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How Cascade Achieved 375,000+ Views, Doubled Subscribers With A 1-minute Brand Video

Michael Pirone
April 8, 2022

The State of Video in 2024

Created in Sydney, Australia, with a distributed team spread across Seoul, South Korea, and Portland Oregon, Cascade is a strategy acceleration platform where teams plan and execute together. 

It unites everyone from start to finish, bringing ideas to life and helping teams get better results, faster. The idea for Cascade originated when its founders realized that most business strategies go nowhere because of fancy PowerPoints and Excels. The truth is that these tools come with gazillions of features. As a result, they are (almost all the time) more confusing than helpful.

Excel, PowerPoint, and all the ‘productivity’ tools out there don’t actually help you to succeed—they just help you to ‘do more stuff’. Increasingly distributed and cross-functional teams compound the issue,” they figured.

So, from a marketing standpoint, the team wanted to 1) disrupt their market by questioning some of their principles and 2) stand out with a fun, ambitious, bold, and clear brand.

A few weeks of work later, Cascade released a 1-minute video that generated about 400k organic views and doubled the number of subscribers. 

We teamed up with this amazing team to create something funny and real. A narrative that could show all the taboos and complexity behind creating a strategy with a storyline everyone could easily relate to. The direction consisted of a human-centered approach with a few animated UI elements to enhance messaging.

—Michael Evans, Account Director, Vidico 

Struggling to breakthrough in a very traditional industry

According to Karim Zuhri, Chief Operating Officer of Cascade, “B2B marketing has become boring and very ‘traditional’ over the time.” And that makes it hard for B2B companies to stand out and get noticed.

Cascade was somehow in the same position—they’re operating in a very traditional industry. So, the team wanted to reintroduce their brand in a fun, bold, and ambitious way. To be short, they wanted to challenge the status quo. 

That’s where video marketing came into play. 

Challenging the status quo leveraging video marketing

When it came to choosing a video production company, Vidico was an obvious choice for Cascade. They wanted a stellar video and did everything they could to make it happen—including flying to Melbourne to work with Vidico’s team.  

Vidico used an end-to-end approach to producing Cascade’s video. We managed everything from start to finish, including:

  • Concept and Scripting: We wanted the video to reflect the theme the Cascade team came to us with: fun, bold, and ambitious. We also wanted the video to be reflective of the fact that Cascade is trying to disrupt a traditional industry. Hence, the couple therapy-style format.
  • Storyboarding: Our team designed a narrative that walked the viewer through the problem, how Cascade solves it, and the results—all of these included in the therapy session. 
  • UI Animations: Given the concept and story-style we chose, it’d have been hard to make people visualize what Cascade’s features are and how it can help them. 

So, we decided to include UI animation to display the features and integration supported by the app. 

  • Dedicated Project Manager: At Vidico, we value each of our clients. So, we dedicate someone to each account in order to make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

And here’s the end result. 👇👇👇

With Vidico, every single detail matters. They make sure everything looks clean, beautiful, and very professional. Really caring about the outcome and following up, again and again, to make sure you’re happy with the results. A real customer-focused team.

—Karim Zuhri

Working on making the video a success

Cascade’s team had a solid distribution strategy in place. They went all over the place with the video, using it on Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube.

After 6 days of being published on Cascade‘s YouTube channel, the video had already got over 70K views achieving incredible results:

  • The video lasted almost 1-minute and the average view duration was 56-seconds.
  • Doubled amount of subscribers.
  • 375,000+ views of the video.
  • 5,800+ hours of watch time
  • The impression rate increased to 40%

Part of this success is due to the inclusion of the main elements important to users when watching a video. It has a humorous aspect with quite a hook that leads you on from the start and it educates viewers by highlighting main product benefits and showing UI components.

Months after the video was released, Cascade scored a whopping 1.4 million views on Youtube and an average view of 56 seconds, for a video that is 1-minute long. 

Did we mention that Cascade also doubled its YouTube subscription rate?

Making room for video marketing in your overall marketing strategy

The key learning after this campaign is that DISTRIBUTION WORKS. 

It’s always helpful to use different cut-downs to program your distribution campaign in a way that moves viewers down the funnel.

Karim Zuhri said they’re happy with the results they’ve gotten after this campaign and are planning on using more of Vidico’s expertise in the future. 

To the other B2B companies, Zuhri recommends daring to challenge the status quo and do things differently. He suggests it’s the only way to break through the noise and stand out.


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