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20 Best Video Marketing Agencies To Work With (2024 Updated)

Laura Chaves
February 2, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

The role of video marketing agencies has become increasingly pivotal.

Consumers crave engaging and immersive content, and these top video marketing agencies have risen to the occasion, crafting compelling visual narratives that captivate audiences and drive results.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the best video marketing agencies and key players shaping this landscape.

These video marketing agencies have mastered the art of harnessing the power of video to convey brand messages, connect with customers, and, ultimately, boost ROI.


    Top 20 Video Marketing Agencies in 2024

    1. Vidico

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: Industrial, Finance, Series Startups, E-commerce, Retail, Non-Profit, SaaS, Education, Non- Profit, and more

    Collaborated With: Airtable, EasyAgile, Digital Ocean, Spotify, Freshbooks, Vimeo, Square, Uber

    Services Offered: Explainer Videos, App Videos, Walkthroughs, Animation Services, Live-Action Videos, Brand Videos, Product Videos, Motion Graphics, Logos, Social Video Content, Crowdfunding, Case Studies, Corporate Videos, Recruitment Videos, Digital Marketing Consultation, TV commercial and more

    Who We Are: Finding the right video marketing agency for creative video production can be daunting. Many video production companies can be less than stellar, leaving you frustrated and over budget. That’s where Vidico steps in to make your video production journey painless and incredibly effective.

    At Vidico [1], we’ve revolutionized the video production process with a commitment to end-to-end service, cost efficiency, and an infusion of fun into every project.

    Through rigorous testing and countless marketing campaigns, we’ve fine-tuned our approach to achieve impressive results, such as increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 5.8x and consistently achieving view rates of 90% or more.

    Create stunning online videos, boost your ROI, and engage your audience like never before. Use our VidiFit Quiz for free and kickstart your journey toward impactful video marketing.

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    2. Superside

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Retail, E-commerce, Finance

    Collaborated With: Google, Amazon, Shopify, Reddit

    Services Offered: Ad Creative, Social Media Creative, Email Design, Web Design, Presentation Design, Print Design, Motion Design, Brand Identity Design, Video Production, Digital Marketing Consultation

    Who They Are: Superside’s approach to hassle-free video marketing delivers a trifecta of benefits: better quality, faster turnaround times, and cost-effectiveness.

    Supersite is more than just a creative services provider; it can be your trusted partner in creative success.

    3. Epipheo

    Target Industries: B2B, B2C, NFP, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Finance, IoT, Social Justice, Financial Services

    Collaborated With: P&G, Epson, Google, Microsoft, Cisco

    Services Offered: 3D Explainers, Brand Videos, Education Videos, Internal Video, Live Action, Social Video Ads, Video Retainer

    Who They Are: Epipheo’s name is a clever fusion of “Epiphany” and “Video,” encapsulating their core philosophy. Their studio specializes in creating animated explainer videos designed to ignite epiphanies in their audience.

    The idea is simple yet profound: when people suddenly grasp and understand something, they experience an epiphany. Epipheo harnesses the power of animated videos to make complex concepts clear and easily digestible.

    Epipheo simplifies the complex using impressive visual storytelling in a world where information overload is common.

    4. Kimp

    Target Industries: Agencies, Entrepreneurs, Fitness/Health, Professional Services

    Collaborated With: Decathlon, Universal, 1&1

    Services Offered: Kimp Graphics, Kimp Video Creation, Kimp for Canva

    Who They Are: Kimp offers various design solutions that cater to a wide range of creative needs. Clients benefit from a dedicated design team that operates efficiently, providing unlimited design requests and revisions. With Kimp, projects are handled in the order of priority, ensuring timely delivery.

    With over 100 design categories and access to premium stock assets, Kimp offers versatility and quality in its marketing video services.

    5. Antimatter

    Target Industries: Entertainment, Healthcare, Automotive, Education

    Collaborated With: Toyota, NBC, YouTube Channel, NYU, Google

    Services Offered: Animation, Video Editing, Video Marketing, Social Media Content Creation, Marketing Mix and Social Media Content Strategy

    Who They Are: At Antimatter, animation and motion design serve as the vessels through which stories, ideas, and emotions are brought to life. This dynamic studio, comprised of a carefully selected team of talents, is dedicated to producing high-end animations and compelling narratives.

    Their mission is clear: to elucidate ideas, evoke emotions, spark interest, and captivate audiences using social media posts.

    Antimatter’s team meticulously crafts a harmonious fusion of your message with their visuals, resulting in memorable narratives that leave an indelible mark.

