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When TASK spotted an opportunity to redefine the hospitality market, they chose Vidico to create a game-changing product video. The results? A whopping 51% video view rate on LinkedIn and an incredible 96% completion rate on connected TV!

Mark Hayes
As a marketer with very high standards, having the final video exceed my expectations is a testament to Vidico's capabilities in execution. Videography, editing, pacing, graphics, sound - there are so many elements that need to come together flawlessly, and they nailed it.
Mark Hayes
Head of Growth Marketing


Facing stiff competition in the hospitality software market, TASK needed to sharpen its brand positioning and communicate its unique value clearly and powerfully.

They chose video as the medium to cut through the noise, partnering with Vidico to create brand content that not only captivates but also conveys their message with unmistakable clarity.

This strategic choice aimed to transform viewer engagement into lasting brand impact.

Creative Approach

Creative Approach

Aiming to boost TASK’s visibility among decision-makers in the QSR and fast casual dining sectors, we leveraged a mix of TASK’s industry expertise and our creative flair to craft a compelling product overview video.

This video was designed not only to engage but also to inform, clearly highlighting TASK’s offerings and value proposition. By blending insightful content with dynamic storytelling, we ensured TASK’s message was deeply felt, effectively resonating with the target demographic.



Our campaign for TASK was a standout success, significantly boosting brand awareness and viewer engagement. Here are the key metrics:

  • Total Video Plays: 175,667 showcasing our broad reach.
  • Overall Completion Rate: 51.98%, indicating deep viewer engagement.
  • Video View Rate on LinkedIn: An impressive 51.57%, far exceeding the average of 16.61%.

Connected TV: The Star Performer

  • Video Plays: 76,970
  • Completion: 73,866
  • Completion Rate: A remarkable 95.99%, demonstrating exceptional viewer retention.

These results didn’t just meet TASK’s goals—they soared beyond them, especially with our Connected TV campaign. Despite a higher cost, this format proved its worth by delivering the brand’s message to a highly engaged and targeted audience, ensuring impactful brand recall and maximizing ROI.

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