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We teamed up with Modisoft to create a dynamic product video, showcasing their value propositions and boosting their brand on social media and at trade shows. The outcome? Over 870,000+ users reached, a 34% boost in organic impressions, and a solid 5% click-through rate on LinkedIn.

Safi Modi
The Vidico team was creative, resourceful, and mindful of the project scope. They were always responsive and collaborative in offering new ideas and precise with their execution on film day. Vidico truly has a fantastic creative team!
Safi Modi
Head of Growth


Modisoft is revolutionizing the business landscape by building a holistic solution that merges POS and Back Office software into a singular, streamlined, and efficient system for both retail and restaurant owners.

With a couple of restaurant tradeshows coming up, they needed to highlight their product in a restaurant environment to show their commitment to innovation and brand awareness in the industry.

The goal was to weave Modisoft’s diverse services into a captivating narrative, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presentation of Modisoft’s core offerings.

The challenge was to distill Modisoft’s top-line messaging into a powerful 60-second video, effectively communicating their array of benefits in a way that feels simple, reliable, and efficient for every restaurant owner.

Creative Approach

Creative Approach

We’ve gathered a dynamic creative team, including a strategist, copywriter, director, and a duo of video producers and editors, all dedicated to producing a compelling product video.

With a focus on a studio setting, we selected a single, engaging talent to lead the narrative, supported by a bright, clean design backdrop.

Our talented team of designers and video editors worked their magic on the UI, incorporating motion graphics to achieve visuals that are not only fresh but also elegantly crafted.

We also produced shorter video versions tailored for social media, along with still assets, ensuring Modisoft maintains a cohesive and appealing presence across all their marketing channels.



They leveraged the video across three key channels: Paid Social, Organic Social, and live at the National Restaurant Show, showcasing its versatility and reach.

Through paid social, the video impressively reached over 870,000 users. On the organic front, it boosted impressions by a whopping 34% on LinkedIn, coupled with an impressive 5% click-through rate (CTR), which shows how well it resonates with Modisoft’s target audience.

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