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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Videos For eCommerce

Ernest Bio Bogore
July 30, 2022

The State of Video in 2024

When it comes to selling products on eCommerce platforms, creating a product experience for your target audience and proving the effectiveness of your products are the two core elements that fuel your sales engines.

That said, your best racehorse is video. Your eCommerce product pages are only as powerful as the product videos they include. Statistics show that 60% of consumers would rather watch a product video than reading product descriptions on product pages. 

Also, it has been observed that product pages with videos have 37% more add-to-cart conversions than pages without videos. So, if you are interested in creating videos for eCommerce purposes, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, you will learn the types of videos you should consider to generate excellent sales results. We will also share the best examples of eCommerce videos and tips on creating powerful videos that help you efficiently convince the target audience of your product’s value. 


    Top Reasons Why You Should Create Videos for eCommerce

    Product videos can help you grow your eCommerce business in many ways. So, every business owner or online seller creates product videos for different reasons. Here are the main reasons creating product videos for eCommerce is essential to the growth of your business. 

    Improves product understanding

    The most interesting thing about videos is that they explain things better. With the right video, you can break down even the most complex product to your grandma. 

    Product videos allow viewers to hear and see at the same time. This makes it possible for you, as a marketer, to show and tell to easily prove the value of your product. 

    Because of this, no other content types beat videos when it comes to audience engagement. Statistics reveal that 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through video. 

    Also, according to Invisia, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. 

    Improves conversion rates

    On top of explaining things like no other content types, videos also convert better, and there are all kinds of statistics and stories to prove it. Here are a few of them: 

    • Research conducted by Wyzowl has revealed that 88% of consumers were convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. 
    • According to a HubSpot survey, 86% of marketers report video is an effective lead generation tool, and 81% say video drives sales.
    • According to ​​, customers are 144% more likely to add products to their carts after watching a product video than those who did not. 
    • After including product demo videos in their product listings, Zappos has seen its sales increase from 6% to 30%

    We could go on. But the truth is that videos do better at creating a product experience and convincing people. Viewers get to see the product in action and its different features before deciding. In fact, videos allow you to offer more of a brick-and-mortar store purchase experience to your customers, and it outshines other content types for that. 

    Fosters trust and credibility

    Everybody can create a good-looking website or eCommerce store and write fantastic product descriptions for everything they sell. But the experience is different with product videos. 

    Instead of reading written words or sifting through still photos of your product, your customers will see actual people using or discussing your product. They can attach a face and human voice to your marketing materials and relate to you on a deeper dimension. 

    They can also see the people behind your products. This helps humanize your brand and adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to your online stores. 

    Improves search engine rankings

    Videos explain things better, people trust them more, and they convert better. Not surprisingly, search engines prioritize video content when ranking results. 

    According to Forrester, a web page containing videos is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of the Google result page than text-based pages. Also, Google presents YouTube videos as part of search results for specific search terms. If you optimize your YouTube videos well, you will rank on YouTube as well as on Google. 

    So, in a way, product videos will also help increase the visibility of your sites, and you can reach a broader and more global audience. 

    Video Types You Should Consider for eCommerce Product Pages.

    When considering which type of video to create for your eCommerce product page, you will come across several video types. Below, we discuss the most effective product video types you can create for maximum results. 

    How-to or demo videos

    These are some of the most popular eCommerce video types you will come across in online stores. How-to or product demo videos help online sellers show their products in action. The goal is to show the target audience how the product works and what they can gain from it. In turn, the audience will learn what the product can do for them and how they can use it. 

    One of the biggest benefits of these videos is that they also work as testimonials that encourage prospects to buy the product. This is because most people are worried about buying products online that do not prove to perform as advertised. And in that context, seeing the product in action helps them trust it more, and they can easily make a purchase decision. 

    Product highlights videos

    You can think of product highlight videos as video overviews of your product. They allow you to break down your product’s main features and benefits concisely and informatively. It can be as simple as a short video showing the product’s different characteristics on solid color background. 

    Typically, you explain what your product is all about while displaying powerful shots. A good strategy is to mix your shots by taking close-up and far-off shots. This allows your viewers to see your product’s appearance in detail and how it is composed. If necessary, you can also use animated graphics to highlight your product’s different features and body parts. 

    Lifestyle videos

    A lifestyle video shows a product in use by its target audience. The main benefit of creating lifestyle videos of your product is that they help create a product experience that your target audience best identifies with. 

    Lifestyle product videos highlight a product’s features and benefits based on specific pain points and use cases. The pain points and use cases are generally aligned with the interests of the viewers, this allows them to imagine themselves enjoying its benefits, enticing them to purchase.