    6. Shuttlerock

    Target Industries: Social Media Platforms, Search Engines, E-commerce, Retail

    Collaborated With: BMW, Square, Lifelock, Unilever, P&G

    Services Offered: Video Ads, Static Web Ads, Motion Design AR Filters for TikTok, Snapchat, Meta, etc.

    Who They Are: Shuttlerock excels in repurposing static product images into engaging advertisements. Their services cater particularly well to new and emerging e-commerce brands seeking rapid social media video ad development.

    Shuttlerock specializes in transforming your product photos into creative, short videos ideally suited for organic or paid social media campaigns and e-commerce websites.

    Shuttlerock focuses exclusively on editing services, requiring you to provide the strategy, brand assets, and video/photo footage ready for post-production.

    7. Giant Ant

    Target Industries: Lifestyle, Food, Beverage, E-commerce, Social Media Channels

    Collaborated With: Nike, Gusto, Mountain Dew

    Services Offered: Animation, Video Ads, TV Commercials

    Who They Are: Giant Ant is a distinguished video marketing company with a remarkable journey that began in 2007. This self-proclaimed design shop and animation house has earned its place in the industry as a creative studio driven by a diverse and close-knit team from various corners of the globe.

    Their extensive portfolio of videos is a testament to the effort and creativity that fuels their work, solidifying their position as one of the foremost video advertising companies in the market.

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    8. UnicornGO

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Web, IoT, Retail, Established Enterprise

    Collaborated With: Zurich, Miele, Best & Less, Red Rooster

    Services Offered: Video Editing, Content Writing and Editing, Social media Post Design, Print and Web Graphics, Web Content Creation

    Who They Are: UnicornGO is a Creative-as-a-Service provider specializing exclusively in editing services.

    While they don’t offer complete video production services, such as on-location shoots or strategic direction, they excel at what they do best: enhancing and polishing existing content.

    If you’re an organization that produces in-house content and operates on a tight budget, UnicornGO might be an excellent match for your needs.

    Their monthly subscription plans are well-suited for small companies without substantial video marketing budgets.

    You can easily outsource YouTube video editing, experiment with social media ads, or generate more social media and blog content.

    9. Think Mojo

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Personal, Lifestyle, Established Enterprise, Retail, Sales

    Collaborated With: Slack, Square, LinkedIn, Google, FICO

    Services Offered: Product & Marketing Videos

    Who They Are: At Think Mojo, the mission is clear: to create videos that do more than showcase products – they sell them, onboard customers, boost brand growth, and make a lasting impression.

    Their commitment to this goal is unwavering, consistently delivering content that informs and inspires.

    Their Creative-as-a-service animated video agency offers more than just visual content; they are powerful tools that drive action and engagement.

    10. Demo Duck

    Target Industries: Advertising Agency, Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Startup

    Collaborated With: Dropbox, GoFundMe, Google

    Services Offered: 2D and 3D Animation, Ads, Live Action, Commercials, Case Studies, Series.

    Who They Are: Demo Duck is a video marketing agency driven by a profound belief in the transformative potential of video content. Established in 2011, this advertising agency takes pride in its ability to craft videos tailored to any business mission.

    Demo Duck stands ready to partner with you in bringing your business mission to life through creative and impactful video marketing.

    11. Oddfellows

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Lifestyle, Food, Healthcare

    Collaborated With: Spotify, Google, Number Zero

    Services Offered: 2D and 3D Animation, Marketing videos

    Who They Are: This design and animation-focused video agency, based in San Francisco and Portland, stands as a testament to the art of crafting visually captivating narratives.

    Established in 2013, their passion lies in taking on projects that are not only expansive in scope but also infused with a sense of playfulness. Their commitment to producing top-notch, highly detailed content is evident in every frame, capturing and engaging viewers from the very start.

    This video marketing agency thrives on challenges and is driven by a deep understanding of the profound impact emotions can have in crafting unforgettable brand experiences.

    12. 90 Seconds

    Target Industries: Automobile, Education, Fintech, Retail, Healthcare, FMCG

    Collaborated With: Paypal, Amazon, HP

    Services Offered: Event video coverage, Brand Story, on-location video shooting, video ads, video editing, live streaming

    Who They Are: 90 Seconds is the go-to destination for businesses with specific, project-based video needs. Whether you’re looking for event video coverage, brand stories, on-location shooting, video editing, video ads, or live streaming, they’ve got you covered.

