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Top 10 Marketing Goals Video Will Help You Accomplish

Ernest Bio Bogore
November 17, 2022

The State of Video in 2024

From creating excellent product experiences to facilitating customer acquisition, there are many marketing goals videos will help you accomplish. Businesses and marketers use videos in many ways, across different channels. The possibilities are boundless with video! 

We recently surveyed some of our clients to understand why and how they utilize video and what problems they were using video to solve. 

Their comments were interesting and mostly aligned with business growth and marketing facilitation. Here are the marketing goals with which most of their video strategy falls into:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Showing their products in action
  • Educating their customers
  • Entering a new market
  • Providing social proof
  • Highlighting product use cases
  • Remarketing ads
  • Defining themselves with powerful stories
  • Creating a sales engine
  • Creating content across their marketing funnel

In this article, we will explore these 10 video marketing goals and why they are essential for any business looking to grow. It will help you see what you, too, can achieve with video and how you can develop an effective strategy to grow your business with this content medium. 


    Goal 1: Building brand awareness.

    “I need to build brand awareness for our company and our product within our target audience.”

    Brand awareness is one of the top reasons companies seek to create video content. According to our State of Video Marketing survey, brand recognition and visibility are the third most common problems businesses try to tackle with video marketing. 

    Video marketing enables them to reach a broader audience and get more views on social media. That is possible because of video content’s ability to entice viewers and clearly convey messages with boosted retention rates

    It also owes to video’s growing popularity across social media and all other channels. Statistics indicate that 88% of people want to see more videos from brands in 2022.

    Another reason is that video consistently ranks higher than anything else in online search results. According to Inc., 62% of Google searches include video. This means that by adding videos to your website, you are increasing your brand’s exposure. 

    As a result, your website becomes more visible, so your brand awareness and engagement will increase. Here is an example we produced for the Aussie eyewear brand Bailey Nelson to demonstrate.

    The campaign was Bailey Nelson’s first defining brand statement using video. For the record, this video helped the brand obtain a 40x increase in branded search and brought about a +97% Brand Awareness Lift. The video campaign also recently won a B&T award for Best YouTube Campaign, with YouTube describing the result as ‘best-in-class’. 

    Goal 2: Showing their product in action.

    “I want to show my user how my product works and how its features solve their problem.”

    Showing your product in action via video is an excellent way to create a product experience and demonstrate how the product lives up to all the claims in your marketing materials. It allows you to show your viewers how your product makes their lives easier by solving their problems. 

    Viewers can see the different use cases, the benefits, and the lifestyle they can get after adopting your product, and it facilitates customer acquisition. It’s the closest thing to a real-life experience with the product, and it adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to the brand and its product.

    Showing your product in action helps you build trust and easily win over customers — which is the goal most of our clients seek to achieve. According to our State of Video Marketing report, 30% of marketers say that customer acquisition is the key problem they try to solve by creating videos. 

    Marketers create specific product videos for these purposes, including overviews, demos, how-tos, explainer videos, etc. 

    Here’s a recent example of an overview video we’ve produced for Toggl Track.  

    The video is engaging; it provides an excellent overview of what the tool does and how it solves the user’s problem. The video also won the Muse Gold Award for Best Video. 

    Goal 3: Customer education. 

    “I want to be a thought leader in the field and educate our users first.”

    Video is more noticeable and attractive than any other type of content, and it does a great job of explaining concepts. It makes it easier for brands and marketers to break down even the most complex software or product concepts into short, relatable, and digestible content that viewers can easily understand. 

    So, it’s no surprise that people are embracing videos for educational purposes. In our 2022 State of Video Marketing report, we asked our respondents about the problems video marketing solves for them, and 24% of them reported product experience and knowledge. 

    Also, businesses that can reach their audience first and educate them always win. People generally don’t look elsewhere when they find a product that satisfies their needs.

    Brands that educate audiences and offer them knowledge materials immediately become their safe havens. The immediate result is that viewers are easily convinced to adopt that brand’s service or product. This is true for companies like Ahrefs, CXL, and Gong. 

    Educational videos mostly include formats such as walkthroughs, tutorials, demos, how-tos, and more. These primarily aim to show the audience how to achieve something specific with a product. 

    Here is an example we’ve produced for Airtable:

    Goal 4: Entering a new market.

    “I want to take our existing product and enter a new market.”

    Entering a new market is always a big challenge for businesses, especially when they are at an early stage or small. But using videos facilitates this. 

    For a brand to succeed in a new market, it takes a strong narrative and bold content that pushes the boundaries. An identity that the audience can easily understand and recognize in a crowd of competing businesses is vital. 

