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Top 5 Training Video Production Companies and How to Hire Them

Ernest Bio Bogore
October 21, 2022

Video training is the best way to educate viewers on a specific topic to teach a skill or knowledge, whether they are your customers or employees. 

Videos let you simulate the visual and auditory senses of your viewers. You get to show, not just tell. You can use animation and graphics to illustrate complex concepts and break them down for your viewers. 

Your audience can see, hear, feel, and imagine. You can easily grab their attention, build interest, create desire, build credibility, and urge them towards a call-to-action. 

As a result, you can explain complex concepts and ideas easily, help your learner better retain and recall information, create a library they can always revisit, and your audience will enjoy the learning process. 

All this goes to qualify visual media as the best content for educational purposes and training video production as the most effective way to approach employee and customer training. 

In this article, we’ll discuss five training video production companies and a few training videos they’ve produced so you can assess their production quality. Lastly, the factors you need to keep in mind when hiring them. 

Five best training video production companies you can trust in 2022

There are hundreds of thousands of video production companies out there. Our list includes the five top companies you can work with to get stellar training videos without too much back and forth or high spending. Here are the companies you will see on this list. 

  • Vidico
  • YumYum Videos
  • Wyzowl
  • Demo Duck
  • Explainify

Let’s discuss each one of them.

  • Vidico

Oh yeah, that’s us. And we are top of the list. We know what you are thinking. But no, it’s not just because you hear it from us. We do have the necessary experience, portfolio, and creative team to prove our position on this list. 

Our team works with the latest equipment in video production and is composed of all kinds of talents you can expect from a top-tier video production company, including scriptwriters, illustrators, directors, actors, designers, and more. 

We have built over five years of experience in video production. We have created different types of videos, including explainer videos, demo videos, brand videos, and all kinds of videos, including training videos for both employees and customers. 

We have produced over 1,200 videos working with several industry-leading companies like Spotify, Amazon, Airtable, Vimeo, Uber, Cascade, Koala, and more. We create all styles of videos, including animations, screencasts, and live action, that can all perfectly fit whatever training video you are looking for. 

We have put in place a corporate training video production process that keeps our clients at the heart of the video production process and ensures that they get a video that fulfills their needs and goals. We guarantee our videos have an exceptional image and design quality and are customized to our client’s brand identity.  

Here are a few training videos we have produced. 

  • Cisco and StoryIQ

  • JNRI

  • Anchor

  • YumYum Videos

YumYum Videos is a top-quality video production company based in Argentina. They’ve also created videos for 200 companies spread across the globe. The company creates animations and live-action videos and ensures full-customized and high-quality products for all its clients. They have experience creating corporate training videos that can meet your requirements. 

Here is an example of an educational animation video they have produced.  

  • Wyzowl

Wyzowl is one of the household names in video production. They have several years of experience and have worked with thousands of companies worldwide. They have built a reputation for being a high-quality video production company that can meet any creative requirement. 

Here is an example of a training video they have created for Cloud Academy.

  • Demo Duck 

Demo Duck is a US-based animated explainer video production company. The company excels at creating animations and illustrations that help market, sell products and train people. They easily qualify as one of the best animation companies you can trust to bring any design and concept to life, making them one of the top companies for creating training videos. 

Here is an example of a training video they have produced. 

  • Explainify

Last but not least, Explainify. It is also a corporate video company that specializes in animations. They always guarantee top-quality production quality and a unique handle on business storytelling through visuals. They can help you create corporate training videos that speak your brand messaging and strengthen retention. 

Here is a training video example they have produced for MoveCU.

Six factors to consider when choosing a training video production company

Now that you have seen the best companies you can trust with quality training video production for your audience let’s discuss the main qualification factors you need to keep in mind when choosing one. 

Production team and equipment: Do they have the necessary skill, knowledge, and equipment to produce your training videos?

When it comes to video production, the first quality markers are the team talent and the quality of the equipment they use in production. 

Self-acclaimed video producers can claim they will produce videos out of any camera and meet high viewing quality standards. But let’s not kid ourselves; in video production, equipment quality and output quality go together. You can’t expect to achieve high-quality visuals with a cheap camera. 

The video can be good, but it will not be the best. In other words, another team can always offer you a better result. Also, we are talking about training videos; it needs to be smooth with a seamless viewing experience. So, every detail matters, and nothing should not be left to chance. 

Second is the team. Ideally, you need to avoid one-man-does-it-all companies and check to ensure they have talent in their team for almost every requirement. This helps ensure that every aspect of your video is handled by the right person, and you can expect excellent results. 

What to expect from Vidico

Our company breathes quality video and content that exceeds expectations and is composed of video professionals and creatives who handle every aspect of the production to offer you an end-to-end approach. 

Because of this, our team comprises expert directors, designers, cinematographers, technologists, etc. You can expect the right task to be handled by the single most qualified person to do it, and we use the same video production equipment as the ones used to produce your favorite Netflix series.

