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Best Social Media Video Production Companies (With Examples)

Ernest Bio Bogore
October 21, 2022

Social media is a big part of our way of life. It’s where we have fun, chat, get our news and weather forecasts, and discover. It’s a significant part of the world we live in, and it’s more.

Likewise, they offer businesses a tremendous scope to market their products and services to almost any viewers.

In this article, we explore social media video production. We’ll cover all the basics, ideas, best practices, and the best companies you can reach out to create great social media videos.


    3 Best social media video production companies

    1. Vidico

    Our Vidico team has worked with big companies and created more than 1200 videos for different social media channels. With our expertise in social media marketing strategy, we offer various production services and can help you create videos optimized for any social media platform.

    For more than five years of experience, we already served the biggest Tech, SaaS, and eCommerce companies, including Amazon, Spotify, Samsung, Uber, Airtable, Salesforce, Digital Ocean, Square, and more.

    We make business-relevant video content and high-quality videos on all platforms and formats. We can create TikTok videos, LinkedIn videos, Snaps, Facebook Reels, corporate videos, brand videos, explainer videos, Youtube videos, mobile-focus production services, and more.

    Are you ready to conquer social media with compelling videos? Take our VidiFit Quiz and discover the perfect video type for your marketing goals. Get an instant cost estimation in just 90 seconds.

    2. We Are Social

    We Are Social is a social-first video production team that has also worked with top institutions like TikTok, the Australian government, Audi, Samsung, and many more.

    This social video agency helps you develop influencer marketing strategies that align with your values and beliefs and gets you new customers.

    Like many video production companies today, We Are Social can produce promotional videos, event videos, commercial videos, emotional videos, tv commercials, Youtube videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, educational videos, and branded content for any social media platform.

    3. We The People

    We The People lends itself as a digital communication company, and they are known to provide a high-quality video marketing strategy in the digital world.

    They’ve also gained experience working with exciting companies like Adidas, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Abbot, and more. They also primarily focus on video content on mobile devices and can help with content strategy and community management for a social platform like YouTube.

    In addition, the influencer marketing agency can provide performance-ready social videos, corporate videos, brand videos, educational videos, promotional videos, event videos, and explainer videos.

    Understanding social media video production fundamentals

    What is a social media video?

    A social media video is a short promotional or educational video of a brand or product produced specifically for a social platform and positioned to spark engagement and captivate viewers from social networks.

    As a social media video production company, we have a proven track record of successfully creating social media videos with engaging content and driving results.

    Our video content, video production services, and editing services align with client’s needs and are usually seen on socials like Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok.

    Why produce social content?

    Companies have succeeded and gone viral by creating social media videos and engaging with their audiences on social websites.

    The reach and acquisition potential is greater than any other channel.

    Social channels offer your brand plenty of reach and put you in users’ feeds more than Google and YouTube combined. All networks combined, people spend most of their time online.

    TikTok counts more monthly visits than Google, with over 1 billion active users. Meanwhile, Facebook counts more than 4 billion Facebook videos watched daily, with over 500 million viewers watching 100 million hours of social videos daily.

    But it is about more than how many people spend time on a social platform. The engagement level that smart brands get on these services makes them even harder to ignore.

    Also, according to Facebook, 71% of shoppers find video ads relevant, and 62% of users become interested in a product or service after discovering it in Stories.

    Customers search for products before making purchase decisions.

    Checking social channels before buying a product has become a new norm in the buying process of most people today.

    According to OptinMonster, 78% of people like to learn about and appreciate products through video. And according to the 2022 GWI Gen Z report, 46% of Gen Zers rely on TikTok to find product and brand information, while 69% use Instagram.

    Social media is the first place we run to when looking for genuine product experiences from people we can easily relate to and trust. Given this trend, it makes sense to use videos across social channels to meet it and be where your potential customers search for products when they want to buy.

    8 Amazing social media video content to produce

    Social media is a pool of content types and ideas—and audiences enjoy different content types simultaneously. So, there is no standard video type you should consistently create to ensure maximum engagement.

    As an expert in social media video production, we have a couple of video ideas we will share with you to see what ideas your target audience enjoys best.

    1. Versus/Comparisons

    It is a product video type where you show a lifestyle with your product versus a lifestyle without it on the same screen. People post these videos on their social media accounts to capture the product’s impact on its users, and the viewers can see the immediate value they can expect from using the product.

    Here is an example video that our video production company has produced for Finder:

    2. Behind-the-Scenes

    Behind-the-scene videos are one the most attention-grabbing video content your brand can create. If you have a product that has a fun, complex, or somewhat enjoyable production process, it can be a great idea to share that process with the viewers.

    3. Feature Video

    Your video content doesn’t have to be about your whole product. Video production companies know that videos are best when they are short and quick to watch.

    It won’t hurt if you only focus the video on one feature rather than different aspects because it is the most beneficial for your targets.

