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3 ways to win big with full-funnel video marketing

Laura Chaves
March 8, 2023

Most companies struggle to get ROI from their video marketing efforts because they see video merely as a single tactic among many.

When in reality, video can serve as the cornerstone of a comprehensive marketing strategy and fuel your marketing funnel from top to bottom.

And that is how big companies like Snapchat, Instagram, and Apple are eating up their competitors.

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You’ll find:

  • 3 ways to go full-funnel with video marketing
  • How to handle objection with video?
  • Video marketing Q&A



How to win big with full-funnel video marketing.

1. Aligning marketing and sales using video.

The number #1 threat to your GTM strategy is misalignment between sales and marketing. Using video, you can source intent data, qualify accounts, and send them to sales.

You can also retarget accounts with video case studies and set up a multichannel approach as per your GTM plan.

To dive deeper learn more here.

2. Driving demand creation + capture using video.

Ever wondered why Snapchat, Apple, and Instagram don’t have a blog but invest heavily in their YouTube channels?

At a high level, video can help drive demand by educating and nurturing your audience. Consequently, it can fuel your demand capture by helping you showcase product use case and position your brand.

Learn more with our Complete Guide to Video Marketing Strategy

3. Fueling sales and product-led models using video.

Want to boost show ups and lead to close rate? Use video in every step of your sales sequence. Use a personalized video in your outbound email. Use a case study video to hook prospects before the meeting.

Want to drive product sign up and encourage users to self-serve? Use product demos to show them how. Record yourself using the tool and give them unknown tips to improve NPS score and usage metrics.

Learn more: Top 10 Marketing Goals Video Will Help You Accomplish.


Two video examples that handle objections the right way.

Freshbook: Tax Time

This video is a nice case of using video to target prospect down the funnel. It does a great job of reducing friction, handling objection, and turning low hanging fruits into customers.

Nutrislice: Menu Monster

This video is a masterclass on how to hook your audience and portray their pain point in a way that’s relatable. It does a great job at keeping you curious across the line.


Relevant video marketing news.

  • For marketers: Social media giant YouTube launched AdBlitz 2023, its curated library of Super Bowl LVII commercials.  >>> Read more
  • For advertisers: TikTok recently introduced Video Insights, their Google Analytics for TikTok videos — allowing publishers and creators to get granular data about their video content. >>> Read more
  • For SaaS marketers: YouTube Shorts are still unexplored with only 25% of SaaS brands investing in them. >>> Read more


Q: Our sales people struggle to hit quota. How video can help them be more performant?

A: Absolutely! Your reps can use video to reduce no-show rate in a drastic way. By simply recording a 1-min video and sending it to the prospect 2 hours before the meeting.

Reps can also personalize their outreach by using video in their outbound activities. >>> Learn more


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