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Wisr App

We teamed up with fast-growing fin-tech Wisr to produce a commercial for the new Wisr app. The videos ran online in an extensive campaign, which contributed to over 10,000 app downloads. 🙌

Evan Pirone
In one of day of shooting, we not only obtained enough footage for a main 60-second cut, but also managed to capture enough content for an additional 6 x 6-second videos, 4 x 15-second videos, and a 30-second video for social and remarketing. This would enable more specific pieces of content to target local audience segments at different stages of the user journey.
Evan Pirone
Production Director
Make it pop.

Make it pop.

Here’s the rundown on our team-up with Sydney’s Wisr.

For the app launch, we produced an exciting, fast-paced video that seamlessly integrated the design of the app for a more consistent viewer, and user experience.

In all the noise of online news feeds, we started off this project with some simple rules. Cut often, create a highly-branded aesthetic, and use a non-traditional video format.

So we got down to work.

We started with the UI/UX of the app and worked backwards — using elements from key screens and producing more abstract representations in sequences that communicated key messages and benefits.

We then assessed how these elements could enter a real-life, live-action setting. How do we best represent an app that works in the background of your life?

Less is more.

Less is more.

For engagement purposes, Vidico has always chanted the mantra: “make complexity disappear”.

For this video, that value was central to both the animation/UI component, and also the live-action creative direction.

For the live-action component, we opted for a white-studio background, and built the set from scratch. It allowed us to a) create emphasis in each scene by removing irrelevant context, and b) allowed for seamless cuts when it came to the animated sequences.

The colour palette was strict, as was our use of vector elements. We wanted to help the viewer feel that they effectively ‘knew’ the functionality of the app by the time of the download. Repetition was necessary in getting audience understanding to this level.

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