    90 Seconds does offer custom project quotes, making it suitable for one-off or sporadic needs. For businesses with ongoing, monthly video marketing requirements, exploring the services of Creative-as-a-Service video agencies may be a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

    13. Le Cube

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Lifestyle, Personal

    Collaborated With: Spotify, Magnum, Naraka Bladepoint

    Services Offered: Animation, Character Design, Illustration

    Who They Are: Le Cube, an award-winning video marketing agency, has carved a niche in the industry since its inception in 2010. With offices in Madrid, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, this video agency has firmly established itself as an animation, character design, and illustration powerhouse.

    The video marketing agency can bring ideas to life through the magic of animation and consistently leaves a lasting impact.

    14. Quickframe

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Retail, Small Business, Fortune 500

    Collaborated With: Pfizer, Doordash, Native

    Services Offered: Contractor matching, on-site video shooting, project management, video editing

    Who They Are: Quickframe operates as a marketplace-style video agency, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their campaigns on a grand scale.

    They offer a platform where pre-approved independent contractors bid on your projects, allowing you to select the right fit from a global talent pool.

    Quickframe also provides subscription plans for ongoing video marketing needs, although their primary focus remains on video services and video marketing strategies.

    15. Video Supply

    Target Industries: Social Media Platforms, Video Marketing Industry, Finance, Education

    Collaborated With: Carnival, CNBC, HBO, Forbes

    Services Offered: Youtube Marketing, Video Studio Design, Video Script, User Generated Content, Short Form Video

    Who They Are: Video Supply is your trusted partner in streamlining and optimizing your YouTube channel.

    Their comprehensive services encompass everything from YouTube marketing, including editing, publishing, and SEO, to crafting online course videos, video scripting and strategy, production, editing, product and e-commerce videos, social media ads, and custom projects.

    Their expertise and comprehensive service offerings can help you maintain and grow your channel with minimal involvement, allowing you to focus on your content and audience.

    16. Vidsy

    Target Industries: Retail, Established Enterprise, Startups

    Collaborated With: HP, Ebay, P&G

    Services Offered: Video ads, Social Media content, Influencer Video Marketing campaigns

    Who They Are: Vidsy leads in revolutionizing social media video ad creation by connecting global content creators with brands seeking product-focused social media videos. While it shares similarities with Quickframe and other creator marketplaces, Vidsy boasts a distinctive approach.

    When you submit a creative brief to the video agency, you don’t just receive one creator for your project; you get the benefit of multiple creators working on it.

    17. Yum Yum Videos

    Target Industries: Lifestyle, Food & Beverages, E-commerce, IoT, Established Enterprise

    Collaborated With: Amazon, Redbull, Google, Heinz

    Services Offered: Animation, Live Action, End-to-end Production, Product Features

    Who They Are: Yum Yum’s expertise lies in blending custom animation and live-action filming to create on-brand explainer videos tailored to captivate Kickstarter backers and investors or convey your brand’s essence to customers.

    Their capabilities extend far beyond explainer videos. They offer an array of video styles, including tutorials, social media content, whiteboard animation, and more.

    18. Faze

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Retail, Startups, Small Businesses

    Collaborated With: JLL, ARG, Your E Folio

    Services Offered: Video Marketing, Copywriting, Virtual Marketing, Real Estate

    Who They Are: Faze video marketing agency emerges as a multi-awarded brand design and illustration renowned for its top-tier visual communication services.

    With a portfolio adorned with accolades, this video agency has mastered creating visually captivating content that resonates with audiences profoundly.

    Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of video marketing strategy is evident in their work, where each project tells a compelling story and engages audiences on a deep level.

    19. Clim Studio

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Entertainment, Retail

    Collaborated With: Mr. Porter

    Services Offered: 2D and 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Content, Moving Image, Digital Art.

    Who They Are: Clim Studio is more than just an Animation & Design Studio; it’s a beacon of creativity dedicated to spreading joy, beauty, and elegance across the globe.

    With a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling through animation and design, Clim Studio transforms ideas into visual masterpieces that captivate and inspire.

    At Clim Studio, every project is an opportunity to craft experiences that resonate with audiences, invoking joy, celebrating beauty, and embodying elegance.

    20. Estudio Pum

    Target Industries: Music, E-commerce, Established Enterprise

    Collaborated With: Sukeban, Amazon, Gympass, MTV, Spotify

    Services Offered: Animation, Character Identity, Infographic, Lettering, Packaging

    Who They Are: Estudio Pum is a versatile and multidisciplinary video marketing agency boasting various relevant skills, from creative graphic design to top-tier video production.

