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Joon makes it easy to design a flexible benefits program that gives employees more freedom to choose. They came to us with a clear goal: Communicate the 'Aha' moment of the product earlier in the sales cycle. We produced a product video that helped them double their inbound leads.

Nis Frome
We liked that Vidico manages the entire process of production, from beginning to end. The video and new positioning helped us double our inbound leads. Engagement from actual viewers is pretty solid.
Nis Frome
Marketing Manager
A customer acquisition challenge

A customer acquisition challenge

The team at Joon had just raised the seed round and were in need of clear and stronger messaging on their homepage to acquire more customers.

Joon knew clients were the happiest when they were being onboarded but the team realised this exciting feeling was happening too late in the process.

They needed to bring the Aha moment way earlier in the funnel — right when customers land on their website for the first time.

A product video was the best way to help employees and HR managers understand the value of Joon, in seconds.

A clear and visual messaging.

A clear and visual messaging.

Joon wanted a tried and true formula. So Vidico’s ‘Overview Video’ template was applied.

It’s high-quality, affordable, fast-turnaround video content, perfectly designed to enhance product pages and entice prospects.

And it worked well because the team at Joon knew exactly what they wanted to highlight with their tool. So we knew where in the copy to focus on and highlight it in the video.

We simplified their messaging fitting all the essential information for their target audience.

Key results.

Key results.

The video and new positioning helped Joon double its inbound leads and improve significantly the performance of its website.

The engagement of the video from actual viewers was also pretty solid.

Here are some of the early results Joon shared with us:

Before launch:

  • 20-30 new opportunities per month
  • 2-5 won deals per month

After launch:

  • 30-50 new opportunities per month
  • 5-10 won deals per month

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