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15 Best Animation Sales Video Examples That Convert (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 29, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Static images and plain text don’t cut it anymore. Studies have shown that animated sales videos receive higher engagement and conversion rates than other media forms.

Animation sales videos have the power to bring ideas to life in a way that sparks curiosity and imagination. These videos are like magnets for attention and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

We’ve scoured the web to bring you some of the coolest and most effective animation sales videos that convinced folks to hit that “buy now” button.


    Top 15 Animated Marketing & Sales Videos

    1. Behalf

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: The animated sales video by Behalf is a game-changer in the finance industry, offering flexible purchase financing solutions for businesses. Vidico [1] successfully highlights the ease and benefits of using Behalf, emphasizing the elimination of paperwork, collections, and hassle.

    The animated sales video project focuses on increasing sales and customer loyalty by allowing businesses to offer their customers a convenient payment option while getting paid promptly.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Simplifies complex financial concepts
    • Highlights the benefits for both businesses and customers
    • Engaging animation style
    • Clear call-to-action for businesses to “grow with us.”

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    2. Phonexa

    Quick Description: Phonexa’s Lead Management System, LMS SYNC, revolutionizes lead generation by providing tools for effective tracking, distribution, and analysis. The sales video showcases how businesses can unlock the full value of their leads and grow their sales pipeline.

    LMS SYNC ensures maximum lead potential and revenue growth by utilizing custom filtration and network integration.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    3. Fabulous

    Quick Description: Fabulous, an app specializing in habit-building, demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction by addressing inquiries directly in a detailed video response.

    The animated video focuses on customer concerns, fostering trust in the brand’s dedication to meeting their needs and addressing their questions effectively.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Direct response to customer inquiries
    • Customer-centric approach
    • Transparent and responsive communication

    4. QStream

    Quick Description: The animated sales video from Qstream, an enterprise microlearning application, stands out for its exceptional animation that personifies employee training challenges.

    The video effectively highlights the difficulties faced in training through animated characters, fostering empathy from viewers and communicating the common problem.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Exceptional animation
    • Relatable animated characters
    • Utilizes animation for emotional connection

    5. City of London Corporation

    Quick Description: The City of London Corporation, responsible for governing London, has created a compelling sales video promoting apprenticeships within the city.

    The animated video is a great tool to encourage individuals to explore apprenticeship opportunities and highlights the corporation’s commitment to building a thriving and secure city through workforce development.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Inclusive portrayal of diverse characters
    • Encourages participation in apprenticeships
    • Emphasizes workplace diversity and inclusion

    6. Ford Insure

    Quick Description: Ford Insure’s sales animation video utilizes simple animation and a basic color palette to create highly effective visuals.

    The focus remains on the cars and characters, with a minimalistic background, allowing potential clients to concentrate on the core message of introducing a new, intuitive vehicle insurance method by Ford.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Minimalistic animation
    • A clear focus on cars and characters
    • Encourage customer engagement


    Quick Description: offers online Dutch language courses through self-paced modules and live e-summer schools. Their YouTube videos, such as the featured one, provide basic Dutch lessons, giving viewers a glimpse into the structure of their courses.

    By showcasing their product and sales process, prioritizes the customer experience. The sales video lets new customers visualize themselves engaging with the course material and assess whether it aligns with their learning preferences and goals.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Engaging animation style
    • Clear and concise messaging
    • Visually appealing graphics

    8. Interac Transit

    Quick Description: The explainer video from Interac Transit stands out as one of the best animation sales videos due to its effective demonstration of the payment services without using a voice-over.

    Instead, the short video creatively uses real-life situations and outdoor marketing imagery to explain and make the product stand out.

    The production company created video content with a unique story to grab the viewer’s attention and make the product more relatable and understandable.

