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10 Best Product Demo Video Companies & Agencies (2024)

Laura Chaves
December 21, 2023

We know you’re looking for not just any company, but the best to create a compelling video that makes your product stand out. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, this list is crafted to help you find your ideal video partner.

Choosing can be tough with so many product demo video companies out there. You need a team that gets your product’s uniqueness and can translate that into product demonstration videos that resonate with your audience.

Drawing from our extensive experience in video production, we’ve checked out numerous companies, looking at their creativity, tech skills, and how happy their clients are. We’re pretty confident this list is a great starting point for you.

These video production companies can help refresh marketing strategy and offer diverse services for businesses seeking professional assistance in creating professional product demo videos.


    Top 10 Product Demo Video Agencies To Check Out

    1. Vidico

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: Seed Startups, Series Startups, SaaS, Established Enterprise, Industrial, Financial Services, E-commerce & Retail, Non-Profit, and more

    Collaborated With: Spotify, Uber, Vimeo, Square, Digital Ocean, Freshbooks, Airtable, EasyAgile,

    Who We Are: Vidico is a premier video production company passionate about transforming complex concepts into captivating narratives through the power of video.

    Our videos and campaigns have achieved a remarkable 1.4 billion+ impressions and have helped clients secure over $15 million in funding.

    With a client base boasting names like Spotify, Uber, Amazon, and many others, we have garnered trust and recognition from some of the world’s largest brands [1].

    We specialize in producing explainer videos, product videos, brand videos, social media videos, app demo videos, corporate videos, and television commercials executed with precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of your product or brand.

    If your company seeks to excel in video marketing, Vidico is the partner you need to create memorable content that drives results. Use our VidiFit Quiz and get transparent pricing in 90 seconds.

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    2. Kyro Digital

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Education, Health, Retail

    Collaborated With: Amazon, Nike, Bose

    Who They Are: Kyro Digital is a dynamic Southern California creative agency with a global reach dedicated to cultivating the growth of brands worldwide through the art of storytelling.

    With a mission to captivate, connect, and convert audiences, Kyro Digital has mastered the craft of app demo videos and corporate videos that leave a lasting impact.

    They take the time to truly understand your vision, unravel the brand’s story, and develop a creative strategy that aligns with your objectives.

    3. Purei

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Education, Marketing, Finance, Health

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    Who They Are: PUREi stands out as a beacon of efficiency and excellence in the fast-paced world of creative services.

    Based in Chicago, PUREi offers product demo video production, web design, animation videos, graphic design, photography, and marketing objectives all under one roof.

    PUREi’s journey began 22 years ago, driven by a simple yet transformative idea: clients deserve simpler and easier marketing.

    It is one of the best demo video production agencies that believes working with a single product demo video company for all your creative needs is more straightforward and effective.

    4. BX Films

    Target Industries: Corporations, Marketing, E-commerce, Startups

    Collaborated With: Whirpool, GE, Paypal, Cisco

    Who They Are: From the cutting edge of emerging technology to the expansive landscapes of the great outdoors, BX Films is a nimble San Francisco-based agency dedicated to helping brands and organizations propel the world forward.

    BX Films are integral to the creative process, from conceptualization to connecting with consumers and site visitors.

    5. Wideo

    Target Industries: Marketing, E-commerce, Established Enterprise, Startups

    Collaborated With: Sprint, Discovery, and the University of Toronto

    Who They Are: In 2021, the idea for Wideo was born – a platform that would democratize video communication, providing businesses of all sizes and types with access to one of the most potent means of conveying messages: video.

    The core concept behind Wideo was to develop an affordable and user-friendly online tool that allowed users to create videos from scratch or by editing templates.

    6. Wyzowl

    Target Industries: Corporate, Startups, Enterprise

    Collaborated With: Uberflip, Mavenlink, Hiring Hub

    Who They Are: Wyzowl is recognized as one of the world’s market-leading demo video production companies. They offer a wealth of experience creating animated explainer videos and have a remarkable track record.

    Established in 2011, Wyzowl has pioneered the industry, introducing transparent fixed pricing, fixed turnarounds, and unlimited revisions to the explainer video creation process.

