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20 Best Motion Graphics Examples for Your Brand (2024)

Laura Chaves
March 25, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Motion graphics can simplify complex concepts by breaking them into visually digestible components. It can help your brand stick in people’s minds and open doors to new opportunities.

Are you curious about the current frontrunners in the motion graphics industry?

Here are the best motion graphics video examples that showcase the artful fusion of design, animation, and storytelling to convey complex ideas and emotions in a visually interesting way.


    Top 20 Motion Graphics Videos Worth Watching

    1. Vidico x Freshbooks

    Average Pricing: $11,180 – $17,560

    Target Industries: SaaS, Industrial, Financial Services, Seed Startups, Series Startups, E-commerce & Retail, Established Enterprise, Non-Profit, and more

    Collaborated With: Freshbooks, Airtable, EasyAgile, Spotify, Uber, Vimeo, Square, Digital Ocean, and more

    What Makes It Stand Out: FreshBooks simplifies financial management, saves time, and reduces stress during tax season. It is one of the best motion graphics examples you should not miss out on.

    In less than one minute, Vidico captured the viewer’s attention and presented FreshBooks as an essential tool for business owners, enabling them to focus on their core activities using animated motion graphics.

    Its relatable scenarios and clever humor humanize the subject, making it accessible and engaging. Vidico used visually attractive graphics to enhance the narrative, simplifying intricate concepts.

    In need of a video? Get a quick estimate!

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    In need of video? Get a quick estimate
    Find the right type of video to meet your marketing goals and get an instant estimation on how much it would cost to produce it.
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    2. Vidico x EasyAgile Saas Motion Graphics Animation #1

    Average Pricing: $11,180 – $17,560

    Target Industries: SaaS, Industrial, Financial Services, Seed Startups, Series Startups, E-commerce & Retail, Established Enterprise, Non-Profit, and more

    Collaborated With: Freshbooks, Airtable, EasyAgile, Spotify, Uber, Vimeo, Square, Digital Ocean, and more

    What Makes It Stand Out: EasyAgile, known for its tools tailored to agile software development teams, sought to empower its customers’ success.

    In collaboration with Easy Agile, Vidico used stunning visuals, smooth transitions, and powerful messages to convey information and maintain the audience’s interest.

    In 48 seconds, Vidico successfully created a core promotional animated motion graphics video, a hero marketing asset to get to know EasyAgile.

    3. Accelerant

    Target Industries: Insurance, Software, IT

    Collaborated With: MGAA, Linkedin, Target Markets

    What Makes It Stand Out: Accelerant motion graphics video features entertaining animation that is easy to understand and delivers the message effectively.

    It is one of the best motion graphics videos in the industry, as its detail-oriented script, colorful animation (bright colors), and sound design effectively convey the purpose of the business.

    4. CoPilot Ai

    Target Industries: Marketing, B2B, Finance

    Collaborated With: Raymond James, Insperity

    What Makes It Stand Out: CoPilot Ai animated motion graphics established itself as one of the finest 2D startup videos.

    It is one of the best motion graphics examples in the industry, known for its clarity, creativity, vibrancy, and interactivity.

    CoPilot Ai is a colorful explainer video highlighting all the elements that captivate and engage audiences effectively.

    5. Cisco Secure Client

    Target Industries: Networking, Security, Software, Applications

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: Cisco Secure Client did an excellent job releasing easy-to-understand motion graphics videos.

    The combination of engaging imagery and abstract shapes synchronized with the narration in this video content. They use the simplest ideas to keep the viewer engaged and well-informed.

    6. Slack

    Target Industries: Small Business, Finance, Media, Retail

    Collaborate With: Uber, Airbnb, The New York Times

    What Makes It Stand Out: Slack’s video is a testament to the power and simplicity of motion graphics elements.

    The company can create a compelling video that enhances its impact using simple shapes, a limited color palette, a clear and concise narrative, and beautiful imagery.

    The thoughtful sound design adds depth to the viewing experience. The straightforward idea can leave a lasting impression, making it a standout video example of animated motion graphics.

    7. Reddit’s New Mobile App

    Target Industries: Communication, Software, Community

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: Unlike other motion graphics video examples, Reddit’s animation video showcases a lighthearted and engaging content style.

    A script with humor and delightful illustrations captures the viewer’s attention. The animator’s work adds a vibrant, eye-catching quality to the video content.

    Using bold colors and seamless transitions is a powerful tool that can add visual interest to explainer videos.

    It’s one of the finest motion graphics video examples for those seeking to promote a mobile application, website, or similar venture.