    When it comes to all that, nothing beats video campaigns. An excellent video campaign can help you introduce yourself to your new markets in powerful ways and achieve a stable market positioning. 

    For example, you can create a video marketing campaign combining brand videos with all types of product videos. 

    Brand videos will allow you to quickly get the word out about who you are, who you target, why you do so, why they need to trust you, etc. 

    Here is an example we produced for Vimeo. 

    Product videos will enable you to educate the audience about your product and its value. 

    Here is an example we produced for Vimeo in the same campaign.

    Goal 5: Proving social proof.

    “I want a video featuring our customers for social proof that my product works.”

    Testimonials, reviews, and case study videos which showcase your happy customers sharing great experiences with your brand are robust materials to prove the effectiveness of your product and connect your brand with new customers easily. 

    People get to hear the efficiency narrative (about your product) from people outside of your brand. They get to see how your product has helped someone or other people with the same pain points and needs as them. That’s a case for your product and brand that’s hard to beat. 

    Here is an example of a testimonial video providing social proof.

    Goal 6: Highlighting product use cases.

    “I want to show that I understand my user and show them a use case for their situation”.

    This one is especially important if you sell a complex SaaS product or one with several components and a lot of features. Even when they need it, it can be challenging for your customers to actually understand how to use your product to solve their problems or achieve specific goals that matter to them. 

    Showing your product in action might help. But learning about your target audience’s differing needs and creating videos to illustrate specific use cases is even more helpful. It’s a direct testimonial of their experience with your product, and it shows that you understand them and their specific goals. Here is an example from Fictiv.

    Goal 7: Remarketing ads

    “I need to re-engage audiences that are yet to convert or properly engage”.  

    Video also constitutes an excellent medium for our clients to retarget their visitors. They create personalized video commercials and ads to show previous website visitors based on the products or services they viewed on their website.

    This allows them to re-engage their customers across different channels with video ads, grab their potential customers’ attention, explain why your product is beneficial, and win them over. 

    This also offers them a better alternative than a sentence or two, as they can connect more directly with customers by explaining and demonstrating their product or service in a 30-second clip. Here is an example from Bailey Nelson.

    Goal 8: Defining themselves through stories

    “We need to define ourselves with a strong sense of identity.”

    Telling your story allows you to connect with your target audience and humanize your brand. Doing so will enable viewers to see your company through different lenses outside of those of marketing and sales. It will allow them to connect with your company on a personal level. It lets them see you for who you are, your mission, and what you stand for. 

    Here is an example that we produced for the skincare brand Qure.

    The results of such videos or video marketing campaigns may not be immediate, as they don’t push for sales in any way. But these can be powerful marketing assets that help you attract more people to your company (both clients and talent), build long-term customer loyalty, and increase your NPS score and customer lifetime value, among many other things. 

    Goal 9: Creating a sales engine 

    According to our clients, one of the main reasons people also use video marketing is because it allows them to create a sales engine for their business. 

    Think about it. Videos explain things better. They make it easier to grab your audience’s attention and communicate with them. You can easily show your product in action, perform different use cases, and let your viewers see what they can get from using your product. 

    Also, videos drive a higher level of engagement than all the other types of content combined. It helps you better convey your message and easily get people to trust you. On top of that, people and Google prioritize it over other content types, which makes it the best tool for sales enablement. 

    For sales, you can create bottom-of-the-funnel videos like demos, how-tos, testimonial videos, case study videos, etc. Here is a case study video example that we produced for Smiths Detection. 

    Goal 10: Creating content across the funnel

    “I am slowly creating content across the funnel as we grow as a business.”

    Video beats written content and blog posts on every aspect of digital marketing. It is considerably more engaging than words and graphics in presenting your offer. 

    Creating video content for your entire marketing funnel effectively ensures you create robust marketing materials that bring you long-term results. 

    Video funnels follow the same goals as your content marketing funnel, with KPIs tied to each stage. You can create specific videos for each step to attract, educate, convert, and retain buyers. 

    Or, if your budget allows for it, you can run video campaigns for each stage of your funnels and create even more assets you can share across your different platforms.

    Work with Vidico to create your videos and run successful campaigns

    Video marketing is an effective way to increase your sales, conversions, revenue, and brand awareness. It is a great tool to increase brand loyalty and affinity. It will also allow you to build appeal and give you visibility. The benefits of video marketing are endless. 

    At Vidico, we are a world-class team of video professionals. Our team has over six years of experience in video production, and we have worked with top companies across all business industries and verticals. We have produced videos for companies like Amazon, Airwallex, Spotify, Uber, etc.

    We offer an end-to-end approach to video production. Tell us what you need to achieve with your video, and we will help you figure out the best videos for you. We take care of the process so that you don’t worry about anything. Talk to us here.

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