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Smart Nora

As a sleep and wellness company, Smart Nora invented a neat sleeping solution for snorers - helping their partners get a longer-lasting sleep in the process. Smart Nora approached us with the goal of creating a large scale awareness campaign to be distributed through YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Facebook and Instagram.

Umesh Krishna K
We underwent a full overhaul of our Brand identity in 2022. The production was able to reflect the new identity and land the customer value proposition effectively. The Vidico team brings to the table everything a client looks for in a partner - the team is highly creative, open minded and process driven.
Umesh Krishna K
VP & Head of Marketing


This project was significant in that it represented the opportunity to redefine the Smart Nora brand appearance and voice. Through the conceptualisation stage, Vidico proposed a cinematic documentation of the hum-drum life of several sleep-deprived snorers, set to dream-like bespoke music composition, all while being guided by Dr. Seuss-inspired poem through voice over.

Style & Process.

Style & Process.

The purpose would be to position snoring (not the person) as the antagonist in a light-hearted depiction of how snoring plagues many, and can affect the whole family – aided by the effective, non-evasive solution that is Smart Nora.

Production was achieved with 12 crew members, over 3 days, across 6 separate locations, with 8 featured talent, as well as 51 background talent roles which were filled by 33 background extras. Both the pre-production and logistics, as well as the creative direction and execution of the project required strong attention to detail to be realised.



The video was used across Smart Nora‘s social and programmatic channels, and was distributed through YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Facebook and Instagram. Engagement metrics on various edits of the video indicate 10-20% higher performance over past comparable productions.

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