    Explainer videos

    Want to create a product video that educates your target audience on your product and increases product knowledge? Then you need an explainer video. 

    Explainer videos tell your viewers what your product is about, what it does, and why it is important to them or their businesses. The best way to create an explainer video for a physical product is to record yourself explaining its value and how it impacts the audience. 

    But if you sell a digital product, it’s best to use animated graphics to bring your ideas to life and provide a better and easier understanding of the product. Always keep in mind that viewers should not come out of your explainer videos and still have unanswered questions about your product.

    Unboxing videos

    Product unboxing videos are a bit like explainer videos, but they are different because of the thrill and the excitement they create for the product. As you can easily guess, unboxing videos show your product in its delivery package and then show the entire unboxing process. 

    Aesthetics, both on the product itself and its packaging, are essential when selling a product online. First-time users always enjoy unboxing and using brand products, and that’s why unboxing videos are important. They help you create an unboxing experience for the viewers, who are more likely to be interested in the product.  

    Comparison video

    First, let’s clear the air by saying that comparison videos are nothing like trashing your competitors. Instead, your goal is to show how your product solves your audience’s problem better than the competition. 

    In this sense, you can highlight your product’s unique features and the pain points they address that other products don’t. You can also compare products by identifying and highlighting unnecessary features and explaining how yours is simpler and more user-friendly. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to discuss differences in prices or the implications of using each product—mainly the consequences.

    Customer testimonial videos

    As the old saying goes, your best marketers are your happy customers. It’s hard to go against product testimonials, especially when they come from people with the exact needs and problems you have. And that’s the main reason customer testimonial videos work so well for eCommerce businesses. 

    Customer testimonial videos are simple videos that feature a few of your happy customers sharing their experience with your product and the results they got from it. This is like the people who have used your product in the past are vouching for its effectiveness. As a result, it enables you to demonstrate the effectiveness of your products and the validity of your marketing claims. 

    8 All-time Best Examples Of Videos For eCommerce

    Bailey Nelson

    This video combines product highlights, lifestyle, and comparison product video examples. This masterpiece from Bailey Nelson is a bit longer than we would recommend, but the video makes up for its length by being fun and enjoyable. 

    Buying a new product is hard. But if you can see how established products cost you more and offer far little value, it’ll be much easier. That’s how Bailey Nelson’s product video sells their products. The video contains beautiful shots of the actual products, making them appealing and attractive. Also, you can’t go without noticing the fun energy in the video.


    Want to learn how to take beautiful shots that highlight your products? Glossier is the company you should learn from. The smooth product highlight video offers an excellent display of their products while discussing the use cases and benefits. 

    Smart Nora

    Smart Nora’s simple product video effectively tells a beautiful narrative about its target customers’ pain points. This helps viewers quickly relate to the video and keeps them watching. They then introduce their product as a hero and describe how it offers the perfect solution to the pain points and offers the audience a better experience. 

    The Oodie

    Oodie’s product video offers a lifestyle view of their product. The company kept the video short and let the lifestyle clips do most of the talking. 

    Dollar Shave Club

    This video is a prime example of a comparison product video. Most of the Dollar Shave Club’s competitors offer complex products with many features that provide no real value to the customers. 

    So, the company made it a goal to create a simple product that solves the very problem users need it for. They’ve created a fun video that explains their product’s value and how the competition offers a load of useless features. 

    Square Photo Studio

    The Square Photo Studio team helps you take amazing pictures of your product to improve your product listings and drive more sales—and they’ve created the perfect demo video to show you how. The 50-second video rapidly sums up what they do, outlines what you can expect from their service, and explains how it can contribute to your online sales. The video uses stellar clips of real-life examples to show you the behind-the-scenes of how they create the best pictures for their clients. 


    Qure empowers people to take charge of their skin and achieve their desired clinical results. One look at the short explainer videos shows that the products are unlike any other in the range. The beautiful visuals give viewers an idea of the product’s actual size.

    The video avoids overly technical explainers or long testimonials. It keeps it real and to the point and answers, all questions viewers might have about the product. You’ll also notice the smooth background music and how it makes the video amusing. 


    Sometimes, the best way to market a product is to tell the target audience what it is, what it does, who it is intended for, and the benefits they’ll get from it. That’s Deliciou’s approach to creating this short explainer video. The video is simple, concise, and only talks about the essentials.

    5 Tips To Help You Create Stellar Videos for eCommerce

    Here are a few tips to help you create the best product videos for your eCommerce store. 

    Keep your audience in mind.

