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Honeybook is a client management software for business across project management, client bookings, managing invoices and payments. They needed product video assets to increase engagement of new client sign ups and enhance messaging.

Daniel Benor
We performed an A/B test with a different testimonial video we made in house and saw a 9% lift in signups for the waitlist with the Vidico video compared to the testimonial video. We have data that shows that those joining a waitlist adopt the new feature faster and on a more frequent recurring basis.
Daniel Benor
Head of Product Design


With Honeybook you can manage projects, book clients, send invoices, and get paid — all in one platform.

Their team was launching a reimagined version of the core of their platform and needed a video to get their existing customer base excited. It was hard to get their customers to re-learn things and so they wanted them to be teased by a high-quality production video.

Creative approach.

Creative approach.

The team at Honeybook provided a rough idea and some example videos that matched what they were after.

The video combines clean and crisp product UI, along with stock footage and imagery accented by big, bold typography, inspirational VO & upbeat music.

We’re a huge fan of this video as it does things differently, and really brings out the main features in a bold, vivid and exciting way.

We managed to fit the script to appeal to top of funnel marketing, as well as enticing new users who’ve signed up in around 60 seconds.



Honeybook has seen an 8-point gain in people signing up to their waitlist when running an a/b test of this animated video vs one we testimonial video made internally.

The team also has data that shows that those joining a waitlist adopt the new feature faster and on a more frequent recurring basis.

“We liked working with Vidico most due to the team’s strive for our absolute satisfaction. The Vidico team was always there making sure we were happy with the result and coming up with creative solutions to our feedback. Their creativity and fresh approach was huge for this project.”

— Head of Product Design, HoneyBook.

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