We always inquire detailed briefs that include our client’s needs and goals with the training video to produce the best educational materials from graphics and in the studio to achieve stellar training videos for the client. 

Experience: Do they have experience producing training videos? 

The reason you need to look at a training video production company’s experience before hiring them is simple. A creative team that lacks the necessary talent to “kick it” can’t possibly stick around for long enough to build years of experience in their career. 

So, always ask how long they have been in business and the type of businesses they have served over the years to see their scope of work. Also, ask for ratios like how many videos they produced per year or month. This will tell you how active the company is.

How about Vidico?

Our Vidico team is over five years old and has worked with more than 200 companies, including Square, Amazon, Uber, Samsung, Koala, Airwallex, and Digital Ocean. When it comes to training videos, we have worked with several companies over the years (including Cisco, Story IQ, etc.,) and produced either singles or series of training videos. 

For example, we have produced a training video series for Camp Australia. Our videos help Camp Australia’s educators deliver enriching experiences to children before, after, and on their holidays. 

Concerning the production, we provided a creative direction that enhances and communicates Camp Australia’s values and vision while positioning the videos as educative tools which lead to further stakeholder actions and inquiry. Here is one video from the series. 

Maybe link to the series? 

Portfolio: What are their best training videos, and how do they compare to what you’re looking for?

Checking a training video company’s portfolio allows you to check their past work and compare it to the final product you are looking for. 

A video company’s portfolio lets you gain insights into the different types and styles of training videos they create. Do they create long-form videos? Are they focused on animations and graphics? Are they specialized in studio production? Etc. 

In a nutshell, it allows you to see the quality of their work and determine whether or not they match your vision of quality video. 

How about Vidico?

As exemplified through our experience, we have been in the game for years, mainly worked with several heavy hitters, and have created many training videos for them. 

Our company boasts a library of training videos that includes animation videos, 3D videos, Motion Graphics, live-action, screencasts, etc. Take a look at them here

Vidico’s training video library

Niche: Have they produced company training videos on the same topics or products you want?

This answers a simple but essential question. Does your target video production company have experience producing training videos for companies in the same business lane as yours? 

Niche experience is necessary. It supposes that the company is already familiar with the target audience and knows the correct language, messaging, and other creative materials to include in the video to capture the audience and best satisfy their learning needs. 

How about Vidico?

We have named a few of the companies we worked with, and you’ve probably seen that we have served different business verticals and industries over the years. Specifically, we have created training videos for companies in such industries as SaaS, eCommerce, Government, Educational Institutions, and more. 

Here, you can see more about our training video production experience in our library. 

Professionalism and customer experience: Are they easy to work with? Can they meet your deadlines?

An unprofessional video production company is one you cannot trust. Being a professional video company can mean many things, and there is no specific metric to measure. So ask yourself the following questions before you start working with your target video company. 

  • What is their timeliness? 
  • Can they meet your deadlines? 
  • What is their customers’ experience?
  • What do past customers say about their performance? 

While at it, keep in mind that video production includes several processes and takes a lot of time. 

How about Vidico?

Including feedback loops, our educational video production process takes six weeks for animation and live-action. Since pre-production is crucial to production, it takes two to three weeks. The final two weeks are dedicated to production and post-production.

Here is what a few of our clients think of our work at Vidico. 

Here are the reviews we received during our five years of experience. 

Production cost: Get an estimate of how much a training video will cost and see how it fits your budget.

This is the factor people are concerned with and anticipate the most, so chances are you’ve seen it coming. It can only be a good idea to get an estimate of the production cost before working with the video company. 

Video production is expensive. We will recommend that you seek a price that’s both reasonable and fits your budget. Also, a too-cheap video production company can end up costing you more. 

Important note: The cost of producing training videos is not standardized. Most companies will require you to contact their sales department for pricing information. It is, however, essential to know that video has a lot of requirements and is therefore expensive.

How about Vidico?

At Vidico, we offer a much more convenient alternative that doesn’t require you to make calls until you are sure you are getting what you want. We have developed VidiFit. It’s a quiz-based program that you fill out to find the video you need and get a high-level estimate on how much it would cost to produce it by our company. 

Want to know how much producing a training video will cost you? Click here to find out with VidiFit

Create your first training video today

You already know how valuable a training video can be for your target audience. Also, we have included the best video production companies you can trust for training videos and how to hire them. So, chances are, you already have a clear idea of what you want and who can best deliver it. 

Vidico has the creative team and experience to help you create any training video for your company. We can help you make any training video for your company, employees, or customers. We have worked with businesses worldwide as well as government and educational institutions. 

You can check out our training video portfolio to learn more about the results you can get from training video services here

Or, if you want to know how much creating a training video will cost you, click here to find out with VidiFit.  

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