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15 Best Sales Video Examples That Convert (2024)

Laura Chaves
April 8, 2024

Science proves that videos can capture attention more effectively and retain 95% of the information than text alone, leading to higher engagement levels among your audience.

Incorporating sales videos into your marketing strategy can help drive business growth by increasing engagement, building trust, and converting more leads into customers.

In this blog post, let’s deep dive into some of the best sales video examples that successfully stand out from the crowd.


    Top 15 Powerful Sales Videos That Work

    1. Vidico x Breezeway

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: This sales video, produced by Vidico, introduces Breezeway’s property care and operations platform. It showcases its key features through live-action footage, text animation, and user interface displays.

    The video effectively communicates how Breezeway streamlines property care processes, enhances communication, and ensures quality service delivery to clients through concise narration and visual demonstrations.

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    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • An engaging combination of live-action footage and text animation
    • Clear and concise narration that effectively highlights key features
    • Illustrates the tangible benefits of using Breezeway, such as increased service revenue and client satisfaction
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    2. Vidico x Wire

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: This online brand video, crafted by Vidico, introduces Wire, a secure collaboration platform revolutionizing business communication.

    The video effectively communicates Wire’s key features and benefits through a skillful blend of quality stock footage, an original script, bespoke UI animation, and clever sound effects.

    The narrative highlights Wire’s reputation as one of the most secure collaboration platforms on the market, emphasizing its comprehensive suite of messaging, audio quality, video conferencing, file-sharing, and external collaboration tools, all protected by advanced end-to-end encryption.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • The original script that succinctly communicates Wire’s unique selling points and value proposition
    • Clever sound effects that complement the visual narrative and add an extra layer of engagement
    • Vidico’s comprehensive involvement in concept development, scripting, and production

    3. LYFT

    Quick Description: Lyft’s series of videos, such as Paloma’s story from Las Vegas, exemplifies the company’s commitment to honoring and thanking its drivers for their extraordinary service and kindness.

    The testimonial video serves a dual purpose: it humanizes the Lyft brand and illustrates why people choose Lyft over other transportation options.

    With over 2 million views and counting, it is one of the best sales video examples showcasing storytelling’s power in marketing.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Emotional appeal
    • Authentic storytelling
    • Visual storytelling fosters trust and familiarity with the viewer.

    4. Honey Baby Naturals

    Quick Description: Honey Baby Naturals presents a sales campaign titled #HaveYouTriedThis. The campaign features a real customer kid as the star promoting the brand’s conditioner for curly hair. The campaign aims to establish a genuine connection with the audience by directly addressing them through the child’s testimonial.

    The case study video showcases real customers sharing their positive experiences with the product, adding authenticity and credibility to the brand’s claims. The playful and captivating presentation, focusing on the child protagonist, effectively holds the viewer’s attention while conveying the message.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Unique approach
    • Engaging presentation
    • Establishes credibility and trust

    5. Zoom

    Quick Description: This customer testimonial video effectively targets prospects in the Decision Stage of the buyer’s journey, where they compare different companies before making a final choice.

    To make the video stand out, they show how HubSpot’s representative utilizes Zoom to communicate with teammates, addressing common pain points and illustrating the solution’s effectiveness.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Decision Stage Relevance
    • Addressing Pain Points
    • Social Proof


    Quick Description: This sales video for revolutionized customer onboarding with its humorous approach, resulting in an astonishing 12,000 orders within 48 hours of its YouTube debut.

    The video employs comedic elements to captivate viewers while delivering a simple yet memorable message: “Our Blades are F**king Great,” effectively conveying the product’s quality.

    The commercial video exudes authenticity and builds trust as it speaks directly to the viewers. Its seamless integration of humor, direct messaging, visuals, and tone creates a compelling brand experience.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Utilizes humor to create a memorable viewing experience
    • Simple, memorable, and effective messaging
    • Features the company’s founder, fostering trust and transparency

    7. Sperry

    Quick Description: Sperry’s “Reclaim Your Water” docuseries captivates audiences through stunning visuals and compelling storytelling without directly mentioning their product.

    The social video focuses on amplifying the voices of black individuals connected to and inspired by water, effectively conveying the shared values between Sperry and its customers.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Captivating visuals and storytelling
    • Focuses on amplifying underrepresented voices
    • Expresses shared values with customers

    8. Sheffield Metals

    Quick Description: Sheffield Metals’ cost video provides comprehensive information on their various product offerings, catering to customer inquiries about pricing.

