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Video Production for Business in 2024: Complete Guide

Michael Pirone
November 17, 2019

Introduction to Video Production For Business

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a library.” These words are spoken by no other than Srinivas Narayanan, the Director of Machine Learning at Facebook. This statement is backed by studies that state that 45% of people spend more than an hour per week watching a video on Facebook and Youtube

But what does this have to do with your business? You will be happy to know that Forbes reported that 90% of consumers claim that they rely on videos in making buying decisions

Based on these statistics, it is safe to conclude that the use of videos presents an ideal marketing opportunity for all different types of businesses. Without a doubt, this is the perfect time for you to harness the power of video in promoting your business.

But which type of business video production do you need for your company? To help you out, we have put together this monster guide to video production for businesses that will break down the different types of videos available, what they’re good for, and how they can benefit you.

Explainer Videos

Let us take a closer look at one of the most popular types of corporate video this 2023 — the explainer video.

Explainer videos are short videos that businesses use to tell people about who they are and what they do. Above all, they aim to introduce the products and services to their target customers and demonstrate how they can solve their problems and make their lives easier.

Explainer videos deliver a simple story that conveys a bigger message—the sole purpose of the business. In short, they tell the viewers the reason why a business exists and give them a better idea of what a company does and why their products and services matter.   

Last but not least, explainer videos are designed to explain complicated topics in a much more understandable and engaging manner.

For an explainer video to be compelling, it must have three parts:

  • Part 1: Identify the pain point.

Start with introducing a problem, emphasising the viewer’s pain-points. Try to talk about scenarios that your viewers can relate to so you can capture their attention in 5-7 secs.

  • Part 2: Give them a solution.

In the next 15-20 secs, talk about what are the possible solutions to their problems. Give them ways on how they can address the pain points you have mentioned.

  • Part 3: Demonstrate how your products can be useful to them.

Now that you have hooked them in by introducing a solution, it’s time that you reveal what your product is and how it can help solve their problem. You can dedicate the next 60-90 seconds of your explainer video to this segment of your narrative.


Why Explainer Videos Work

Here are the most common reasons why explainer videos can be considered as an effective marketing tool:

They are short.

The shorter the video, the more engaged and attentive the viewer will be. As a result, it will be easier for them to understand and retain the information you have provided.

They engagingly explain complex ideas.

Explainer videos feature interesting and captivating visual effects that can help make the viewer understand your products and services (no matter how complicated these are) a lot better. Moreover, you can take advantage of different animation techniques and graphics to explain complex concepts in a way that will allow the viewer to understand it better.

They appeal to the viewer’s emotions and experience.

Most explainer videos use characters that perfectly match your personas, highlighting the pain points that your customers can relate to. As a result, you can connect to your target customers at an emotional level.

How They Can Benefit You

  • 95% of consumers watch explainer videos to know more about companies’ products and services.
  • 76% of marketers say that explainer videos helped them boost their sales.

With these results, there is no doubt that explainer videos are useful marketing tools. But how can these help your business?

Here are some ways:

Establish brand credibility.

Explainer videos are beneficial for both startups and multinational companies. For small businesses, they can use the videos to position themselves as trustworthy companies that their customers can rely on. On the other hand, big companies can use the videos to humanize themselves and connect to their client pool.

Expand your audience reach and brand visibility.

Since people can connect to your videos on a personal level, it is more likely that they will share it not just with their friends but on their social media pages as well. Because of this, you will be visible on various social media platforms, reaching more people, and making your brand more visible.

Boost conversion rates.

These videos show that your business cares for and caters to their needs. In return, they would care about your business too. The most common way to show their concern is to patronize your products. In fact, explainer videos have been shown to increase conversion rates by 20%.


Explainer Video Example: Acast

(You can visit the full case study here)

One explainer video project that we produced was for Acast, one of the most popular podcast marketplaces in the market today. In this 54-second video, we highlighted all the fantastic things Acast can provide the podcast owner—user-friendly management system, highly advanced analytics, one-click distribution to all platforms, and easy-to-navigate ad marker tool.

From the start, we had already determined that the video needs to have a unique illustrative style. Moreover, we focused on the tone of the voice for the entire video. We decided that it should be friendly, natural, and calming.

Today, you can find this video uploaded on all of the marketing channels of Acast.