    Overall, the animated video effectively showcases the simplicity and convenience of Interac Transit’s payment services through innovative animation techniques, making it a standout in sales animation videos.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • A bold decision to omit voice-over
    • Effective demonstration of payment service
    • Relatable real-life scenarios

    9. Cleveland Water

    Quick Description: Cleveland Water’s instructional video on detecting water leaks is an excellent example of leveraging the animated content to promote their service indirectly.

    While the primary aim is to educate consumers, the explainer video subtly exposes viewers to Cleveland Water’s expertise and commitment to providing quality water services.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Community engagement
    • Educational approach
    • Authenticity

    10. Bankwest

    Quick Description: Bankwest’s explainer sales video is a prime example of the effectiveness of short-form content featuring captivating visuals and a top-tier voice-over.

    The explainer video hooks viewers within the first 5 seconds with a surprising element. Also, the production company used high-quality visuals to enhance engagement.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Attention-grabbing
    • Efficient delivery
    • Fun andsStunning visuals

    11. Microsoft Enable

    Quick Description: Microsoft Enable’s video is an educational tool aimed at game developers, providing valuable insights into creating sales animation video games accessible to individuals with color blindness.

    Lasting three minutes, the explainer video offers a comprehensive overview of how Microsoft’s inclusive technologies can be integrated into game development processes to ensure a more inclusive gaming experience for all players.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Targeted audience
    • Focus on accessibility
    • Demonstrates expertise

    12. Parabol

    Quick Description: Parabol offers tools tailored for agile teams, facilitating activities like retrospectives, check-ins, and estimation meetings.

    In their concise video, they showcase how these tools help the sales teams identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to overcome challenges, even at tight timelines.

    The animated sales video production effectively communicates Parabol’s features despite the nuanced nature of the processes involved. Unlike text-based explanations, videos convey complex concepts by incorporating graphics, examples, and motion graphics.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Succinctly captures complex processes.
    • Utilizes graphics, examples, and motion graphics effectively
    • Successfully simplifies abstract concepts.

    13. Med Express

    Quick Description: Med Express’s 15-second animated sales video is a masterclass in concise branding and messaging. In just a quarter of a minute, the sales video production adeptly communicates the essence of Med Express’s urgent care services through clever animation and visual storytelling.

    Through seamless integration of their branding message with creative imagery, viewers are left with a lasting impression of Med Express’s commitment to providing prompt and efficient medical care.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Strong branding message conveyed in a short duration
    • Creative use of the urgent care symbol
    • Effective connection

    14. Capital One

    Quick Description: Capital One’s sales animation video introduces a new product and platform designed to assist frequent travelers in saving on travel expenses like flights, hotels, and rental cars.

    By seamlessly integrating the platform’s user interface (UI) into the scenes, the sales animation video showcases its features in real time, emphasizing its accessibility across devices.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Provides a realistic depiction of the service
    • Highlights the accessibility of the new service
    • Demonstrates the platform’s features in action

    15. Kroger

    Quick Description: Kroger’s animated sales video employs comedy effectively, featuring comical characters and an absurd 1980s aerobic theme.

    Despite not delving into the details of Kroger’s grocery pick-up service, the video’s humor makes it memorable and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Humorous characters and a catchy theme
    • Memorable and fun content
    • Increased brand recall among viewers

    What’s an Animated Sales Video?

    An animated sales video is a marketing tool that uses animation to promote a product, service, or brand.

    It typically involves using animated characters, graphics, and text to convey key messages, features, and benefits in an engaging and visually appealing way.

    These videos often explain complex concepts, showcase product features, or highlight a product’s or service’s sales cycle to potential customers.

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    Benefits of Having One For Your Business

    Increased Engagement

    Animated videos are visually dynamic and captivating, grabbing viewers’ attention more effectively than static images or plain text.

    The combination of vibrant colors, fluid sales animations, and compelling storytelling techniques keeps viewers engaged throughout the video and can be a sales funnel to generate more sales [2].

    Improved Understanding

    Complex ideas or features can be simplified and presented in a more digestible format through animation.

