it doesn’t mention it, the “draw an owl” challenge in the video indicates that the company focuses much more on the drive and spirit of the candidates when evaluating them. 

    It’s Your Turn To Win Talents With Amazing Recruitment Videos

    You’ve seen it. Recruitment videos are highly effective. They provide companies with a medium they can leverage to win the hearts of talent in the ever-shrinking talent pool. By now, you probably have a clear idea of the type of recruitment video you want to produce to fuel your company’s talent pipeline. All that’s left for you is to find the right video production company.

    Vidico is one of the best video productions you can work with today. We’ve created recruitment and career videos for companies across different business verticals. You can check our portfolio here. If you’re ready to get started, you can get a quote for your target video here

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