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Ftrack is a cloud-based project management platform that encourages collaboration between creative teams. The video's imagery and animation communicate the contemporary style and ease of use that sets ftrack Studio apart from its competitors.

Chris McMahon
Working with the Vidico team is an excellent experience, from start to finish. They're exceptionally conscientious when it comes to aligning on the visuals we want and the structure of the story we want to tell. On-hand every step of the way, with conversations and back-and-forth discussions to keep us appraised with changes, updates, and timelines. We've always felt like a valued partner and, sometimes, almost as if we were colleagues. Overall the whole process is excellent, and that quality is mirrored in the final quality of the videos we receive.
Chris McMahon
Head of Communications


ftrack needed a set of videos to assist with customer acquisition.

This video in particular was an important marketing asset for ftrack’s production tracking, project management and media review tool, ftrack Studio.

The video is for many the first interaction they have with the platform and the brand. Therefore, an excellent first impression was vital.

“In a short 2m12s, the video communicates ftrack Studio’s feature set concisely and straightforwardly, which is an impressive feat given the scope of what ftrack Studio can do. And it doesn’t just do so via messaging and VO – the video’s imagery and animation communicate the contemporary style and ease of use that sets ftrack Studio apart from its competitors.”

— Chris McMahon | Head of Communications.



To marketing teams with a 4-5 week turnaround, tight budget restrictions and a complex product with a large range of features and use cases; App videos are a dream come true.

They’re high-quality, cost-effective animation, perfectly designed to enhance product pages and entice prospects with clear, direct messaging.

The go-to option to accompany any new product / software launch or any product updates and refreshes.

Creative direction.

Creative direction.

Sleek animated showcases of ftrack software interface using their platform UI design, our Motion Design Team gave them a “make-over” — simplifying components and tidying them for animation to make them video-ready and engaging.

When we weren’t showing the user interface, we used typography, simple graphics and icons to give the UI context and highlight certain features that help convey the message.

We ensured to cover all the need-to-knows about ftrack’s Studio to tell their audience in clear terms what their product is solving.



The video currently sits in pride of place at the top of ftrack Studio product page and has been used extensively in advertising the product.

“Vidico created this expertly. So far, the video has garnered over 10k views on YouTube. We’ve also seen an impressive increase in referrals from YouTube to our product pages since working with Vidico, with a 63% increase in users to our product pages and an almost 100% increase in sessions! We’re very thankful to the Vidico team for playing such a big part in engendering this positive trend.”

— Chris McMahon, Head of Communications at ftrack.

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