    8. Blockdaemon

    Target Industries: Security, Infrastructures, Custodians

    Collaborated With: Microsoft, OpenSea, Metamask

    What Makes It Stand Out: This motion graphic effectively presents a leading infrastructure blockchain platform engagingly and seamlessly.

    Unlike other motion graphic examples, the product video employs clean and engaging visuals to deliver a detailed explanation of the business.

    9. STUXNET

    Target Industries: DevOps, SecOps, Consultation, Security, Training, Education

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: STUXNET is a great example of a straightforward animated video with a remarkable ability to effortlessly elucidate a complex subject like “how computer viruses work.”

    Despite being released for a long time, the video remains relevant and engaging on social platforms. The use of editorial-style graphics and visual data representations makes the animated video engaging.

    10. Bill

    Target Industries: Medicine, Physicians, Teams

    Collaborated With: Confidential & Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Motion graphics video examples can inspire creativity. Dr. Bill’s video offers a solution to the intricate world of medical billing, streamlining a once burdensome task.

    The motion graphic examples from Dr. Bill testify that a video can significantly impact and succeed in your marketing strategy.

    11. StockCharts

    Target Industries: Enterprise, Personal, Education

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: StockCharts animated motion graphics videos are readily accessible on YouTube, but its easy sharing via email or social media is notable.

    The motion graphics video examples can seamlessly feature a company’s website or serve as an engaging opener for public speaking events.

    12. Imagine What You Could Do Travel & Lifestyle Services | American Express

    Target Industries: Finance

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: This American Express video example employs a lively and engaging animation to elucidate credit card benefits, highlighting that commercial videos extend beyond sales and product launches.

    The video explores technology, big data, and social media careers, encouraging viewers to envision the possibilities with American Express.

    The video example creatively brings scenarios to life through a blend of 2D and 3D animations, a consistent color palette, and dynamic transitions, delivering an immersive experience.

    13. DigitalOcean: Simplicity at Scale

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing Agencies

    Collaborated: Jiji, Deep Focus

    What Makes It Stand Out: Digital Ocean’s brief yet captivating animated motion graphics video demonstrates the power of concise storytelling.

    It creatively conveys its concept in under a minute using energetic voiceover and sound effects. It exemplifies how short videos can make a profound impact.

    Maintaining a consistent visual style with vibrant colors and simple geometric shapes creates a cohesive and engaging experience.

    14. UEFA Nations League Explained

    Target Industries: Sports

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: The UEFA video example beautifully illustrates the educational prowess of the medium.

    You can create a marketing asset using a music video or animation and turn the complex concept to a level even the least sports-inclined individual can comprehend.

    15. Icechain

    Target Industries: Finance, Electronics, Electricity

    Collaborated With: Bitcoin, Immediate Edge

    What Makes It Stand Out: Motion graphics are a dynamic and versatile medium for visual communication.

    This blockchain-animated video content shines in its selection of music, seamlessly harmonizing with the voiceover. It conveys its powerful message adeptly, presenting fundamental key elements with clear and concise explanations.

    16. Cree Lighting – Better Light, Better Life

    Target Industries: Gas Station, Schools, Universities, Transportation

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: The motion graphic video “Better Light, Better Life” effectively uses lighting effects to convey the significance of light in our daily lives.

    Such videos are valuable tools for enhancing product understanding and increasing audience engagement.

    By skillfully harnessing visual elements like lighting, they communicate essential messages and create a compelling and immersive experience for viewers.

    17. The Bélo

    Target Industries: Tourism

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Undoubtedly, this motion graphics video by Airbnb is one of the finest motion graphic examples I’ve encountered.

    Through moving pictures, the essence behind a logo transforms into a poignant narrative, forging an immediate and heartfelt connection with the viewer.

    It exemplifies how this video example can transcend mere visuals, effectively conveying the essence of the brand while inducing a genuine and resonant emotional response from the audience from the very first second.

    18. School of Motion

    Target Industries: Motion Picture

    Collaborated With: Amazon, Google, Hulu, YouTube, Microsoft

    What Makes It Stand Out: This manifesto video unveils the new brand and masterfully encapsulates its mission.

    Vibrant colors and synchronized visual representations are harnessed to articulate the message flawlessly.

    Unlike long music videos, these moving pictures maintain an engaging momentum throughout, ensuring there is never a dull moment. Thus, they effectively convey the brand’s essence and vision.

    19. The Rise of Bitcoin

    Target Industries: Finance

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: Are you struggling to Understand Cryptocurrency? This short two-minute video is a perfect example of how charming imagery can explain it in simple terms.

