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15 Best Software Demo Videos & Examples: Must-Watch (2024)

Laura Chaves
December 21, 2023

Software has become integral to our personal and professional lives. From productivity tools to entertainment applications, software is crucial in enhancing our efficiency and enjoyment.

However, with the constant evolution of technology and the vast array of software options available, it can take time for users to grasp the full potential of a particular software application.

Good thing software demo videos are powerful tools that provide users with a visual and interactive way to learn about a software product’s features, functionality, and benefits.

Here are some of the best software demos worth your time and attention, representing the pinnacle of what software demo videos can achieve.


    Top 15 Software Demo Videos Worth Watching

    1. Anchor

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: SaaS, E-commerce, Industrial, Non-Profit, Finance, Seed Startups, Series Startups, Retail, Established Enterprise, and more

    Collaborated With: Anchor, RemSense, Airtable, Freshbooks, EasyAgile, Spotify, Uber, Square, Vimeo, Digital Ocean, and more

    What Makes It Stand Out: In less than 80 seconds, Anchor’s software walkthrough video for podcasters is a standout example of a software demo video.

    The narrator’s delivery is steady and comprehensible, ensuring viewers can easily follow the instructions.

    Its animation, clear script narration, meticulous explanation of software functions, optimal length, and audience-centric approach collectively contribute to its technical excellence.

    It educates and empowers its viewers to maximize Anchor’s capabilities.

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    2. RemSense

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: SaaS, E-commerce, Industrial, Non-Profit, Finance, Seed Startups, Series Startups, Retail, Established Enterprise, and more

    Collaborated With: Anchor, RemSense, Airtable, Freshbooks, EasyAgile, Spotify, Uber, Square, Vimeo, Digital Ocean, and more

    What Makes It Stand Out: The collaboration between our company, Vidico, and RemSense has resulted in an exceptional Software Walkthrough video showcasing the remarkable details and advantages of their platform, Virtualplant.

    It serves as an informative and compelling resource for viewers, helping them maximize the benefits of this innovative platform with a screen.

    The video’s concise and well-structured script narration keeps the audience engaged and informed.

    3. SurveyMonkey

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Retail, Education, Established Enterprise, IT, SaaS

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: SurveyMonkey, a stalwart in digital data collection and analysis since its establishment in 1999, underwent a significant transformation in 2017 when it unveiled a completely redesigned product.

    Unlike traditional videos with narration, this great video relies solely on visuals and background music to convey its message.

    The fast-paced background music injects energy into the video, keeping viewers engaged throughout its less than two minute-video demo.

    4. Cyclops

    Target Industries: Artificial Intelligence

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: One prevalent mistake often made by business owners is assuming that a product demonstration alone will suffice for potential clients to grasp and immediately purchase their offering fully.

    The demo video shows the product’s key features and the product value, especially when the product is relatively new to the market, to help generate more sales.

    A stellar example of achieving this balance between demonstration and explanation can be found in this product demo video.

    Beyond mere demonstration, the video takes the extra step of elucidating the product’s benefits. It articulates how the product addresses pain points, enhances efficiency, or solves user problems.

    5. Paypal Digital Wallet

    Target Industries: Finance, IT, Established Enterprise, Personal

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: PayPal, a familiar platform for many of us, has undoubtedly simplified financial transactions, whether for personal use or business management, by creating product demo videos.

    It encompasses all the app’s functions while keeping viewers engaged, informed, and entertained—a valuable approach for any demo video aiming to make a lasting impact.


    Target Industries: Project Management, Established Enterprise, Retail, Education, Sales

    Collaborated With: LinkedIn, Facebook

    What Makes It Stand Out: simplifies the process of uniting teams and clients for seamless communication, task management, and payment tracking using product demos.

    Take note of how the lively, fast-paced music injects a sense of upbeat energy into the video, making it effortlessly engaging for viewers to follow along with the demonstration.

    This approach ensures that viewers understand the tool’s value and feel inspired to integrate it into their workflow.

    7. Asana

    Target Industries: Project Management, Automation, Admin, Security, Sales

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: Design is not just a feature or one word to describe the business but a potent weapon that Asana wields with exceptional skill.

    From outstanding product design to a well-crafted website and, notably, impeccably designed software demo videos, Asana excels in every design aspect.

    Asana’s emphasis on design in its application, website, and demo videos demonstrates the profound impact that aesthetics can have on the perception and success of a product.

    8. Google Assistant

    Target Industries: Lifestyle, E-commerce, Personal, Established Enterprise, Sales

    Collaborated With: Google, Spotify, Nike Run Club

    What Makes It Stand Out: Google Assistant [2], a feature familiar to Pixel phone and Google Home users, can be a bit of a mystery to those who need to be more familiar with it. Fortunately, Google has created a video that breaks it down in the simplest terms.

    The narration goes a step further by addressing potential privacy concerns and explaining the virtual assistant’s functions. It’s a concise yet comprehensive video demo you can see and watch on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

    9. Office 365

    Target Industries: Education, Established Enterprise, Startup, Lifestyle, Industrial, Sales

    Collaborated With: Microsoft

    What Makes It Stand Out: Office 365 [3] has masterfully leveraged the art of storytelling and demo videos to convey its significance and specifications to its audience.

