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20+ Best Product Videos You Should Learn From

Ernest Bio Bogore
July 30, 2022

The State of Video in 2023

When it comes to selling products or services online, your ability to create product knowledge and experience for your target audience is what drives success. And that’s why product videos are so effective. 

In this article, we will share our ultimate list of the best product videos you can emulate to create your own. 

But first, let’s discuss the main product video types you’ll want to create for your product. 


    The Main Types Of Product Videos You Should Consider

    Product videos are not all about demo videos. There are several types of product videos you need to size up and choose based on your needs and the goals you’re trying to achieve. Here are the main product video types you can choose from.  

    • Explainers 

    Explainers are classic product videos and widespread across all industries and business verticals. An explainer video lets you visually explain what your product is, what it does, and who it is intended to—and potentially break down the benefits users or buyers can get from adopting it. 

    Explainer videos work great for any product type. Usually, they aim to get the viewers to learn more about your product, create a better product knowledge and experience, and push for integration. They can help you get the word out about your product or company and win more businesses. 

    • Demo

    This is the product video that mainly comes to mind when marketers discuss product videos. The goal of a demo video is to help show your product in action. It works in collaboration with your other marketing materials and generally constitutes an important material when it comes to convincing the general public about the value of your product. 

    In demo videos, you showcase your product in a real-life situation to help viewers envision a lifestyle with it. Or, if it is a digital product or software, you’ll have to choose specific use cases and properly demonstrate how your product nails them. 

    Ultimately, the goal is to prove value by showing what your product can do and how it impacts the lives of the people who use it. As you can tell, it helps you win more businesses than most product video types on this list.

    • Testimonials

    Your product video doesn’t necessarily have to be all about your product. A video with happy customers sharing the value they’ve gained from using your product is just as powerful, and that’s what testimonial videos are all about. 

    Today’s buyers mostly rely on other people’s opinions about a product to make their minds up. They want to know if the product has already helped someone with the exact needs and pain points as them—and that’s why testimonials from your customers work so well. 

    Creating a testimonial video allows you to build trust and boost credibility for your product. Having such materials in your marketing arsenal gives you a better chance of getting them to consider your product. 

    • Unboxing

    A product unboxing video is a simple video featuring a person unboxing a product from its packaging. It is primarily effective when you are looking to give your target audience an excellent first impression about your product and build excitement for it. 

    So, this can be the best product video for your product launch or if you are trying to market your product with a focus on its visual appeal or sleekness. 

    For the best results, you should aim to show the product’s different features, and the value users or customers can get from them. Also, be sure to take close-up and far-off shots to provide a clear and life-like view of the actual product. 

    • Commercials

    Commercials are short (mostly 30-45 second) ad videos mainly intended for a TV advertisement. 

    Most of the time, the purpose of TV advertising is to present a company’s product or service to create a desire in the viewer and reinforce their brand image to the general public. A single TV commercial can boost a company’s brand awareness and reputation.

    • App walkthroughs

    App videos are compelling when launching a new app or marketing a complex or technical software product. In a nutshell, you seek to cut out the complexity and increase understanding of your App and its use cases. 

    You can think of app videos as an overview video for your application, its different features, and everything it does. They mainly showcase the App’s user interface, its ins and outs, its various functionalities, and its overall performance. 

    Your goal is to introduce the App and describe how it serves its different use cases and provides value to users. 

    20+ Best Product Videos To Inspire You 

    So you already know all the types of product videos you can create for your product or business. Below, we’ll take you through our list of the best product videos and explain why we think they deserve to be on this list. 

    We will also outline their specific type and how the approach and production strategies contribute to the overall success of the video. 


    Product video type: Explainer

    Koala’s product video sticks out of the mass for its focus on the product’s unique value proposition. The company understands that it has a lot of competition, and in such cases, your best marketing materials are the ones that show viewers what they can get from you over the competition. 

    Your goal is to get the audience to trust your product and choose your company, not just to get them to buy from you—and you can learn it from Koala’s video. They also show the product’s value by making comparisons, mainly before and after comparisons, all while keeping the video fun and casual. 

    Bailey Nelson

    Product video type: Explainer, demo

    Sometimes, the best way to market a product is to show the audience what the competition is doing that you are not, and ignite how this benefits them better—and Bailey Nelson’s product video does this very well.

    The video explains how Bailey Nelson’s products are valuable while showing them in different use cases and topping the video with everything the company has to offer. The company does an excellent job of ensuring quality clips in this video. 

