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As part of their go-to-market campaign, we've teamed up with Happly to create an engaging overview video that beautifully tells their story and showcases the true value of their product.

Jeremy Rosen
From the concept and scripting through to the storyboarding and the UI animations, everything moved in an organised and timely fashion and the whole project flowed smoothly.  On previous creative projects, there’s a tendency for organisation to be an afterthought but this didn’t happen with Vidico and we got the result we were after without the issues.
Jeremy Rosen


Happly provides users with a seamless and effortless home moving experience. Their platform brings together top-notch service providers and essential moving functions, all in one convenient place.

As a startup, their goal was to create an engaging explainer video that appealed to all audiences while effectively showcasing what sets them apart from other products in the same space. With a distinctive tone of voice, Happily needed to convey the unique value they bring to the industry.



Creative Approach

Creative Approach

With meticulous attention to detail, we’ve crafted a powerful video to help Happly stand out from the competition and build trust through clear messaging.

We aimed to:

  • Convey the essence and value of Happly’s platform to a wide audience with captivating UI animations and dynamic shots.
  • Captivate the audience right from the start by addressing two vital questions: who are they, and what services do they offer? using our relatable Problem-Solution approach.
  • Unleash Happly’s unique brand identity, leaving a lasting impact with humor and compelling storytelling. We ensure every aspect, from the script to the visuals, was carefully curated.




The video left a lasting impression, sparking curiosity and interest across the board. It garnered a positive response from customers, stakeholders, and commercial partners alike.
Strategically distributed across Happly’s website and social media platforms, this video reinforces their brand identity and image, transforming the way we perceive moving.

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