    Office 365’s video demo brilliantly combines storytelling, visual aesthetics, and clear communication to convey the importance and impact of its product.

    It highlights the platform’s specs, functionality, and accessibility, making it an inspiring and informative demo video for educators.

    10. Figma

    Target Industries: Infomation Technology, Security, Integration, Sales

    Collaborated With: Adyen, Endeavour, NBC Universal

    What Makes It Stand Out: Figma, a game-changer in the industry, managed to conquer a highly competitive market and win users’ hearts in record time using multiple demo videos.

    From the very first second to the final moments, the content speaks directly to its target audience. It’s a visual masterpiece, brimming with colors, shapes, and design elements that resonate profoundly with designers.

    The video effectively communicates its message without audio, showcasing an innate understanding of the design community.

    11. Webflow

    Target Industries: Design, Localization, CMS

    Collaborated With: BBDO, Dropbox, TED

    What Makes It Stand Out: Webflow offers users the remarkable capability to design websites without coding. What sets their demo video apart is the skillful blend of humor and creativity that it employs.

    It captures attention, engages the audience, and entertainingly communicates the product’s value.

    They feature how humor can be a potent tool when used strategically to enhance the marketing message and create a memorable and engaging experience for the business.

    12. RingCentral

    Target Industries: Lifestyle, Personal, Established Enterprise,

    Collaborated With: Telus, BT, Vodafone

    What Makes It Stand Out: RingCentral, the all-in-one solution for consolidating calls, messages, and emails, presents an enticing demo video that excels without needing voiceover but instead relies on soothing background music.

    Before clients purchase from your business, the video can ingeniously employ 3D animation to bring the various elements of its user interface to life and help increase sales and engagement [4].

    This dynamic visual approach not only captivates viewers but also serves as an effective tool for educating them on how to navigate and utilize the app’s specs and functionality.

    13. Grammarly

    Target Industries: Education, Personal, Startups, Established Enterprise

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: When collaborating with clients to create product demo videos, we often inquire about their preferences, including the videos they like and dislike.

    Grammarly’s video challenges conventional wisdom about certain video styles, proving that even typically disliked formats can be practical when executed creatively and purposefully.

    While it may initially seem like Grammarly’s example follows the conventional format of an explainer video, it’s evident that the “this is Tyler” approach works exceptionally well in this context.

    This is a valuable lesson that one should never say never in advertising.

    14. Canva

    Target Industries: Design, Graphic Tools, Established Enterprise, Personal, Education

    Collaborated With: Undisclosed

    What Makes It Stand Out: This particular demo video from Canva addresses these concerns proactively, not to mention their impressive visuals.

    Customers want to be confident that if they invest in a product, their assets and projects will remain secure even if the company faces financial challenges.

    Simultaneously, it demonstrates how the product works, offering a comprehensive and reassuring overview of its details and benefits.

    15. Xero

    Target Industries: Finance and Accounting

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: Xero’s video takes a strategic approach by avoiding diving too deeply into the technical intricacies of its functionality in its video solution.

    Instead, it provides a high-level overview of the platform, focusing on how seamlessly the app and its core details simplify daily business operations.

    By doing so, the video invites viewers to envision themselves enjoying the same advantages.

    It recognizes the need for a high-level overview that emphasizes the unique features of the new software rather than getting bogged down in technical details.

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    What is a software demo?

    A software demo is a visual presentation or video showcasing the product’s functionality.

    The video provides viewers with a firsthand look at how it works and its key features, a solution to help them understand its value and potential applications of your business.

    Using a video, communicating product value can be done quickly. Animation is a popular choice, but we can create live-action videos to help you increase sales.

    How long should a software demo video be?

    The ideal length for a software demo video typically ranges from 1 to 3 minutes. The duration depends on the complexity of the software and the depth of information conveyed.

    Striking a balance between providing comprehensive insights and keeping the video content concise is essential to maintain viewer engagement.

    Moreover, utilizing a software demo script template can streamline the creation process, ensuring key features are highlighted effectively within the desired time frame.

    If you need professional help reaching new customers and speaking about your product value, our company can give you a top-notch service and price. Double click our VidiFit Quiz and get transparent pricing and consultation for free!

    Why is software demo important?

    Software demos are essential for several reasons. Firstly, they offer hands-on experience with the software, allowing potential users to explore its capabilities before they purchase or make sales.

    Secondly, creating a video can be an effective marketing tool, showcasing the product’s value proposition and pain points.

    Lastly, it can help reduce customer support inquiries by addressing common questions and concerns upfront, improving user satisfaction and adoption rates. We can create screen-ready videos and post them on your website, YouTube, or other platforms.

    In Conclusion

    Software videos play a pivotal role in modern marketing and user engagement strategies. They provide a dynamic and effective means of showcasing software functionality, benefits, and features to potential users.

    These videos offer an immersive experience, helping viewers understand the software’s value and applications, ultimately influencing their purchase decision-making.

    If you’re considering creating a software demo video for your product, Vidico is here to help. Our team specializes in crafting exceptional demo videos tailored to your unique needs.

    To explore pricing and discover the ideal video type for your requirements, you can use our VidiFit Quiz for a personalized assessment.


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