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When small to medium-sized businesses need HR solutions without breaking the bank, they turn to Bambee. We showcased Bambee's software prowess in an app video, illustrating how it seamlessly streamlines HR tasks. The results? A whopping 50% reduction in cost per lead and a clear ROI! Even more crazy: they covered the video’s cost in just a month, proving it was a valuable investment.

Dominic Le Fort
This was our first time producing a high-quality animated explainer video, and we appreciated the insights and expertise provided by the Vidico team. From start to finish, they helped us develop a script, storyboard the video, and select audio that supported the narrative we were building.
Dominic Le Fort
Product Marketing Director


Bambee levels the playing field, offering SMEs on-demand access to dedicated HR managers. With a suite of user-friendly tools, Bambee empowers businesses to manage HR tasks efficiently, from onboarding to payroll, all tailored to their specific needs.

Over the past 7 years, Bambee hasn’t just grown; it’s evolved. With each new feature and service enhancement, they’ve pushed the envelope on what their business can be. It was time their video content did the same. They needed ads that truly showcase their identity today, giving potential customers a glimpse of the quality and innovation they can expect.

Creative Approach

Creative Approach

We crafted a sleek, high-quality app video that takes viewers on a journey through Bambee’s intuitive platform. The vibrant and engaging animation showcased the unique features of Bambee’s software, emphasising ease of use and efficiency.

The script brought Bambee’s value to life, illustrating how it transforms HR tasks into seamless operations. The video became more than a product explainer—it became a compelling story of HR made effortless.



For Bambee, the video was a game-changer, halving the cost per lead and pulling in 119 leads within a month. This shift in CPL performance, saving at least $100 per new lead, significantly elevated their return on ad spend. The real win? Bambee covered the video’s cost in under a month!

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