Here’s another of our favourite videos for Botcentral:

Software Walkthrough Videos

Walkthrough videos are also called video tutorials and instructional videos. This type of video production is designed to guide and assist other people in manoeuvring and operating a software program, app, or similar product.

This kind of video production features a screen recording of your software program and how it is operated to accomplish the desired process. It is usually accompanied by a voice-over which explains what needs to be done.


Why Software Walkthrough Videos Work

If your main purpose is to educate, there is nothing better than a walkthrough video. Data shows that learners remember 50% of what they see and hear and only 10% of what they read. Here are some of the reasons walkthrough videos are so effective:

  • They appeal to different types of learners.

Some people are visual learners, while others are auditory learners. Some people can be both. The good thing about walkthrough videos is that they cater to both styles of learning.

  • They are readily available.

Only a few people can fully comprehend the software operation process in just one sitting. The good thing about using a tutorial video is that viewers can easily access and watch it again if they missed a pointer or forgot a step. In short, you can access the video anytime!

  • They are accessible on multiple devices.

Another great thing about walkthrough videos is that you can watch them almost on all devices—laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. This makes it easy for the learner to watch the videos on the go, allowing them to learn wherever life takes them.

  • They are shareable.

According to Orion 21, videos are shared 1200% more times than text and links combined. This is because videos are more engaging for viewers. If a picture paints a thousand words, can you imagine how much more a video can deliver?

When done right, a video can easily discuss and demonstrate even the most complicated process. If a person watches a compelling walkthrough video, they will have that “aha!” moment that prompts them to share with friends and family.


How They Can Benefit You

What are the possible benefits that a walkthrough video can provide you with? Here are some of them:

Take the user experience into a whole new level.

No matter how good a software program is, it would be put to waste if the user doesn’t know how to operate it. It will be a frustration both for the user and your company.

Using an instructional video, you can educate your customers on how to use and make the most out of what your product has to offer. The more information they have about the product, the better the user experience will be, and the more satisfied they will be with what you are offering.

After all, there is no better way to teach your clients how to use your products and to explain how valuable your products are than showing them how it works.

Convert leads into sales.

Many companies consider instructional videos as a tremendous bottom-of-the-funnel marketing strategy. At this point in the marketing process, the consumer has already narrowed down their selection to a few software programs.

When you show them how to use your app, they will be able to see how user-friendly the interface is, which can facilitate them in choosing you over the competition. Besides, instructional videos increase customer retention, and studies show that a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25% or more.


Software Walkthrough Example: Acast Advance

(You can read up on the full project here)

One software walkthrough that we created was for Acast. Using the same animation style we used from our ACast explainer video (which have become their main brand animation), we explained and simplified the process on how users can use Acast to book campaigns.

For this project, our main goal was engagement and retention. To achieve that, we employed a combination of motion graphics, animation, and product screenshots. It’s about reducing churn if your company operates as a SaaS model, and ensuring that on-boarding is smooth. We like to think of it as the quickest way to take a beginner to an intermediate when it comes to a new user that engages with your product.


App Videos

Do you want the world to know about the app you worked so hard for? An app video may be what you need!

App videos are like explainer videos in the sense that they explain what an app is all about and give the user a better understanding of how the app can help with their lives. Most app video productions talk about how it is used, where to get it, and how it can benefit the user. Above all, the video highlights the need for the app in more of a product-focused manner.

Why App Videos Work

What makes this type of video production effective? They provide insight into your app’s purpose.

The first thing that people need to know about your product is what it does. No one will purchase a product if they don’t know what it is for.

When done right, an app video production can tell about the objective of your app in a clear, incisive, and practical manner. As a result, your audience will not have to guess or try to figure out what it is about on their own.

Important Distinction: they highlight the practical benefits of your app.

Most app videos (that are actually effective) don’t showcase an endless list of app features. Instead, these videos highlight the practical benefits of the app. They show the audience how the app can save them time and money, entertain them, and make their lives easier.

How They Can Benefit You

Even Google and Apple have recognized the growing impact of a video in an effort to drive further app downloads — and that is why they have allowed app developers to upload videos on their app stores in the first place.  Here are some of the ways on how you can benefit from producing app videos:

  • Boost your app visibility.

When users open their App Store or Google Play Store, the first thing that would welcomes them are app videos. Users are most likely to be intrigued by an app they usually see instead of researching for apps they have never heard of.