    The combination of close-up and far-off shots helps make the product more prominent and adds some attractiveness to its overall appeal. They even mention their brand goals and visions, which help touch more on the viewers and get them to relate to the product. 


    Product video type: Explainer, demo

    Slack’s product video is excellent because it is story-driven and gives viewers a character they can identify with. The video stars Rihanna, a person with the same needs and wants as the ideal Slack customer, and she describes how each feature of Slack helps her and her team work together and achieve goals. The result of this approach is that viewers can easily understand who the tool is intended for and all its potential use cases. 

    Square Online Store

    Product video type: Demo, App walkthrough

    The Square Online Store is a digital platform that helps online sellers and retailers create stores and market their products on the Square platform. Their product video is a complete walkthrough of how users can create accounts and set up items in their store. It provides an overview of all the processes and showcases all their features. 

    The video also provides tips on how to set up items for maximum success. They also demonstrate that the tool is user-friendly and intuitive. So, if you want to show your audience how to do something specific with your product, this is the video to learn from.

    Nintendo Switch

    Product video type: Demo

    If you know what Nintendo is and does, then you know that most players love the flexibility to enjoy themselves whenever they have some free time. Nintendo has created a product video demonstrating how their new product addresses this need in a creative and relatable way. 

    The video is a prime example of the show-don’t-tell marketing approach. The background music serves to add some ambiance to the video. The rest is left for viewers to see and imagine everything they can do with the product. As of this writing, the video is nearing 50 million views on YouTube.

    Oliver Hume

    Product video type: Testimonial

    New buyers will always be influenced by the opinions of people already using a product. And that’s the main reason video testimonials work. Oliver Hume featured a few happy customers to share their experiences in front of a camera. 

    They talked about the situations they were facing. How they came across Oliver Hume’s product. What it was like implementing it and the results they got. 

    Viewers can easily identify themselves with the customers inside the video and relate to them. In turn, they can quickly see how the product is valuable and make their minds up about it. 

    Temple & Webster

    Product video type: TV Commercial

    Temple & Webster created a fun 30-second commercial showing their products’ value. The video is minimal and mostly shows why you need Temple & Webster’s products and how you can get them. 

    In today’s marketing arena, your ability to create short, fun, and relatable marketing materials helps tackle your opponents and lets you win the heart of the fans, the customers, if you will. So, Temple & Webster’s product video is spot-on. 


    Product video type: Explainer

    Wondering how to create a simple product that educates your audience on what your product is all about and its benefits? NetworkRMIT has a product video you can learn from. 

    NetworkRMIT is a digital community space where alumni can hang out, chat, discuss jobs and essential matters, and have fun. They’ve created an animated explainer video that paints every single point they are making inside the video. They anticipate all potential questions viewers might have and answer them upfront. 


    Product video type: Testimonials

    Have you ever encountered a website that ends with the .co domain name? Well, that’s .CO at work. The company has brought together its customers from around the world to share their stories with the company in a compact 120-second product video. You can easily see through the video that the company is making a strong statement about bringing value to a global audience and in all possible business niches. 


    Product video type: Explainer, overview

    This is hands-down one of the simplest videos on this list. It nails down its purpose with perfection, using a combination of typography animation, live-action, and product UI clips. It rapidly introduces the product, answers all the fundamental questions someone might have about the product, encourages them to use it and walks them through how to get started. 


    Product video type: Explainer

    If you want to learn how to strike viewers’ curiosity and reel them into your video? Cascade’s video is the perfect example to learn from. The video starts with a fun scene that piques attention and keeps viewers engaged. Not long after, they rapidly introduce the tool in the narrative and give a quick overview of its main features. 

    LifeSmart Cololight

    Product video type: Unboxing

    Product unboxing is all about making the product attractive and building excitement. You shouldn’t rush the video or shoot it loosely. You should ensure powerful clips with dramatic effects that leave the audience wanting to see more. Also, you should mix up the clips using close-up and distant shots. Break the product down into pieces or features, highlight each part, and show what the final product looks like. Just like the video teaches us. 

    IKEA Place

    Product video type: Demo

    Ever looked at a place and wondered how some furniture would fit in it? Well, you no longer have to wonder. The IKEA Place app allows customers to view IKEA products in augmented reality. It helps users see how the furniture fits in their homes before they purchase it.

