We’re still (safely) producing video as usual during COVID‑19.
Trevor Hatfield
I was looking to do a professional explainer video without any of the traditional low-quality cartoons involved. I researched Vidico's work and realized this was exactly what was needed to help get Taggg off the ground. The video is amazing and indeed assisted in helping us get the first 250 users on the platform.
Trevor Hatfield, Co-Founder of Taggg

A product launch mission.

Taggg is a group meeting scheduling software that connects people’s calendars and overlays them quickly to find available times to meet without needing voting or polling.

It allows you to select meeting participants, share availability with the group, and book the meeting instantly without any overlap or scheduling conflicts no matter if you use Google or Microsoft as your calendar.

The team at Taggg needed a simple way to explain a new solution to solving an old problem, scheduling group meetings. Since the product is just getting off the ground an explainer video was the perfect solution to quickly getting new prospects in the loop with Taggg’s solution.

A product launch mission.

A pitch-perfect approach.

Taggg wanted a unique twist to their launch video — a live-action approach within a reasonable budget. Using a studio environment with some additional talent and props was the perfect setup to meet their needs.

We went with a minimal style branded look and a narrative that perfectly conveyed their value proposition.

The main challenge was making the concept work within budget. Being creative was key to have all the unique elements in the video without overstretching our expenses.

A pitch-perfect approach.

Getting off the ground.

We managed to achieve that even with additional talent, props and scenes thanks to our standard studio production best practices such as the coloured paper backdrops, regular crew and systematically structured script.

The video served as their big launch marketing asset and has immediately helped build trust for their business and assisted in helping get their first 250 users on the platform.

The use of humour and personality helped draw in the audience, while also giving a good idea of how the product works.

Taggg uses the video as the hero asset on their homepage to assist with customer acquisition.

Getting off the ground.

Taggg ❤️'s Vidico

We support Taggg on their mission to help teams solve meeting scheduling like never before.

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