    Despite its longer duration, the explainer video engages viewers through live-action footage and captivating animation. This combination ensures viewers remain interested and informed throughout, creating an opportunity to make informed decisions.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Comprehensive coverage of product pricing
    • An engaging mix of live-action and animation
    • Keeps viewers interested and informed for the duration of the video

    9. Starbucks

    Quick Description: Starbucks’ captivating ad transports viewers to the scenic landscapes of Italy, evoking a sense of wanderlust and a craving for coffee.

    Through masterful storytelling and captivating visuals, the sales video immerses viewers in the European summer experience, complete with olive trees and leisurely coffee sipping.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Evokes a sense of wanderlust and craving for coffee
    • Masterful storytelling and captivating visuals
    • Immerses viewers in the European summer experience

    10. Lenovo

    Quick Description: Lenovo’s brand video is a powerful tool for introducing viewers to the essence of their brand. It effectively communicates what Lenovo stands for, its core values, mission, and product offerings.

    By highlighting their brand identity, the video enables viewers to connect with Lenovo on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and influencing purchasing decisions.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Communicates brand values and mission
    • Introduces viewers to Lenovo’s product offerings
    • Fosters a connection with the viewers by showcasing brand identity

    11. Lemonade Insurance

    Quick Description: Lemonade’s animated video delivers a fun and engaging overview of its insurance offerings in under a minute.

    The video effectively communicates key points through clever alliteration and repetition while keeping viewers entertained. This memorable approach distinguishes it from other sales videos and makes Lemonade a standout insurance option.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Fun and engaging animation
    • Concisely communicates key information
    • Clever use of alliteration and repetition

    12. Apple

    Quick Description: Apple’s sales video for the Apple Watch goes beyond typical marketing tactics by creating a profound emotional connection with viewers.

    Rather than focusing solely on product features, the social video showcases real people sharing heartfelt stories of how the Apple Watch saved their lives.

    This approach drives the point home about the watch’s capabilities and resonates deeply with viewers, ultimately sealing the deal for those considering purchasing Apple products.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Creates an emotional connection with viewers
    • Features real people sharing impactful stories
    • Resonates deeply with audiences, particularly those undecided about purchasing Apple products

    13. Bitpegs

    Quick Description: Bitpegs effectively utilizes video to showcase its value proposition, demonstrating how its services can benefit potential customers.

    The walkthrough video captivates users by highlighting how Bitpegs can meet their needs, leaving them curious and eager to learn more about the company’s offerings.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Communicates the value proposition
    • Demonstrates the benefits of Bitpegs’ services
    • This leaves viewers curious and interested in learning more

    14. Nikon

    Quick Description: Nikon’s product tour video for the Z 7II camera sets a standard for compelling sales content. The video provides viewers with a comprehensive overview of the camera’s offerings and capabilities through stunning close-up shots of the product and concise text summaries of key features.

    Its ability to grab attention and inspire further exploration makes it an effective tool for driving interest in the product.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Concise summaries of key features
    • Provides a clear snapshot of the product and its capabilities
    • Captivates viewers and inspires curiosity

    15. Dove

    Quick Description: Dove is renowned for its emotionally compelling sales video examples; this sales video content is no exception. In addition to advertising body lotion, the commercial video delivers a powerful message about body positivity and self-acceptance.

    By advocating for these important values, Dove promotes its product and strengthens its connection with customers who resonate with these ideals.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Emotionally compelling message promoting body positivity
    • Advocates for self-acceptance
    • Strengthens the bond with customers who share these values

    What are Sales Videos?

    Sales videos are multimedia content created to promote and sell a product, service, or idea. These videos are strategically crafted to engage and persuade the audience, ultimately driving them to take a specific action, such as purchasing, signing up for a service, or subscribing to a newsletter.

    Sales videos often showcase the offering’s features and benefits, highlight its unique selling points, and address potential customer concerns or objections. They can take various forms, including product demos, explainer videos, customer testimonials, and product introductions.

    They are tailored to suit the business, prospect’s company, or organization’s specific goals and target audience.

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    How Important are They?

    Sales videos are vital for modern marketing strategies because they effectively engage, persuade, and demonstrate product benefits. These videos capture audience attention and drive conversions through compelling storytelling and visuals [2].

    Accessible across various platforms, they allow brands to showcase products, build brand identity, and foster customer trust [3]. With robust analytics, a company can measure video performance and progressive strategies for advanced prospecting to score more deals and sales.