    The video explains exactly what the App is and displays different homes of all sizes and shapes, in various places. It also incorporates step-by-step walkthroughs of how to use the App, which makes it accessible to the general audience. 


    Product video type: Demo

    If you want to create a compelling product video for your eCommerce products, Glossier offers a great strategy you can leverage. One reason this video sticks out is that it is composed of beautiful product displays and creative clips. They also chose excellent background music that aligns with the video’s overall look and feel. They kept color changes minimal and ensured everything they put inside the video was aligned with their brand. 


    Product video type: App video

    Task management tools often have many features, and it’s hard for marketers to get to the bedrock of their product’s value and speak it correctly. But Airtable has a way that saves the day. 

    The company chose only one group of its target audience and made the video specific to them. They considered the audience’s needs and positioned the video to project how Airtable helps them. You can’t help but notice the fluidness of the video and how it adds to the feel you get about the App. While they talk about the main features and walk you through how to use them, you can easily pick up on some cool, little features, like the drag-and-drop.

    Xiaomi Mijia

    Product video type: Commercial

    When it comes to commercial videos, you don’t have to do much; always think short and beautiful, that’s it. 

    Xiaomi Mijia is an intelligent ecosystem of smart products that are all controlled from one place, making our lives easier and more seamless. Their 45-second-long commercial video does nothing else but present the products in the best light and show them working in lifestyle situations. 


    Product video type: Commercial

    A story-driven product video that shares the experience of a protagonist viewers can relate to always works. Pressplay’s product video is an excellent example of this. 

    They gave viewers a character struggling with regular products until Pressplay came along. This helps viewers identify with the character’s problems and see the value they can get from the product. Pressplay also ensures good video quality and creative product shots that give viewers a glimpse of what the product looks like in sheer size. 


    Product video type: Overview, explainer


    This quick animation video rapidly sums up everything users should expect from the App. Better, they leveraged their understanding of their target audience, restaurant managers, to share tips on how to make sense of the data the tool provides. They also offer targeted insights they can use to take specific actions based on that data. 

    So, they don’t just urge you to download or use their App; they show you what the App can do for you and show you ways to use the data to grow your business.  

    Toggl Track

    Product video type: App video

    One of the best ways to highlight the value of your product is to show the hardship your audience faced doing things without it. Even better, if you can highlight how doing things in such a way costs your target audience, you will quickly get them to buy into your product. That’s the approach Toggl Track uses in their product video.

    They show you how you were doing things before and what is wrong with that. Then, they introduce their product as the perfect solution. They topped it with a few animations to portray the product’s UI while giving a quick overview of what it does and ended with a simple CTA. Simple and easy. 

    Kelty Asher

    Product video type: Unboxing, Demo

    For their Asher product range, Kelty used a classic approach to making a video for a physical product. 

    The actor who starred in the video brings out the product, shows its different features while explaining how each is useful, how they all come together to form the actual product, and ends with a powerful tagline. This type of video helps viewers quickly figure out what the product can do for them and how they can use it. 


    Product video type: Demo, Explainer

    Hydragun’s product video starts off igniting the target audience’s pain points. This is great for capturing their attention and hooking them with the video. Then they bring it home by introducing their product. 

    This video is the perfect example of the show-and-tell marketing approach. Viewers can see the product being used and the impact on the user in real-time. They even consider potential objections customers might have and address them upfront. They also mention a few of the unique perks of the product to help differentiate it from the competition.


    Product video type: Explainer, brand story

    Storytelling is a powerful tool in general psychology and marketing. With the right and well-articulated story, you can catch people’s attention, get them to watch your video all the way through, and get them to act on your call to action. And Comforworks’ product video is an excellent example of this. 

    Comforworks scripted its service into a beautiful story with powerful visuals showcasing the company’s different sofa cover colors to offer for home improvement. Interestingly, they do so in real-life settings so viewers can easily relate to and imagine the results they can get. 

    Let Vidico Create Your First Product Video For You

    There you have it. This is the ultimate list of the best product videos to learn from. Keep in mind that every product is unique, and companies offer value differently. Also, make sure that whatever videos you want to emulate align with your product and brand. 

    You can work with Vidico, and we will help you create the best videos for your product. We have a creative team of marketers and videographers who have a ton of experience and can help make any product video you have in mind. We’ve worked with top companies like Amazon, Spotify, Nokia, Etsy, and more.

    Got an idea for a superb product video? Let’s discuss it. 

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