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Video Production: 3 Trends for 2024 That You Should Know

Michael Pirone
August 11, 2019

The State of Video in 2024

First-Person Broadcasts

Telling your story directly to camera resembles an engaged 1:1 conversation that you’d have with a friend or family member. Add emotionality to the mix, and this direct format of speaking someone directly into the camera is extremely engaging (and quick to produce).

We see this being implemented widely across Linkedin, but are also looking forward to more video conversations happening internally too — think your Slack feed, or a quick recap from your manager to save time in meetings.

We’re amped to see first-person video really take off in the workplace — think what difference this will mean to teams that work remotely! waving hand

Production Tip: We like using Loom for our first-person video recording.

From a production perspective, this type of content is quick and easy to produce, but has huge upside when it comes learning and education. We think everyone could benefit from producing and engaging with 1st-person video content.

Typography, Sound-Off & Accessibility

Video is continuing to make up the clear majority of internet traffic — consumers and businesses can’t get enough of it. Though with more and more content, comes considerations like: how will the video retain value in sound-off environments, social feeds, and conference screens where there’s no audio to help tell the story?

We recommend integrating text into the narrative instead of leaving it as a simple afterthought. If you can work on creating a harmonious relationship between your designs, and your copy on-screen, you’re really ahead of the curve, and are maximising the reach you can have with your content — both online and offline.

For our videos with Square — text is always an essential tool in our storytelling.

We’re excited by this trend not only because it’s a step toward making your video content accessible, but also because better captioning means meeting your audience’s needs where ever they are. There’s both a win from the marketing point-of-view, and for the viewer experience.

Vertical Video

Back in 2017, the number of mobile video views overtook the amount of video consumed on desktop (Netflix included! astonished face) . It might not feel all that surprising considering how much time we spend on our phones, but that’s a pretty incredible statistic.

With more and more people watching content in a vertical frame, there are some really interesting creative opportunities that arise from a video production perspective. Our quick ideas are:

  • Vision of apps — and having this vision cut to real-live footage. Our mobile phone usage is highly personal, so having audiences see this is super cool.
  • Strange angles — like a camera coming out of your pocket or being left on a seat.
  • Realism — the lo-fi nature of the content could yield really convincing docu-style narratives that appear very real.

We’re absolutely ecstatic for the remainder of 2023 — with apps like Ficto (for short vertical video mobile series), we are seeing a very interesting time in the world of video production and video marketing.

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The State of Video Marketing 2024

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