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Drive more sales with a perfect explainer video.

Website explainer videos are short, informative and fun to watch. They get your message across in an instant so you can keep people engaged with what matters most – YOUR PRODUCT!

An explainer video for a website is a dream come true for brands with complex products. These short but informative videos let potential customers get acquainted easily and quickly, allowing them to understand your product’s full range of features or use cases in an easy-to-follow manner that will leave them wanting more!

Convince and captivate with a creative explainer video.

Entertain and engage.

Explainer videos speak directly to the audience, using language that triggers their emotions in order for them to understand what you’re trying to say about this app, product or service of yours!
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Educate and build trust.

Our attention-grabbing explainer video will showcase your brand, product or service in an engaging, creative way that highlights what makes it stand out from other software on the market. We can use our explainer video maker and explainer video template to reach social media and high-traffic landing pages and build users' trust.
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Encourage interaction.

Value props are the key to moving your target audience down a funnel. But figuring out what they want or need from you is not always easy! That’s where our scripts come in. Let our team create a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience and compels them to interact. With explainer videos, you don't need to spend so much time explaining your business because viewers around the world can watch it.
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Turn more visitors into customers with a captivating website explainer video.

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

A proven explainer video production process.

We’re experts in the art of creative storytelling, and we have what it takes to produce a professional explainer video for your project.

From a script that is easy to understand but still captivating, all through delivering high-quality images and visuals with exceptional turnaround times, our team will be sure not only to meet expectations but exceed them!

Our explainer videos have reached different places, and with our explainer video maker, your business will go places. Check our homepage and social media accounts for some of our explainer videos.

Great product, reasonable price, enjoyable to work with. We started with a promo video… added some demo videos… and will come back every time we make updates or need more videos.

James Vukanovich, Director of Business Operations
5/5 stars

Be inspired.

Shonal Narayan

Marketing Manager

The Vidico team exceeded our expectations, especially with their animation. They were excellent listeners —  not only did they hone in on our creative needs, they really took time to understand our business in order to deliver an amazing explainer video. I definitely recommend Vidico.

Omer Molad


We looked at several agencies to help us with a video, and we chose Vidico for two reasons: their explainer video quality and their willingness to move beyond the cookie-cutter approach.

Ron Schniedermann


We partnered with Vidico to create two animated explainer videos and couldn't be happier with the price, story, animation, process, team, and, most importantly, the educational explainer video.

Website explainer video FAQs.

What are animated explainer videos?

Animated explainers are animations that explain your product, platform or value proposition. We use animation, in particular, for technical, hard-to-understand products.

Our studio has won over 20-Behance awards for vector animation, frame-by-frame animation, and 2D animation.

Our studio also produces 3D animation for complex products. In short, we’re the animated explainer video company you’ve been looking for.

How do you create an animated explainer video for our website?

We’ll need to craft a narrative that outlines the current pain points your brand and product solves, the solution, and the next steps in a way that your viewers will understand.

On average, you’ll want your explainer video to be between 60-90 seconds. It’s not a lot of time, so messaging must be clear and concise. Beyond scripting comes storyboarding, video editing, style, motion, character animations, music, images, footage, and voice recording.

We also have a great selection of video templates that you can use for your brands. These templates can help you explain your product in the most effective way.

How much should I pay for an explainer video?

Good explainer videos can range between $5,000 to $40,000. It speaks to your brand identity and the quality of your products. They give prospects a clear picture of your brand or product and set expectations.

If you have an existing video explainer that needs editing, we offer video edit at a certain fee.

The best explainer video is a great example of a marketing strategy that can potentially turn your own Saas company into an overnight success. A new explainer video can help you reach potential customers and hit your desired marketing strategy.

How long does it take to create an explainer video with Vidico?

The timeline for creating a good explainer video can vary depending on the complexity of the project.

We can make an explainer video for around 4 to 8 weeks (the entire process), from the initial concept development to the final delivery of the video.

If you prefer using video templates, the turnaround time can be shortened. We strive to work efficiently without compromising the quality of the end product.

Also, we offer free editing and revision of videos because we want guaranteed satisfaction with the videos that we create.

Why should I choose Vidico?

Vidico has a proven track record of creating exceptional website explainers for a wide range of clients. We make the best explainer videos from some of our major clients here in Australia.

Our team consists of talented creatives, animators, and strategists dedicated to delivering top-notch explainer videos that meet the objectives of your websites and reach your target viewers.

When we make an explainer video, we prioritize collaboration, attention to detail, and hassle-free services that exceed client expectations. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can ask us to edit or adjust the video length based on your preference.

Our motion designers will turn complex ideas into great animations for maximum engagement and high conversion rates. Together, let’s make your brand shine.

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