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Toggl was in need of compelling video content to create a large-scale awareness campaign, distributed through YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. The videos got impressive results - generating millions of views, a Gold Award at the 2022 MUSE Creative Awards 🏆 and a solid partnership to develop Toggl's entire annual video strategy.

Juan Carlos Gaal
With real focus on the customer, the Vidico team outdid themselves by understanding our product and our audience and aligned every detail from research, script writing all the way to post production and launch. We loved seeing how much effort the entire team put into creating truly original ideas that speak to the brand but are also interesting to watch & engage with, which is half the reason why the video is so successful.
Juan Carlos Gaal
Performance Marketing Manager


Who is Toggl? – Toggl Track is a market-leading time tracking software that helps both enterprises and individuals make the most of scarce time and resources. Companies like Amazon, Uber, Linkedin and Ogilvy use it, along with high achievers like Serena Williams. They all know if you don’t track it you can’t improve it.

This was Toggl’s first live-action initiative with the goal of creating a large-scale awareness campaign, distributed through YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Facebook and Instagram.


Creative approach.

Creative approach.

Our challenge: How do we translate a complex piece of software into an easy-to-understand, intriguing piece of content that hooks in the viewer AND keeps them watching?

Our answer – transport a few greek philosophers through time obviously! This highly imaginative piece created a sharp contrast between the “ancient times” of dated solutions vs Toggl Track, being the cutting-edge tool used by the most innovative startups.

Vidico collaborated closely with the product and marketing team throughout the entire process. This included conceptualisation, scripting, storyboarding and all facets of production and post-production.

Our award-winning process ensured the end result was exciting, full of imagination and really brought home the essence of the Toggle solution.



The videos are currently getting some serious airtime on YouTube:

  • Product overview video: Achieving 1 million organic YouTube views in less than a month, with an average view rate of 94.7%.

The overview video also won a Gold Award at the 2022 MUSE Creative Awards — an international competition judged by over 40+ world-class creatives, designers, and experts.

Toggl was thrilled with the results and is teaming up with Vidico to develop their entire annual video strategy.

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