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Unhedged is making sophisticated algorithmic investing super simple and accessible to everyday investors. We produced a compelling Crowdfunding video creating that served both to increase their success rate of getting funded and to improve the conversion of their waitlist using cut-downs.

Michael Pirone
We've officially helped startups raise a collective $10million+ (AUD) in funding. In every attempt at a crowdfunding video to date, we've successfully helped companies achieve and exceed their funding goal.
Michael Pirone
Clearer goals bring results.

Clearer goals bring results.

Unhedged, a company in Melbourne is making sophisticated algorithmic investing super simple and accessible to everyday investors through their super simple app that allows anyone to invest, without having to choose stocks.

They came to us with a clear mission — to raise awareness, funding and also to secure new users for their groundbreaking AI, algorithm driven investment app.

Hybrid overview video approach.

Hybrid overview video approach.

The direction of this project consisted of a hybrid overview video approach, with a mix of crowdfunding and testimonial.

A talent orientated live-action style using one speaking talent, and also featuring the founder of Unhedged, to highlight how their app helps investors, mixed with engaging and beautiful product UI.

$2.3 million raised.

$2.3 million raised.

This crowdfunding video far exceeded previous records for amount raised.

The team at Unhedged raised over $2.3 million in equity crowdfunding, having passed its minimum target of $350,000 within just 45 minutes.

With more than 5,000 people on its waiting list, Unhedged is looking to become a unicorn.

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