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    Types of Sales Videos

    Brand/Company Videos

    Brand/company videos serve as the cornerstone of a company’s online presence, introducing the brand’s ethos, values, and overall identity to the audience.

    These videos convey the company’s mission, vision, and unique selling points through compelling storytelling and visuals. They aim to connect with viewers, build awareness and trust, and close more deals.

    Explainer Videos

    Explainer videos are short, concise presentations that clarify complex concepts, processes, or ideas in an easily understandable format.

    Using animation, graphics, or live-action footage, these videos deliver complex information into digestible segments, helping viewers grasp the essence of a product or service and its benefits quickly and effectively.

    Product Demo Videos

    Product demo videos showcase a product’s features, functionality, and benefits in action. Through demonstrations and walkthroughs, these videos provide potential customers with a firsthand look at how the product works and how it can address their specific needs or problems, ultimately influencing purchasing decisions.

    Video Sales Letters

    Video sales letters (VSLs) are personalized video messages addressed to individual prospects. VSLs are often used for email marketing [4] and direct outreach campaigns.

    These videos focus on the recipient’s specific challenges or goals, offering tailored solutions and compelling calls to action to drive conversions and score more meetings and sales.

    Sales Training Videos

    Sales training videos are educational resources designed to support and empower sales professionals and sales reps.

    These sales training videos cover product knowledge, cold calling, sales techniques, negotiating, deal closing, sales process, objection handling, sales tips, and sales rep and customer relationship management.

    A sales training video can provide valuable training and guidance to help sales reps improve their performance and achieve their prospects.

    Using a sales training video, representatives can close more sales at higher prices, conduct social selling, and create a big difference in the sales cycle.

    Customer Testimonial Videos

    Customer testimonial videos feature satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences and valuable insights about a company’s product or service’s selling points, sales training, sales process, and business development.

    These high-quality videos provide social proof and credibility through authentic and relatable testimonials, helping build trust and confidence among potential customers.

    Benefits of Using Videos To Increase Sales

    • Enhances engagement with dynamic visual and auditory content
    • Conveys information quickly and effectively, capturing prospect’s attention and sales productivity
    • Demonstrates product features and benefits in action
    • Builds trust and credibility through authentic storytelling and testimonials
    • Increase understanding of sales psychology and human behavior
    • Appeals to diverse learning styles, accommodating visual and auditory learners
    • Encourages social sharing, expanding reach and visibility
    • Improves conversion rates by providing compelling calls to action and cold-calling
    • Train and develop a data-driven approach to the sales process
    • Increases retention, wins more business, and recalls key messages and product information

    Why Work With Vidico

    Collaborative Approach

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    Proven Track Record

    Vidico has a track record of delivering results. Our videos have helped countless clients drive sales, boost awareness, and increase customer engagement. When you work with Vidico, you can expect tangible results that create a difference.

    Transparent Pricing

    With Vidico, you’ll receive transparent pricing, including clear breakdowns of costs with no hidden fees. We believe in honesty and clarity so you know exactly what you’re paying for and can make informed decisions.

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    What should a sales video include?

    A sales video should include key information about the promoted product or service, such as its features, benefits, and unique selling points.

    It should also address prospects’ problems and demonstrate how the product or service can satisfy their needs.

    How do you write a sales video?

    To write a sales video, clearly define your target audience and understand their needs and preferences.

    Craft a compelling script highlighting the product or service’s value proposition and addressing the audience’s problems. Keep the video short, concise, easy to understand, and aligned with your brand’s tone and voice.

    How long is a sales video?

    As a general guideline, aim for around 1 to 3 minutes. This allows enough time to convey the necessary information and engage viewers without losing their attention.

    The ideal length of a sales video can vary depending on the product or service’s complexity and other prospects.

    How do you make a successful sales video?

    Clearly define your objectives and target audience to make a successful sales video. Conduct quantitative research on the audience’s needs, preferences, psychology research, and problems to tailor your message effectively.

    Use high-quality visuals, engaging storytelling, and persuasive language to captivate viewers, convey the value of your product or service, close a deal, and increase sales.

    Let’s Get Started

    By leveraging persuasive storytelling, compelling visuals, and targeted messaging, the best sales videos have the power to captivate audiences, build trust, and, ultimately, generate more sales.

    As businesses adapt to evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements, the importance of incorporating sales videos into marketing strategies cannot be overstated.

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