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10 Best Meet the Team Video Examples For Your Company (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 2, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

“Meet the Team” videos are short presentations or compilations typically created by organizations or companies to introduce their team members to the audience.

These videos showcase the individuals who work within the company, highlighting their roles, talents, backgrounds, skills, and personalities.

We’ve scoured the internet to compile a selection of standout ‘Meet-the-Team’ videos, each offering a unique window into the people who make these companies thrive.


    Top 10 Meet the Team Videos Worth Watching

    1. Life at Vidico

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: The “Meet the Team” video for Vidico provides an engaging glimpse into the company’s culture and the people behind their professional projects. It showcases the team’s diverse range of projects, collaborative spirit, and vibrant culture.

    The tone of the video is positive, enthusiastic, and relatable, making viewers feel part of the conversation. Individual team members express their passion for video production and excitement about the various projects they work on.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Seamless transitions
    • The human element, script, and video content have a personal touch.
    • It includes footage from diverse Vidico projects, which establish expertise.

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    2. Google

    Quick Description: “Meet the Doodlers” is an insightful video by Google that introduces you to the talented team members of the Google Doodle team [2].

    In less than 120 seconds, you can learn about their artistic inspirations, favorite Doodles, and how Doodles have sparked creativity in thousands of young artists.

    It is an excellent example of how employees enjoy working in their studio. Using it as a recruitment video can be a great idea, too!

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Unique artistic stories
    • Educational and inspirational impact
    • The casual and relatable tone of every team member adds personal engagement.

    3. Dropbox

    Quick Description: This Dropbox recruitment video is one of the finest examples. It’s a humorous, high-quality production that genuinely engages the audience.

    The video features enthusiastic employees sharing their love for Dropbox, emphasizing the positive culture, balanced lifestyle, and diverse, dedicated team.

    It’s a compelling showcase of how to attract talent and potential employees effectively.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Humor and Authenticity
    • Employees’ testimonials establish trust and credibility.
    • Dropbox doesn’t just talk about its perks; it shows them in action.

    4. Macmillan

    Quick Description: Macmillan’s creative “Meet the Team” video shines with its focused, concise, and informative approach. Wendy Wilkinson, an occupational therapist, takes center stage, providing a clear insight into her role at Macmillan and the diverse support options available to cancer patients.

    The video effectively showcases Wendy’s dedication to rehabilitation, emphasizing the significance of setting future patient well-being goals.

    While featuring only one team member, Wendy’s presence creates a personal and relatable connection with viewers.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • While it features one person, her presence establishes a personal connection.
    • The video uses visual references to illustrate Macmillan’s range of care and support.
    • The company provided a clear overview of Wendy’s role and the support available in a unique approach.

    5. Amazon

    Quick Description: Amazon’s People Technology team is breaking new ground by developing in-house solutions for employee connectivity, offering an exceptional opportunity to drive impactful change on a large scale.

    Instead of relying on third-party systems, Amazon’s People Technology team is leading the way in making proprietary solutions, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and self-sufficiency.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • In-House Innovation
    • Transformative Impact
    • Amazon’s company culture encourages ambitious thinking.

    6. Southbank International School

    Quick Description: Southbank International School’s “Meet the Team” video is a compelling film that showcases a diverse representation of the school community, including teachers and pupils.

    It effectively conveys the school’s values, emphasizing creativity, innovation, and freedom in teaching and learning. The video’s strength lies in its concise and unique testimonials, highlighting the school’s distinctive educational approach.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Diverse Perspectives
    • Emphasis on Freedom and Innovation
    • Inclusive and Collaborative Atmosphere

    7. Bolt

    Quick Description: Bolt, a small Estonian startup, has rapidly evolved into Europe’s fastest-growing tech company. In this dynamic video, Bolt’s employees share the company’s story and the diverse range of services they get to do for the company.

    The video highlights Bolt’s incredible speed and agility in the tech industry and media junction, from adding millions of customers in record time to launching multiple new business lines.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Bolt’s success is attributed to its unique team culture, where every team member acts as an owner.
    • The company’s commitment to employee development is evident as individuals share their career progression.
    • It highlights Bolt’s innovative approach and willingness to diversify its offerings.

    8. Roche Partnerships

    Quick Description: Roche Partnerships’ “Meet the Team” video offers a unique approach by focusing on the company’s mission and its impactful work within the healthcare industry.

    The video begins with interviewees describing the company in three words, making an engaging and enthusiastic start. Individual employees get to help build trust and encourage potential clients to work with them.

    Rather than highlighting workplace facilities or culture, the video emphasizes Roche Partnerships’ dedication to solving significant healthcare challenges.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Strategic Focus – significant healthcare challenges and making a difference
    • It demonstrates the company’s holistic and collaborative approach to healthcare improvement.
    • Showcases amour for improving patient care, outcomes, and healthcare system efficiency

    9. Adobe Creative Cloud

    Quick Description: Adobe Creative Cloud introduces the passionate individuals behind their the most beloved products [3].

    This video showcases the diverse and talented team that develops these creative apps. Their enthusiasm for their work is evident from designers to developers, making them as diverse and skilled as the customers they serve.