    The first thing you should know is that viewers won’t care to watch any product video that doesn’t solve a specific problem they are having. So start by asking yourself, what are the pain points of my target audience? What are the issues they’re facing? 

    Figuring these out from the start will ensure that you mention features and talk about benefits your target audience genuinely cares about. Also, you will be able to take a value-driven approach and beat the competition. 

    As well, you should ensure everything you include inside the video is aligned with your audience. You should ensure that your messaging, references, jokes, examples, and everything else are aligned. The trick is to put yourself in their shoes and approach the production from there. 

    Combine close-up and far-off shots.

    Product videos that sell best are the ones that can make the product pop and shine. In other words, if your video looks boring with random product displays, it won’t do well. 

    A good idea is to take close-up and distant shots of the product to give viewers a more holistic view. This helps them envision the product in sheer size, gives them a real-life like experience with the product, and makes the video fun to watch.

    Talk benefits, not features.

    A product feature is only as valuable as it benefits your viewers. People don’t buy product features. They buy the benefits they’ll gain from using the product. So, it makes little sense to only talk about features in your product video—who cares anyway? 

    A good strategy is that; for every feature you mention, be sure to talk about its specific use case and the benefits it helps your viewers obtain. 

    Hook viewers from the start.

    Our attention span is as low as 3 seconds. If viewers open your videos but stick around long enough to watch them through, you will not get any good results. It is thus important to hook your viewers at the beginning of your product video so that they watch the rest. This can be accomplished by starting the video with highlights of your product or statements that will entice viewers to continue watching. 

    Keep it short.

    The ideal product video length for eCommerce purposes is around 90 seconds. People tend to get bored with product videos when they’re long. Your video production efforts will be rewarded with meager engagement metrics if your product is too long. So, unless it is for a particular purpose, a concise and to-the-point video is ideal.

    Top 5 Places To Share Your Videos for eCommerce and Drive Sales.

    If you intend to create videos, upload them to your eCommerce product pages, and call it a day, you might as well not waste your resources on creating them in the first place. eCommerce videos can only be effective when people watch them and take action. 

    So, a strong distribution strategy is mandatory for the success of your videos. Here are the best places you can share your videos online. 

    eCommerce/Online store product pages

    It is no surprise that you should include your product videos on your product pages. Viewing the product in action will boost your customers’ confidence and increase conversion rates. 

    Since most people are more likely to watch videos than read text or scroll images, we recommend that you take a video-first approach to your product pages and ensure that shoppers or visitors learn about your product through video.

    Social media

    Social media platforms have become vital tools in our lives. It’s part of how we communicate, and it’s part of how we buy. Social media platforms are consumers’ go-to sources for learning about products and gathering opinions before purchasing. 

    According to the 2022 GWI Gen Z report, 69% of Gen Zers use Instagram for product and brand discovery, and 46% use TikTok. Add this to the gold mines that are Facebook and YouTube. You can’t ever go wrong sharing your eCommerce videos on these platforms. 

    So, from TikTok to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, you can share your videos on your organic channels or pay for placement to repurpose your videos into social ads to boost engagement and attract customers.


    You can also place your product videos on your website homepage or storefront. There, you can highlight your best-selling products along with your product videos to draw attention to your brand.

    Also, if you create other marketing materials that discuss the same products, you can include the video to gain more visibility and improve your overall results. 

    Google/YouTube Search Ads

    Google and YouTube are excellent places to place your videos for digital advertising or retargeting. These are the world’s top two most utilized search engines, and they give access to an extensive database of customers you can reach with your videos. The exciting thing is that the videos will always backlink to your online store product page for easy shopping—and you can quickly turn searches into sales.


    You can also share your eCommerce video with your target audience through your newsletter. Not only with the presence of video boost click-through rates and add interest, but you can also win a few buyers. Keep in mind that email is one of the most ROI-driven marketing channels. 

    Work With Vidico To Create Stellar Videos For Your eCommerce Stores.

    Creating videos for eCommerce is a great way to ensure that your product pages engage, educate, retain, and convert shoppers. There are a lot of videos you can create for eCommerce purposes, but only a few will be specific to your product and align with your brand. So, always be sure to choose video types based on your product—always shoot for videos that make your product easy to understand and attractive.  

    At Vidico, we’re a team of professional marketers and videographers with the experience who can create any professional eCommerce videos. We’ve devised different types of product videos for many companies in various business industries and niches. With created videos for top brands like Square, Bailey Nelson, UberEats, Koala, Shopify, and many more. 

    Got an idea for a superb product video? Let’s discuss it. 

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