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What Is TVC and Why Is It Important For Your Brand Advertising?

Ernest Bio Bogore
October 21, 2022

The State of Video in 2024

Most people believe that the Internet is replacing TV. Which admittedly has some part of truth. But that logic also comes with the fact that no one spends time watching it anymore. Therefore, there is no point in investing in TV commercials because your ads will likely go unseen. 

At the same time, almost every household has a television. 96% of American households have at least one TV, approximately 82.6% of Australians watch television on home TV sets each week, and TV still accounts for 37% of the average media consumption of UK residents. 

It is also worth noting that streaming services and catch-up channels will never provide all the live TV programming we see on the tube. 

Channels continue to invest in live news, sports, and entertainment, and they reach hundreds of thousands of viewers in their local or every major city.

This makes television advertising all the more effective in reaching and influencing audiences. 

So, despite the power and fickle popularity of the Internet, television remains one of the best ways for companies to get their brand and products in front of their audience. 

In this article, you will learn what TVC is and how your business can benefit from TV advertising, and we will show you some of the best TV advertising videos produced by our company, Vidico. 

What is TVC?

In marketing, the TVC acronym stands for a television commercial. It is a form of advertising that helps individuals, companies, and organizations promote their products, services, or ideas to the general public through television.

5 Reasons Why Creating TV Ads Is A Great Idea For Your Brand

The two obvious benefits of investing in TV ads are that they help drive brand awareness and direct sales. Brand awareness is mainly achieved through the repetition of ads, and direct sales are primarily driven by call-to-actions viewers act on. 

But there are more reasons your company needs to embrace TVC as part of its marketing channels. Let’s discuss them and why they are essential. 

  • There’s more tolerance for ads on TV.

Here is one truth about digital ads that no one will ever tell you. 

Most people hate ads. 

Most of the time, online display video ads pop up, and people are quick to skip them. According to Venngage, 67% of people agree that video ads with sound are the most annoying type of digital ad. That’s mainly because online advertising can sometimes feel as though it invades a user’s personal space or, better yet, as an invasion of privacy.

On the other hand, publicity on TV is no news to anyone. If it’s anything, most of us associate ads with TV. In fact, people expect to see ads during soap-opera or sporting events breaks. TV ads are not just about marketing; they are part of how TV channels entertain their audiences. So, compared to online displays, there’s more tolerance for ads on TV. 

  • TV implies trust and credibility 

Television is the best platform for establishing brand legitimacy and trust. There is something special about TV advertising that online marketing platforms can’t quite match yet. A brand’s presence on TV can lend credibility and trustworthiness. 

According to an IAB study, 84% of consumers agree that advertising within the news increases or maintains brand trust. Why? 

Here is the logic.

Everybody can be online. But not everybody can be on TV, making people trust it even more. This is due to the impression that TV is more exclusive than all the other advertisement channels available to marketers—which is, to some degree, true. 

Because of this same impression, TV is also better at influencing people. TV advertisements influence 60% of people to buy a product, compared to online and social media advertisements, which affect 40%.

  • TV reaches a large audience

Compared to the Internet, TV commercials have greater reach and mass-media potency. There’s at least one TV set in almost every household. 

  • 96% of US households have TVs,
  • 82.6% of Australians watch TV per week,
  • TV accounts for 95% of all viewed video advertising in the UK.

We could go on about how far of audience TV commercials can reach, but the simple fact that we immediately think of TV when we consider how to reach a large number of people in paced times is enough. Think about it, a single day of TV advertising can reach 70% of the population in the UK.

  • TVC makes your brand memorable.

One of the main benefits of television commercials is that they are pretty easy to implant in people’s minds. TV ads run numerous times, and they easily become household names. Here is an example of how. 

On TV, ads are generally aired during breaks from viewer-favorite programs. Watching the ads every day as the program runs becomes part of the experience. 

You probably remember at least one famous TV ad campaign and can quote favorite lines, and most people of the same age and area as you can relate and do the same. 

  • TVC offers a local approach to local audiences

As much as they can be used to reach mass audiences, TV ads can be targeted to specific audiences surprisingly well, too. Tv advertisement practices like geo-targeting, specific programming, or working with niche cable networks can help you target specific audiences in key locations with TV commercials. 