    The video highlights the team’s passion for their work, whether it’s finding bugs, designing, coding, or managing projects. Their genuine enthusiasm for Adobe’s creative apps is contagious.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • User-Centric Approach
    • Showcases the team’s awareness of this impact and their dedication
    • Impactful creativity

    10. Bright

    Quick Description: The video captures the essence of an energetic and fun-filled work culture. It begins with employees starting their day, showcasing their morning routines and hobbies. They can still pursue creative passions, have fun at work, and enjoy working -the team member’s lifestyle balance is evident.

    What truly sets Bright apart is their work’s evident joy and fun. Laughter, collaboration, and a shared sense of purpose fill the office. The enthusiasm of every team member is infectious, as they find joy not only in their tasks but also in each other’s company.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Showcases balance, which encourages potential candidates to join the team
    • It captures the essence of a fun and collaborative workplace.
    • The choice of upbeat and energetic music adds to the video’s liveliness.

    Benefits of Having A Meet the Team Video

    1. Personal Connection: It humanizes your brand and allows potential customers, clients, or partners to connect with the faces behind your business. People prefer doing business with companies they feel a personal connection to.
    2. Builds Trust: Seeing the team members and their credentials fosters trust. It adds credibility to your company and reassures viewers that they are dealing with real professionals.
    3. Transparency: A “Meet the Team” video demonstrates transparency and openness, which are essential in today’s business landscape. It shows that you have nothing to hide and are proud to introduce your team.
    4. Showcases Expertise: You can highlight every team member’s expertise, skills, and experience. This can be especially beneficial in industries where knowledge and qualifications matter.
    5. Improves Brand Identity: A well-produced video can reflect the company culture and values. It can help establish and reinforce your brand identity, making it more recognizable and appealing.
    6. Recruitment Tool: It can serve as a recruitment tool, attracting employees who resonate with your team’s personalities and the work environment you show in the post.
    7. Better Communication: Internally, a “Meet the Team” video can improve communication among team members. It allows employees to get to know each other better, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.
    8. Marketing Asset: You can use the video across various marketing channels – on your website, social media links, email campaigns, media junction, and presentations. It adds depth to your marketing strategy and can increase engagement.
    9. Enhanced SEO: Videos can improve your website’s search engine ranking. Including a “Meet the Team” video can contribute to better SEO results and increased online visibility.
    10. Memorable Content: Videos are often more memorable than text or images. People are more likely to remember the faces and names of every team member after watching a video [4].
    11. Competitive Edge: Not all companies invest in “Meet the Team” videos. Having one can give you a competitive edge, making your organization stand out.
    12. Global Reach: Videos can reach the world and be understood by people of different languages and cultures, broadening your audience.

    3 Creative Ideas For Your Video

    1. Showcasing Team Dynamics & Culture

    Instead of merely introducing team members with static images and titles, consider a dynamic video that brings your workplace to life. Capture candid moments of your team collaborating, problem-solving, or even sharing light-hearted moments around the office.

    Let the audience see the camaraderie, energy, and company culture that make your workplace unique and fun. This approach humanizes your organization and helps viewers connect emotionally with your brand.

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    2. Incorporating Employee Interviews or Voiceovers

    Employee interviews or voiceovers add a personal touch to your “Meet the Team” video. It’s an opportunity for team members to share their experiences and perspectives directly with your audience.

    Consider asking team member’s roles, what they love most about working, and how they contribute to your company’s mission. These authentic insights create a genuine connection and

    3. Integrating Supplementary Footage (B-rolls)

    Incorporate supplementary footage, often called B-rolls, to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling of your “Meet the Team” video. While introducing team members, show them in action.

    Capture moments highlighting their expertise, whether a designer working on a project, a developer writing code, or a customer support specialist assisting a client. These action shots make your video more engaging and communicate your team’s skills and dedication.

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    What is a meet-the-team video?

    A meet-the-team or about us video is a multimedia presentation that introduces the team member or leadership team to an audience.

    These videos serve as a visual tool to show the individuals who make up the team, offering insights into their roles, backgrounds, and personalities.

    Instead of putting up individual photos and creative team member’s short bio on the team page or website, using videos and sharing little fun facts about them would be an excellent idea.

    They will feel more seen and well-valued by the company if they get involved, similar to how the company shows off its services.

    What is the purpose of a meet-the-team video?

    First and foremost, these videos aim to humanize the organization by putting faces to the company. By showcasing the people behind the scenes, they create a sense of relatability and authenticity, helping build rapport with the audience.

    Additionally, it serves as a means to highlight the expertise and qualifications of a team member, reinforcing the organization’s credibility and competence.

    They can also be used for recruitment purposes where potential candidates or collaborators can watch the company’s culture, professional and personal values, and team dynamics, aiding them in making informed decisions about joining the organization.

    In Conclusion

    Meet-the-team videos have become a powerful tool for organizations to establish connections, foster trust, and humanize on point.

    Through these engaging visual presentations, viewers gain insight into the individuals who drive the organization’s success, their expertise, and the culture that defines them.

    From corporate giants to innovative startups, these videos have become a staple in showcasing the human side of businesses.

    If you like your compelling meet-the-team video, look no further than Vidico. With our track record of producing high-quality, impactful videos, we’re here to bring your vision to reality. Best of all, you can get started by using our VidiFit Quiz for a free estimate.


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