    Wyzowl prides itself on adapting to various styles, catering to clients’ preferences, whether 2D graphics, motion graphics, web development, 3D explainer video, line-drawn sketches, logo animation, 3D animations, or image-based marketing videos.

    7. Versatylo

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Retail, Education

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    Who They Are: Versatylo is a product demo video company that creates impressive animated product demonstration videos.

    Their expertise extends to various product demo video services, including explanatory videos, short films, documentaries, corporate presentations, and educational whiteboard animations.

    What sets Versatylo apart is its highly skilled and professional team dedicated to producing exceptional product animation videos. They excel in showcasing product features and benefits while crafting a compelling narrative.

    Their global reach allows them to serve clients worldwide despite being headquartered in Noida, India.

    8. Optimum Productions

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Retail, Startup, Health, Finance

    Collaborated With: Coca-Cola, HP, Stanley

    Who They Are: Optimum Productions is a highly acclaimed product demo video production company based in Atlanta. It is recognized for its excellence in delivering impactful results in today’s video-driven, virtual selling landscape.

    Optimum is a comprehensive video production agency offering a broad spectrum of services encompassing the entire product demo video production process, from initial concept to final product.

    9. Casual Films

    Target Industries: Health, Finance, SaaS, Tech

    Collaborated With: GoDaddy, Adobe

    Who They Are: Casual Films, an innovative product demo video production company, boasts a diverse in-house team comprising creatives, producers, filmmakers, editors, and animators.

    With a global presence spanning six countries, seven offices, and a growing creative team of over 100 professionals, they are poised to be wherever you need them.

    The company places significance on understanding its clients’ customers and key performance indicators (KPIs). They prioritize the client experience as much as the final product demo video product.

    10. Demo Duck

    Target Industries: Health, Established Enterprise, Startups, Finance, SaaS, Tech

    Collaborated With: Netflix, Google, Canon, Dropbox

    Who They Are: Demo Duck is a flexible product demo video company that values working closely with clients to craft influential video content.

    They have a wide-ranging portfolio that includes various types of videos, such as branding videos, TV commercials, explainer videos, tutorials, onboarding videos, testimonials, and product demo videos.

    Their skillset extends to 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, cel animation, stop motion, and live-action filming, showcasing their expertise in creating compelling product demo videos.

    Types of Product Demo Videos

    Explainer Videos

    These videos [2] provide an overview of your product, highlighting its key features, benefits, and how it solves a problem. They are typically concise and engaging.

    How-To or Tutorial Videos

    These videos guide users on how to use your product effectively. They offer step-by-step instructions, making it easier for customers to understand your product’s functionality.

    Unboxing Videos

    Often used for physical products, unboxing videos showcase the excitement of opening and using a product for the first time. They can generate anticipation and attract potential customers.

    Testimonial Videos

    Real customers share their experiences and satisfaction with your product. Testimonial videos build trust and credibility, as they offer genuine feedback from users.

    These commercial videos are widely popular on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube as part of the company’s video marketing strategy.

    Live Demonstrations

    These product demos showcase your product during a live event or presentation. They allow for real-time interaction with the target audience, answering questions and addressing concerns about the entire process of their mobile applications, software products, and many more.

    Comparison Videos

    Compare your product with competitors, highlighting its advantages. These videos help customers make informed decisions and demonstrate your product’s superiority.

    Feature Spotlight Videos

    Focus on specific features or functionalities of your product. These videos dive deep into the details, making viewers aware of the value of each feature.

    Find an estimate for your video project in minutes.
    With our new VidiFit quiz you can find the right type of video to meet your marketing goals along with a high-level estimation on how much it would cost to produce it.
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    Interactive Videos

    Interactive demos allow users to engage directly with the product within the product demo video. They can click, explore, and experience the product, increasing engagement and understanding.

    Behind-the-Scenes Videos

    Offer a sneak peek into your product’s development process or your company’s culture. These videos humanize your brand and create a connection with the audience.

    Case Study Videos

    Showcase real-life examples of how your product solved a problem for a customer. Case study videos provide concrete evidence of your product’s effectiveness.

    Animated Product Demos

    Use animation to illustrate complex concepts or processes related to your product. Animation can simplify explanations and make them more visually appealing.

