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Web video production: categories of landing page videos.

Michael Pirone
June 20, 2019

Benefits of Website Video Production

In 2019, you should definitely be taking advantage of website video production. There are many benefits that make professional visual content well-worth the cost, one being establishing a relationship with your audience.

Your audience wants content that is as easily digestible as possible. With web video production, you are able to keep users engaged and get them to absorb key information about your company. Many websites do not take advantage of online video, allowing you to stand out from the competition. After all, most users would prefer to get their information in a condensed version rather than scouring a site’s written text.

Web video production also improves your SEO, meaning you will rank higher on search engines. Google displays videos in its search results, allowing your company to be found more easily through your targeted keywords. Videos also boost your SEO by keeping your audience on your pages for longer.


Our Process for Producing Video Content

Having specialised in video production in Melbourne for many years, we have our process down to a science. Through an initial strategy call, our experts get a sense for your brand. We then provide a free concept and script idea and proceed to work closely with you every step of the
production process. We can even help you market your video to reach new audiences.


Web Video Production Types

We create many video types including but not limited to:

Brand. Give your audience a sense of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

Testimonials. Show off glowing reviews and build trust with your audience.

Product/service demonstration. Convince consumers of the value of your product or service.

Tutorial. Offer value by showing users how to do something.


Video Styles

Different brands and messages call for different styles. Some of the formats we utilise include:

Animation. Convey a more abstract idea/service/product.


Build emotional connections with a strong message.

Animatic. Storyboard-style videos reveal your brand using visual and narrative components. 

What to Do With Your Content

You can put our professionally-produced videos on your website via:

Self-hosting. This method is an option but not practical if you want the video to go viral or don’t want to pay extra.

Free sharing platforms. This option is usually much easier than self-hosting. Platforms such as YouTube allow you to embed the video on your site and increase your potential audience. 

Also, feel free to repurpose your videos. Posting them on social media and using them in emails can boost views and increase audience engagement.

Why Choose Vidico?

Here at Vidico, we understand how important digital video production is for modern websites. We want our clients to thrive, which is why we make our services easy to test out, manage, and afford. With us, you will receive engaging, high-quality video landing page without breaking the bank.

Looking for professional web video production? At Vidico we create high-quality videos for clients just like you.

Build your brand, connect with your audience, and direct more traffic to your site with online video.

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