Studies show that videos increase customer awareness by 74%. When they have a better understanding of what your app does, there is a high chance that they will download and use it.

  • Convert viewers into downloaders and users.

Statistics show that videos boost the conversion rates of app downloads by 85%. This is because the video highlights the practical benefits of the app and creates a need that most people didn’t think they had. By bringing clarity to your app, people will better understand how it works and how it can benefit them.

  • Establish brand identity.

Great app videos feature a small logo of your company or an icon of your app in each frame. This ensures that they will be able to remember your brand and app. If they loved your first app, establishing your brand identity increases your chances that they will go looking for your company once they need similarly related apps.

Better brand identity will lead to more returning customers, which is always good for any business!


App Video Example: SHIFT Go

(You can see the full case study here.

One app video that we created was for, a video collaboration and management app for the post-production of videos. In this project, our primary goal is to talk about how their app works and how it can benefit the user.

To do that, we first focused on the core problems that most video producers experience, then we talked about the app benefits—real-time updates, feedback, and comments on the go, and availability of data on all platforms.

Since we wanted to showcase the app content, we used abstract and dark backgrounds. As a result, the emphasis is on the app alone and what it can do.


Brand Videos

Brand videos have been popular marketing tools for decades. If your company still doesn’t have one, here is everything you need to know about why you need one.

What They Are: From its name, this type of video production is focused on communicating your brand message. This is designed not necessarily to promote or talk about your product but to tell the viewers about your brand story, core values, and mission in life. 

Why They Work: Why should you incorporate brand videos in your marketing toolbox? Simple — because they work!

  • They are perceived to be authentic and informative.

Today, people are looking for businesses that they can trust. There is no better way to win over their trust than to show how authentic you are. The good thing about brand videos is that they are less like advertising. They indeed inform people about the brand in a form of a story that fosters authenticity and honesty that many people love.

  • They add value to the viewer.

As mentioned, this video is designed to tell a story, and people love stories. In short, it provides the user content that they want to see and watch. When done right, the video will not just be informative but entertaining as well. The entertainment factor can add value to the user that becomes associated with your brand as a whole. 

  • They appeal to viewers’ emotions. 

Brand videos do not show or list the reasons why they are better than their competitors. Instead, they aim to make an emotional connection with the viewer.


How They Can Benefit You

Here are some of the ways that this type of video can help a business grow: 

  • Boost brand recall.

Mainly, brand videos are produced in a way that they feel less like advertising than a lot of other business videos. Despite that, studies show that brand videos lead can result in a 59% better brand recall than other video ads.  This is because this video tells a story, and all consumers love to hear one.

  • Enhance brand recognition.

Brand videos are perfect for startups who want to be recognized. A great brand video can spark conversations about your brand and, ultimately, generate brand awareness.


Brand Video Example: Koala

See the full case study here.

We partnered with Koala in producing a brand video that shows how the company started, the challenges they went through, what the goal of their company is, and how particular they are with the materials that they use. All of this information was delivered in a fun and comedic way, in an energised, fast-paced edit.

For this video production, we created an almost 3-minute long brand video. You might think that’s a little bit too long, but the way it was delivered did the trick. The video garnered 1.3 million views across Facebook and Youtube, with an average watch time of 2 minutes!


Here’s another example of us using humour for this explainer video for Vervoe:


High-Volume Content

Are you considering incorporating lots of video content in your marketing strategy? We like your thinking, as long we can focus on keeping the quality high.

High-volume content is not a single video. It is a video marketing strategy that distributes your messaging across shorter forms of video. When Vidico partners with a company on high-volume content, we deliver video content at regular intervals, such as monthly or weekly. As a result, you will be able to build a library of videos that you can easily share in your social media pages whenever you need to.

Why They Work

  • They are shorter.

The shorter the videos, the higher the chances that the viewers will watch it. According to Hubspot, most videos should be less than 2 minutes long for people to watch them. Hubspot even identified the ideal length for the most popular social platforms: less than 30 seconds for Instagram, less than 45 seconds for Twitter, less than 1 minute for Facebook, and less than 2 minutes for YouTube.

  • They convey the message more clearly.

With a high-volume video content strategy, you will be able to deliver your message using plenty of short videos. This means that you do not have to squeeze in everything you need to say in just a 2-minute video. As a result, you will be able to deliver your message much more clearly over an extended period of time. 