    By visually illustrating concepts, processes, or product or service functionalities, animated sales video production helps companies grasp information more easily, leading to better comprehension and increased sales.

    Enhanced Brand Awareness

    Animated videos provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality, values, and unique selling propositions and increase sales.

    Through consistent visual branding elements such as color schemes, logos, and character designs, animated sales videos reinforce brand identity, leave a lasting impression on viewers, and bring more sales.


    Animated videos can be repurposed and adapted for various marketing channels and platforms (company landing page), offering flexibility and versatility in reaching your target audience and bringing more sales.

    Whether shared on social media, embedded in email marketing campaigns, or featured on your website, animated explainer videos can effectively communicate your message across different mediums.


    Producing animated sales videos is often more cost-effective than live-action videos, requiring fewer resources and logistical considerations.

    With animation, you can create elaborate scenes, royalty-free music, concept art, dynamic characters, and immersive environments without the need for expensive sets, props, or actors, creating a budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes.

    Tips When Creating Animation Sales Videos

    • Define Your Objective: Clearly outline the purpose of sales animation videos, whether it’s to generate leads, increase sales and brand awareness, or drive conversions.
    • Know Your Audience: When doing sales animation videos, understand your target audience- their demographics, preferences, and pain points to tailor the impactful content for their business.
    • Craft a Compelling Story: Develop a captivating narrative that resonates with viewers and effectively communicates the value proposition of the product or service.
    • Incorporate Strong Visuals: Utilize high-quality graphics, animations, and illustrations to enhance the visual appeal of your video and reinforce key messages of their business.
    • Use Professional Voice-over: Invest in professional voice-over talent to deliver the script with clarity, emotion, and persuasion, enhancing the overall impact of the business video.
    • Add a Strong Call to Action (CTA): Clearly instruct viewers on the desired next step after watching sales animation videos, whether visiting your website, signing up for a trial, or making a purchase, to guide them toward company conversion [3].

    Why Work With Vidico

    Expertise and Experience

    From the very beginning, our team consists of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project.

    Our sales video production specialists, animators, and storytellers have honed their skills over years of working in the industry.

    With a deep understanding of video production techniques, animation principles, and storytelling strategies, our company ensure that every project we undertake will reach your target audience.

    Proven Track Record

    Over the years, Vidico has built a solid reputation for delivering award-winning sales animation videos. We have worked with numerous clients across various industries, helping them achieve their goals through impactful explainer videos.

    Our portfolio showcases a diverse collection of successful animated sales videos, each demonstrating our ability to create engaging and effective videos that resonate with the target audience.

    Transparent Pricing

    At Vidico, we believe in transparency and simplicity regarding pricing. Our straightforward pricing model ensures no hidden fees or surprises when making animated sales videos.

    With our VidiFit Quiz, clients can input their project details and receive an accurate quote based on their specific requirements, all free!


    What makes a good animated sales video?

    A good animated sales video effectively communicates the value proposition of a product or service using engaging visuals, concise messaging, and a compelling storyline.

    A good sales explainer video captures the audience’s attention, maintains their interest, and drives them toward the desired action, such as purchasing or signing up for a service.

    Do animated sales videos work?

    Yes, animated sales videos have proven highly effective in driving engagement, increasing conversions, and generating sales [4].

    A sales explainer video has the power of visuals and storytelling to convey complex information in a simple and accessible format, making it easier for viewers to understand and remember the key messages.

    Let’s Get Started

    Animation sales videos offer a dynamic and engaging way to showcase products or services, captivate audiences, and drive conversions.

    Businesses can effectively communicate their value proposition and influence consumer behavior by leveraging captivating visuals, compelling storytelling, and concise messaging.

    Ready to elevate your brand with a captivating animation sales video? Take the first step today by using VidiFit Quiz! Get a free consultation and estimate, and discover how our sales team can bring your vision to life with high-quality animation that drives results.


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