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Montu's Crowdfunding video helped Montu break a record being the second fastest company in Australian history to raise $1 million (in 13 minutes) and $2 million (in 5 hours). The video was specially created to raise capital and appeared on Birchal, an Australian Equity Crowdfunding platform for consumer brands and companies.

Fiona Mancini
We enjoyed Vidico's professionalism, specific experience in crowdfunding video production and fast turnaround under a tight timeline. Great team overall from account management to production. Thank you again!
Fiona Mancini
Brand Manager


Montu is a health-care provider based in Melbourne that has built an integrated cannabis ecosystem, streamlining the journey for patients end-to-end, and setting new standards in cannabis care. Montu connect thousands of Australians with a nationwide network of doctors and a patient care team who are dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life.

They reached out to us looking for a highly polished and stylised crowdfunding video that generated awareness and created excitement around Montu and the investment opportunity.

They had previously produced a crowdfunding video for their first campaign and raised $2M so the challenge was to outperform this result with a video that truly represented them.

Creative approach.

Creative approach.

To ensure the video represented Montu’s brand at its core we chose a creative approach that had a mix of our crowdfunding and product overview video styles with minimum stocked content to avoid the video being boring or too generic.

The aim was to communicate a high-level perspective of who Montu is and their business model ensuring with showed the impact they are having and their commitment to changing not only patient lives but also the Australian healthcare landscape and more specifically Australian cannabis landscape.

As Montu was capturing a new audience we still needed to communicate who they are, the cannabis industry and why they do what they do yet the narrative was focused on how Montu is impacting thousands of Australians lives every day by helping them feel better and get back to doing the simple, everyday things that many of us take for granted.

We also leveraged the positive results Montu’s achieved since round 1 and created FOMO around being part of round 2.



Montu hit its maximum target of $3.5million in just over 1 day – the second largest single raise in Australian history.

Investors rallied behind Montu early on and raised the first million dollars in 13 minutes, even crashing the Birchal site – the second fastest in history and surpassing its record-breaking raise in 2020.

It also made official the fact that we helped startups raise a collective $10million+ (AUD) in funding.

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