    In-App Walkthroughs

    For software or mobile apps, in-app walkthrough videos or app demo videos guide users through the user interface, helping them navigate and use the product effectively.

    These app demo videos allow you to switch from product videos to presentation mode to deliver the core message and the product’s unique selling points.

    Teaser Videos

    Create excitement and anticipation for an upcoming product launch with teaser videos. They provide a sneak peek and generate buzz.

    Interactive Product Tours

    Like interactive videos, these event videos and tours allow users to explore your product’s features at their own pace, providing an immersive experience.

    Educational Webinars

    Host webinars that educate your audience about industry-related topics or demonstrate how to solve everyday challenges using your product.

    Who Should Use Product Demo Videos?

    Product demo videos are valuable for a wide range of businesses and industries. They are particularly beneficial for production companies offering products or services that require explanation or visual demonstration.

    Startups can use product demo videos to introduce their offerings to potential buyers and customers.

    Established businesses can enhance their marketing campaigns by showcasing product features, functions of software applications, and benefits.

    E-commerce platforms can leverage product demo videos to provide in-depth product insights.

    Any organization seeking to engage, educate, and persuade an audience about their product or service can benefit from product demo videos.

    Why Work With Vidico

    Unparalleled Expertise

    Vidico is your gateway to a world of demo video production expertise.

    With a track record of crafting successful product demonstration video campaigns, we bring years of experience to your project. Our deep understanding of the industry and a finger on the pulse of the latest trends ensure your product video will stand out.

    Results-Driven Product Demo Video Production

    Vidico’s primary focus is on achieving measurable results for your business.

    We are committed to producing videos that generate tangible results for your business, whether boosting engagement, increasing conversions, or growing your brand.

    Tailored Solutions

    Your project is unique, and we understand that one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work. We’ll work closely with you to customize every aspect of your video, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your goals and brand identity.

    Collaboration at Its Best

    We believe in the power of collaboration. Working with Vidico makes you an integral part of the creative process.

    With our client-focused approach, your input and feedback are welcomed and actively sought after to create a product demo video that mirrors your vision.

    Client Satisfaction

    We have a strong track record of satisfied clients who have seen tangible benefits from their video projects. Working with Vidico is a testament to their commitment to client success.

    For over a decade, we have been giving quality video production services that help convert rates, increase brand recognition, and drive sales [3]. Check our portfolio for some of the best product demo video examples.


    Vidico maintains open communication throughout the project, clarifying timelines, costs, and progress. You can trust that there will be no hidden surprises along the way.

    You can use our VidiFit Quiz for free, and we can give you transparent pricing for our demo video production services in 90 seconds.


    What’s a product demo video?

    A product demo video is a dynamic and concise visual presentation showcasing a product’s features, benefits, and functionality.

    A product demo video is designed to engage and inform the audience by demonstrating how the product works in a real-world context.

    How much does it cost to make a product demo video?

    For simple in-house videos, expenses can be minimal, ranging from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. If you opt for a professional product video production company, expect to invest $10,000 to $50,000 or more for high-quality results.

    Animated product demo videos, often used for tech products, typically range from $5,000 to $20,000.

    The cost of creating a product demo video varies based on factors like complexity, video style, length, and production quality. If you want straightforward pricing, you can use our VidiFit Quiz for a free estimate!

    Do I need professional help to create product demo videos?

    It’s highly advisable to seek professional assistance when creating the best product demo videos, and Vidico is an excellent choice for this purpose.

    Professional help ensures that your videos are of the highest quality, effectively showcase your product’s features, and engage your audience. Moreover, utilizing a software demo script template can streamline the process and ensure the video effectively communicates the product’s key features and benefits.

    Vidico specializes in producing compelling product demo videos that captivate viewers and drive results.

    Final Thoughts

    Product demo video production agencies are crucial in helping businesses effectively market their products and services.

    These top product demo companies specialized firms bring expertise and creativity to the table, ensuring that product demo videos are engaging, informative, and tailored to the target audience.

    By collaborating with these professional teams, businesses can harness the power of visual storytelling to drive brand awareness, boost conversions, and ultimately achieve their online video marketing goals [4].

    Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level with high-impact product demo videos?

    Use our VidiFit Quiz to get started and discover how Vidico can craft engaging video content that delivers tangible results for your business.


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