    It uses clear visuals and cool illustrations to make the futuristic idea of Bitcoin easy to grasp. This video shows how moving pictures can create an exciting and easier-to-understand video.

    20. How PayPal Works

    Target Industries: Finance

    Collaborated: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: PayPal is renowned for its sleek and minimalistic design approach. Being highly adaptable, moving pictures can seamlessly align with any design style.

    The company embraces minimalism in this motion graphics video, utilizing outlines and straightforward transitions.

    Surprisingly, this simplistic approach captivates the viewers’ attention, underscoring the video’s versatility in complementing and enhancing a brand’s visual identity.

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    Benefits of Motion Graphics Animation

    Effective Communication

    Animated graphics video style is a powerful tool for conveying information. They break down intricate ideas into digestible visuals, ensuring that even complex concepts are understandable to a broad audience.

    Visual Appeal

    Imaginative and colorful animation seizes the viewer’s attention and maintains their engagement. Great motion graphic examples draw viewers in and keep them engaged longer.


    Motion graphic adaptability is a key advantage. They can be applied across various platforms, from websites and social media to presentations and advertising.

    Maintaining brand consistency is paramount for businesses and organizations. Motion graphic videos offer a versatile canvas for seamlessly infusing branding elements such as logos, color palettes, and typography.


    Motion graphic videos are often more budget-friendly than live-action videos. They require fewer resources, such as actors, sets, and location shoots.

    This cost efficiency makes a motion graphic attractive for businesses looking to create compelling content without breaking the bank.
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    Emerging Trends in Motion Graphics Video

    Emerging trends in motion graphics are constantly reshaping the landscape of visual storytelling. Integrating 3D animation and virtual reality (VR) elements stands out prominently among these trends.

    With technological advancements, motion graphics artists are now exploring the immersive possibilities of 3D animation and VR to create captivating and interactive experiences for viewers.

    Why Work With Vidico For Your Motion Graphics Needs

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    Trusted By Global Brands

    Vidico is the trusted choice of global industry leaders who rely on us for their motion graphics requirements.

    Our impressive track record is a testament to our success, with a portfolio of successful projects for renowned companies like Spotify, Freshbooks, Vimeo, Square, Digital Ocean, and many more.

    From highly skilled animators to adept scriptwriters, we bring a wealth of experience to your project. Collaborate with a team that understands the nuances of animated videos and can turn your vision into reality.

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    What is motion graphics used in?

    Motion graphics are used in advertising, marketing, entertainment, education, corporate communications, web design, product demonstrations, event promotion, healthcare, gaming, and architecture.

    Also, the video content can be used in social media, government, journalism, e-learning, retail, and environmental design for engaging visuals and effective communication.

    What is a motion graphics design?

    Motion graphics design is a visual communication technique that combines graphic design and animation to create dynamic and engaging content. It’s a digital art form used by motion graphics companies to bring narratives to life through moving text, images, and video.

    Every great motion graphic video uses moving images, text, and graphics to convey information, tell stories, or communicate messages visually and compellingly.

    Is Anime a motion graphic?

    No, Anime is not a motion graphic.

    Anime is a style of animated storytelling, often featuring colorful characters and narratives, while motion graphics primarily focus on visually conveying information or messages through graphic elements, animations, and text.

    Is a GIF a motion graphic?

    Yes, a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) can be considered a type of motion graphic. GIFs are a format for displaying animated images or sequences of frames in a looping manner.

    What are some examples of motion graphics?

    Great motion graphic examples include animated logos, kinetic typography (animated text), infographic animations, animated charts and graphs, explainer videos, title sequences for films and television shows, animated transitions between scenes, and visual effects for video productions.

    How are motion graphics different from traditional animation?

    Motion graphics typically focus on animating graphic elements such as text, shapes, and images, whereas traditional animation involves animating characters or objects frame by frame.

    Motion graphics often rely on keyframing, tweening, and motion paths to create movement, while traditional animation may involve hand-drawing or digital painting each frame.

    How can motion graphics be used in marketing and advertising?

    Motion graphics are commonly used in marketing and advertising to create eye-catching and engaging content that attracts and retains viewers’ attention.

    They can showcase product features and benefits, explain concepts or processes, tell brand stories, and create memorable visual experiences that drive engagement and conversions.

    In Summary

    Motion graphics exemplify this visual communication medium’s dynamic and versatile nature.

    They span diverse industries, from marketing and entertainment to education and healthcare, showcasing the power of animation and design to simplify complex ideas and convey messages effectively.

    These examples demonstrate the potential of motion graphics to enhance storytelling, engage viewers, and leave a lasting impression in the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication.

    Experience the impact of motion graphics with Vidico today.

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