    Their expertise is not confined to one discipline; instead, they navigate the intersection of various creative realms, resulting in a holistic approach to content creation.

    What To Look For in a Video Production Company

    Excellent Portfolio

    A top-tier video production company should have an impressive portfolio [2] showcasing their previous work.

    Review their portfolio to assess the quality of their videos, creativity, and ability to deliver projects similar to what you have in mind.

    Reliability & Flexibility

    Choose a video marketing company that is known for reliability. They should meet deadlines consistently and adapt to changes that may arise during production.

    Flexibility is essential to ensure your project stays on track.

    Easy Communication

    Effective communication is vital. A video production company should be easy to reach and responsive to your queries and suggestions.

    Clear and open lines of communication will lead to a smoother collaboration.

    Find an estimate for your video project in minutes.
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    Transparent Pricing

    Transparent pricing is a sign of a trustworthy video marketing company. They should provide detailed quotes and breakdowns of costs, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

    Be cautious of hidden fees or vague pricing structures. You can use our VidiFit Quiz and get a clear pricing for free!


    Depending on your project’s scope, you may need a video marketing company that can scale its resources accordingly.

    Whether it’s a small video or a large-scale production, the company should be able to handle your needs.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the company’s reputation and client satisfaction.

    Read reviews from previous clients to gauge their experiences and the quality of the final product of the best video marketing companies.

    Why Work With Vidico

    Creative Excellence & Impressive Video Marketing Strategy

    Vidico is a video production agency known for delivering creative excellence. Our portfolio showcases visually stunning, impactful, and high-quality videos.

    Our dedication to creative excellence ensures that your project will shine and capture your audience’s attention.

    Proven Results

    Vidico’s track record speaks volumes about their ability to deliver tangible results. They have consistently demonstrated prowess in increasing Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) [3] and achieving high video view rates.

    When you work with us, you can trust in their ability to deliver results that matter.

    Customer-Centric Video Marketing Services

    At Vidico, customers are at the heart of everything they do.

    We prioritize customer satisfaction as a core value, ensuring that every step of your collaboration is characterized by clear and open communication.

    Clear Pricing

    Vidico’s commitment to transparency extends to its pricing structure. We believe in providing clients with clear and straightforward pricing, eliminating ambiguity or hidden costs.

    Ready to elevate your video marketing game? Use our VidiFit Quiz for a free estimate!


    What is a video marketing agency?

    A video marketing agency is a specialized company that provides services related to creating, producing, and promoting videos for marketing purposes [4].

    The best video marketing agencies help businesses leverage the power of video content to engage their target audience, convey their messages, and achieve marketing goals.

    How much do video marketing services cost?

    The cost of video marketing services can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the project’s complexity, video length, quality, and the reputation of the best video marketing agencies.

    Prices of a final video can range from a few hundred dollars for simple videos to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for high-end productions.

    Use our VidiFit Quiz and get transparent pricing in less than 90 seconds, all for free!

    What is the success rate of video marketing?

    The success rate of video marketing can vary from one campaign to another, but it is highly effective when executed well.

    Video content tends to have higher engagement rates, increased brand awareness, and improved conversion rates compared to other forms of marketing [5].

    Success often depends on content quality, targeting, distribution strategy, and alignment with the target audience’s interests and preferences.

    How important is video marketing in 2024?

    Based on video marketers, in 2024, video marketing [6] is expected to be more crucial than ever. With the increasing consumption of video content on various platforms and devices, businesses that invest in video marketing can gain a competitive edge.

    Video allows for more authentic and compelling storytelling, making it a powerful tool for building brand awareness, trust, and customer loyalty.

    What are the most used types of marketing videos?

    Most video agencies claim that the most utilized marketing video types include explainers, simplifying complex concepts, and product demonstrations showcasing functionality. Testimonials and reviews feature satisfied customers, while how-to tutorials provide guidance.

    Behind-the-scenes content offers transparency, and webinars engage audiences in real-time. A pop video or social media video is concise and attention-grabbing for platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

    Key Takeaways

    In 2024, the marketing landscape has undergone a profound transformation, and video marketing services have emerged as a dominant force in the industry.

    The right video marketing agency is pivotal in the modern marketing landscape. It offers businesses the expertise and creativity needed to harness the power of video content effectively.

    Whether through compelling video content, engaging customer testimonials, or attention-grabbing social media clips, the best video marketing agencies help brands connect with their target audience, boost engagement, and drive results.

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