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We joined forces with Brightflow to craft a series of engaging videos that articulate their value props dynamically and enhance their brand narrative across various stages of the customer journey. The result? A significant uptick in new leads, with dozens generated each month.

Mackenzie Pedroza
The people are by far the best part of working with Vidico. They're constantly innovating and offering new ideas. They check in often to ensure our end results are meeting our expectations. And their pricing can't be beat. While other vendors make working with startups feel like a burden, Vidico embraces startups. The best external services provider I've ever worked with in all categories: price, service, team, and results.
Mackenzie Pedroza
Marketing Director


Powered with advanced AI tech, Brightflow is on a mission to help SMBs manage and grow their most important asset: Cash.

The challenge? Trying to capture their value in just words or still images wasn’t cutting it. They needed a better way to showcase its power in a way that really spoke to their audience.

To bridge this gap, they figured it was time to amp up their game with content that’s not just engaging but also articulates their value proposition loud and clear, enabling them to effectively highlight Brightflow’s benefits at every customer touchpoint.

Creative Approach

Creative Approach

Our creative team crafted a trio of videos — an app explainer, an onboarding video, and a brand video. Each was strategically designed to target different stages of the sales funnel: generating leads, streamlining onboarding, and converting signups into loyal paying customers.

  • The app explainer video introduced potential leads to Brightflow’s interface with clarity and excitement.
  • The onboarding video was designed to ease new users into the platform, reducing initial barriers and enhancing user experience.
  • The brand overview video painted a broad picture of Brightflow, highlighting its impact on the AI industry and solidifying its brand identity.


Brightflow’s new videos are transforming their digital presence—bringing dynamic engagement to their website and social media.

Since the launch, the videos have not only driven a steady stream of new leads each month but have also significantly enhanced their storytelling, a game-changer in the fast-paced AI industry.

The glowing feedback from both existing and potential customers underscores the videos’ impact.

Moreover, diving into video advertising has expanded Brightflow‘s reach and solidified their leadership in the AI space.

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