8 TV Commercial Video Examples And Why They Are So Great

Here are some examples of the best TV commercial videos. You’ve probably seen some of them on TV. 

  • Square

Square’s TV commercial video checks off the trifecta of an excellent TV ad video. It’s short, fun, and clearly states that Square is a great payment solution no matter how your business grows and ends with a tagline. 

  • Temple & Webster

If you are looking to produce a TV commercial video that’s fun and piques viewers’ curiosity, Temple & Webster’s video is the one to learn from. The video effortlessly shows the fun viewers can get when buying the company’s product. They also illustrate how fast their team delivers, which can give viewers the nudge they need to make a purchase decision. 

  • Koala


Koala’s TV commercial video starts by reiterating viewers’ challenges when buying products. They then show how their company solves this very problem and helps customers enjoy their products with zero frustrations. This helps demarcate Koala from competing companies and gives it a special place in the viewers’ minds.  

  • Houselink


One way to effectively market your product is to show the audience what they have now, how it’s hard for them versus what they can have with your product, and how this can benefit them. Also, the funny scene in this 30-second-long TV commercial is addicting and can keep viewers watching it in a loop. Houselink nails it down to perfection. 

  • Mobile Muster


Mobile Muster’s TV commercial video results from a marketing genius that inspires people to take action. The company’s main service is phone recycling, and it has partnered with Landcare, a community platform that seeks to protect and repair our environment so that every phone recycled leads to a tree being planted. And since most people care about the environment, this makes it easy for the company to get people to act on its call to action. 

  • e-Tax


Getting your taxes done can be slow and painful. E-Tax solves this problem and helps you save time doing taxes. Their TV commercial is a 30-second video showing how people suffer through tax management. They use 3D animations and motion graphics to illustrate how their product makes this process easy for the general public. You’ll also notice the powerful tagline at the end.

  • HomeLight

HomeLight’s TV commercial video is the simplest on this list. The company has searched for questions customers mainly ask themselves when considering their products and answer them. This effectively reduces friction, tells people more about your product or services, and eventually gets them to take your desired action. 

  • Xiaomi

Sometimes, you don’t need to talk; simply showing your product in action is enough to make a case for it and convince the target audience of its value. That’s Xiaomi’s approach to TV commercials. This video is slightly longer than you’d expect, but the image quality and the creative product demonstration make it worth your while. 

Television Advertising Tips for Success

Here are a few tactics you can apply to your TV commercial videos to make them more impactful and drive better results. 

  • Include a tagline

A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan generally used at the end of a TV commercial. It is one of the most memorable sentences that stick with viewers in a TV ad. If you nail it down perfectly, it’ll be the sentence most people think about when someone mentions your brand. That’s how powerful it can be. 

So, the tagline should be a catchphrase that has a clear association with your brand or what you do and can be easily recalled. Here is an example from Square: “No matter how big you grow, there’s a fair way to get paid, with Square.” It casually mentions what the brand does and incorporates its name.

  • Keep it short

People will get bored if your TVC video is long. A TV commercial shouldn’t be any longer than 30 seconds, 45 tops. We recommend keeping your videos between 15 and 45 seconds for maximum results. Any TV commercial video exceeding this is already too long.

  • Make it fun

A TV commercial video also needs to be fun. Remember, the video will be broadcast on TV every day. So, it needs to be entertaining to keep people watching every day. Also, people’s impressions after watching your video mainly contribute to how your company is remembered. So, outside of what you do, people need to know your brand they can trust and have fun engaging with. 

  • Convey a single message

A TV commercial should be a short video people rapidly enjoy on Tv program breaks and remember the tagline. You should position it to clearly state your brand and what it offers to the viewers.

Create your first TV commercial video today

Contrary to what most people think, many people still watch television. Television is still one of the leading media that people use to access news, sporting events, soap operas, etc. This makes television an effective way to reach your audience and promote your products. 

At Vidico, we work with companies and professionals who can help you create fantastic television commercial videos that showcase your product and business. We are a team of creatives and actors who can help you implement any approach you have in mind for your TVC. 

And even if you don’t know where to start, we can help you create the video from scratch and ensure it fits your brand and what it represents. Click here to find out how much a TVC video will cost you, and talk to us here. 

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