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Nodal is a platform connecting surrogates and intended parents. They needed an animated brand video to raise awareness, explain their product, and capture attention across social media and advertising.

 Heather Franzman
Every step was well-communicated, we were treated with kindness and professionalism, and our final video is amazing
Heather Franzman
Design Lead


Nodal is a platform that efficiently connects vetted surrogates and intended parents, offering transparency, equity, education, and support for all parties on their journey.

As part of their rebranding effort, Nodal needed to create an animated brand video to raise brand awareness, explain their product in a clear and concise way, and capture the attention of their audience with sleek cutdowns across social media and advertising.

Creative approach

Creative approach

We developed an illustration style that effectively utilizes storytelling, scenery, and characters to create a refined visual identity. Our focus has been on building trust, fostering a sense of community, and promoting approachability, all while presenting key information in a clear and educational manner.

The video is designed to establish a sense of belonging and connectedness, imparting a feeling of being part of something larger than oneself. This, in turn, helps to build trust and credibility with Nodal’s brand, ultimately increasing the likelihood of viewer engagement with their platform.



“The work that Vidico produces is top-tier. It was important to our team to create a video that not only communicated our core message, but had a unique style that was both creative and polished looking. Our brand video accomplished just that with stunning visuals, creative solutions, and a storyboard that really gets our message across.” — Heather Franzman, Design Lead @ Nodal

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