    Check here how ThankYou’s video only focuses on one feature:

    4. Case Study Videos

    Case study videos are nothing new to video production companies. Here you include one of your happy customers that your viewers can relate to and share how your product has helped better their lifestyle.

    Here is what our video production company produced for Bailey Nelson:

    5. Interview/ Q&A videos

    Answering your target audience’s burning question in your social media video is also a great way to engage with them and bring them close to your company.

    Here is what our video production company produced for PayK:

    6. Promos and deals

    Got a fantastic offer you would like to present to your target customers on social media? Use an eye-catching video to promote it on social media. Be sure to wrap it up in a short video with a quick CTA and share it with your followers.

    Here is an example of what our video production company created for Finder:

    7. User-generated content (UGC)

    If you want to gather user-generated content, you can hold a contest, reach out to influencers, or search for videos your fans uploaded.

    Here is what our video production company produced for Finder:

    Here is another video example that our video production company produced for Bailey Nelson:

    8. Tutorials/How-to-Videos

    How-tos and tutorials are one of the most searched-for online, and it is one of the expertise of video production companies like Vidico. It involves showing your viewers how to achieve something specific using your product or service.

    Social media video tips for production and optimization 

    Align with your target social platform’s specs and requirements.

    When creating videos, you need to examine your target sites and the content that exists natively there.

    As a video production agency, we aim to learn more about the type, length, style, aspect ratio, resolution, frame rates, mood, file format, and everything about the videos and ensure our videos align with them.

    We’ve got our recommended training video production agencies here.

    Keep it short

    Most people will skip through a social media video that exceeds the 60 seconds threshold. A short film performs better on social media than a long one. They always have, and they still do.

    We like to keep our videos between 15 and 45 seconds for YouTube video ads.

    Always upload natively

    It is an excellent shortcut to share links and call it quits. After all, socials like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter are smart enough to recognize video content and embed it appropriately so viewers can click and watch.

    The problem is that YouTube and other platforms’ algorithms prioritize native videos. In other words, your video is more likely to be seen in users’ feeds if uploaded natively.

    Entertain, be fun

    People primarily use social media services to have fun and engage with their peers, not buy. Even when they search for products, they expect real videos from people they can relate to.

    If you want an established social media presence (and other platforms), you should create content that is socially powerful, engaging, and entertaining.

    Most companies hire video production companies like Vidico to provide video strategy, pre-production, and post-production services.

    Hook the target audience

    Most sites use auto-play and never-ending scrolls. It means that content never ends on most social media platforms, and people can easily see the first few seconds of an explainer video without clicking it.

    You need to be able to grab viewers’ attention and keep them long enough to watch your video in its entirety.

    With Vidico, you can guarantee a socially powerful finished product. We have high-quality tools, knowledgeable animators, writers, and team leaders to guide you from initial briefing to post-production.

    Make sure your video is compelling even without sound

    If your videos can only work well and drive engagement with sound, you’ll miss out on a lot. That’s because most videos on social media are muted until the user chooses to turn on sound. Also, people tend to watch videos even if there’s no sound.

    Our video production company can take care of your custom content, and you can count on us for muted video content.

    Engage viewers with attention-grabbing thumbnails

    Most social media sites use auto-play, so designing thumbnails may not be worth your while. But it will help if you still maximize your chances.

    Media services like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook still display video thumbnails—sometimes even before auto-playing them.

    Add subtitles

    Subtitles make it easy for viewers to follow your video, especially if it is a dialogue. Also, if you target global viewers, subtitles can be a great way to break accent barriers and ensure everybody can understand what you have to say correctly.

    Mix shots

    Suppose your social media video is dormant (i.e., it’s not aesthetically pleasing or visually captivating, most people will sleep on it. So, be bold. Try different things and mix things up a little.

    Our video production agency uses bird’s-eye or drone videos to take action shots, make the video dramatic, take close-up and far-off shots, etc.

    Create a loop

    If you frequently watch videos on Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram, you know what this is about. Short videos are primarily played in rotation on socials (aka, in a loop). You aim to create videos that seamlessly loop so viewers won’t notice and watch your videos a few times more.


    Why is social media video production important?

    Social media video production services are important because videos have become a highly effective medium for engaging and connecting with online audiences. Videos can help convey messages, showcase products or services, tell stories, and drive user engagement on social websites.

    What are some popular social media video formats?

    Some popular social media video formats include square videos (1:1 aspect ratio), vertical videos (9:16 aspect ratio), ultrawide videos (21:9 aspect ratio), and landscape videos (16:9 aspect ratio).

    Create your first social video today with Vidico

    Social media videos come in many forms and can help you achieve many business goals—from getting the word out about your business to fueling acquisition.

    At Vidico, we have experience creating stellar social media videos for top-tier brands. We are a social media production company with a team of video creatives who use the best video tools to bring visions to life.

    Do you want to know how much a social video will cost and what suits your need? Use our VidiFit quiz to find out. 

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