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Gauge was looking to create a video for their flagship product — a tech platform designed to help brands better navigate the pace of cultural change, avoid missteps, and see opportunities as they emerge.

Rebecca O'Neill
The Vidico team is just so buttoned up. They have a tried and true process that makes timelines and next steps so easy to track. We were also so impressed by their ability to take a vague concept and turn it into visuals that really sing. They are absolute pros – can't wait to work with them again!
Rebecca O'Neill
Managing Director


NXTLAB by Gauge is the first-ever enterprise-level cultural navigator: an easy-to-use platform and bridge between brand leaders and organizations, and the cultural leaders they typically hear from too late.

They wanted to create a 60-second video to strengthen product messaging, increase conversion of new prospects and communicate the core products’ value proposition and features from a high level.

Creative approach.

Creative approach.

Animation is excellent for communicating technical or hard-to-understand products, and produces a large amount of creative collateral in each project effort.

The direction was a minimalist style, with varying levels of detail, heavily UI and product-focused. We chose our App video category because it’s excellent for giving quick, high-level overviews of a product’s functionality and core features within a quick turnaround.

For this project, we refer to our examples for mParticle, Hibob and Shift. These both combine elegant animated elements with product UI, but also highlight product features, integrations and benefits for the customer.



A clean and effective animation, explaining the Gauge platform in a visually engaging and easy-to-understand way.

We edited and simplified the appearance of Gauge’s interface to make it more elegant and educational, highlighting how Gauge helps businesses navigate the rich and complex cultural space of the modern workplace.

We also interweaved premium stock imagery for a real-world feel and emphasized key messages and product benefits with copy overlays and pitch-perfect narration.

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