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We teamed up with Hiver, a Gmail-based Helpdesk for the second time to develop a loving parody of the crime, mystery and film noir genre. This style framed all assets, including one long-form brand video, plus nine shorter problem statements videos.

Charu Gupta
Vidico helped us execute the campaign from end-to-end. From helping us find the best talent, to executing the script, finalising shoot location and figuring props, the Vidico team was on point. The timelines were tight and we had a deadline to meet. Vidico ensured we were able to meet those timelines while ensuring quality. They’re a fun bunch of people and great company. We had a lot of fun on the set which reflects in the videos where we also landed up making a lot of last minute improvisations. All in all, job done well.
Charu Gupta
Director, Brand & Content Marketing


Hiver is a Gmail-based Helpdesk designed to deliver outstanding customer service and make internal team collaboration better.

They want to be a full stack company with solutions that serve multiple use cases and needed fun, memorable, relatable, and shareable content to represent their brand positioning and also to support their new marketing campaign, aimed to retarget and capture the attention of prospects who have visited them in the past.

We teamed up this second time to create a brand video that showcased their new brand proposition at events like SAAStr plus a series of Problem Statement videos to create compelling lead gen ads that clearly communicate their product features and urge users to try Hiver.

Creative concept.

Creative concept.

For this project, the concept was to frame the videos as a loving parody of the crime, mystery and film noir genre. This style was applied to all assets, including one long-form brand video, plus nine shorter problem statements.

The concept is displayed in a highly cinematic, narrative format, as the main video tells the story of a hard-boiled detective who is called to a crime scene at a co-working space. The crime in question: an important email has gone missing, sending the entire team into a frenzy.

Despite leaning into the humour and genre parody, the video still shows plenty of genuine affection for the eerie, mysteriousness you’d see in a classic Raymond Chandler detective mystery. This is achieved through the delicate balance of theatrical yet grim performances, high-energy yet motivated camera work, and gratuitous yet sincere dialogue.

Ultimately, the video successfully communicates the need of a Helpdesk to ensure every customer email is seen and attended to on time, because failing to do so is a customer service crime.



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