How They Can Benefit You

Whether you like it or not, content is still king, and having lots of video content on your site can deliver the following benefits:

  • Add value to your user.

Most people visit a website to find content that can be useful for them, whether it’s a how-to video, tip and trick article, or something else. If they don’t find anything new, you will lose them forever. Having lots of videos or content on your site brings the value that they are looking for.

  • Improve your site ranking.

The more updates your website has, the higher your chance that your search engine ranking will improve. Besides, the more videos you place on your website, the more SEO keywords your website will have, and the more shareable your content will be. That is something search engines will surely notice.

  • Extend the viewers’ stay on your website.

The longer visitors stay on your website, the lower your bounce rate will be. Search engines love lower bounce rates because this means that you are providing quality content to your visitors. Furthermore, the longer they stick around, the more likely they are to convert into customers.

High Volume Content Example: Oscar


These two videos from Oscar are textbook examples of how high-volume content can be used to distribute and test for specific messaging. They usually consist of only a few lines of dialogue, and two to three scenes in total.

Product Videos

Want the world to know more about your product? Creating a product video is the best move that you can take.

What They Are: Product videos are designed to demonstrate how a product can help the client. This category of video production shows how a product works, allowing the viewer to see the benefits of the product in action.

It is like a combination of explainer video (because it explains the benefits of the products) and a video tutorial (and at the same time, highlights the features of the products too).

Why They Work: Here are three things that make this type of video a great marketing tool.

  • They point out the problem and provide the solution.

The majority of a company’s marketing budget is allocated to two things: (1) looking for people with the problems that your product can solve and (2) persuading people that they have the problem that your product can solve.

A product video is the best way to highlight your product’s unique selling proposition or how your product can solve a niche market issue.

  • They demonstrate the product’s features in a more interesting perspective.

A great product video shows the features of a product in a more engaging way. It doesn’t just list down its features. Instead, it demonstrates how these features can be incorporated in the daily lives of the viewers.

  • They answer user questions.

When done right, a product video *can address and answer all questions the user may have about the product*. The video can provide detailed information on the product’s specifications, how it is operated, and the features that it has, providing the user a closer look at the product.

How They Can Benefit You

This type of video production offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminate consumer doubt.

By showing that your product is real and working well, you can eliminate any consumer doubt. The demonstration of your product can help establish customer trust and brand credibility.

  • Widen your audience reach.

Videos are highly sharable, so posting a video on your website and business page increases your chances of your content being shared in social media. More shares mean more people will watch your video and know more about your product.

  • Boost your sales and conversion. 

Studies show that retailers have improved their conversions by up to 160% with the use of the product videos. This may be due to the combination of all of the benefits that we have listed above.


Product Video Example: Amazon & Olikka

One of our favorite product video projects is the one for the Self-Service Hub for Amazon Workspaces. In this video, we showed how the hub could be useful in the office environment. We shot the video in just a single environment to establish consistency. It also incorporated a combination of voice-overs and a few character dialogues to demonstrate how the product is operated.


Careers Videos

If you want to find the top-tier talent for your company, you may want to consider making a careers video.

What They Are: A careers video, also known as a recruitment video, is a type of video production used by companies to show prospective applicants the company culture, the office environment, the organizational chart, and all the other reasons people should work for them.

This is also frequently used by companies to talk about the various positions available and the criteria that they are looking for in an applicant.

Why They Work: By using this type of video production, many companies can get more qualified applicants and find the right fit for their company. Recruitment agencies reported having 800% more engagement with job ads that have an embedded video. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • They provide detailed information about your company and the available job position.

Recruitment videos feature employees talking about the company and the different areas in your office. Videos also provide pertinent information about the available job position, so this gives the applicant an idea of what it will be like to work in your company.

In short, recruitment videos do not just talk about the company culture—they show it.

  • They ensure a cultural fit.

A careers video features the daily happenings in your workplace and the type of people who are working for your company. With this honest and transparent representation of your company, it will be easier for the potential applicant to determine whether or not they perfect your office culture.

  • They improve the candidate experience.

Careers videos can also be used in the later stages of the recruitment process. You can use this to send a differentiated message to applicants, promoting a more personalized communication process. This can make the candidate experience go much more smoothly.

How They Can Benefit You

Studies show that 63% of organizations are now using recruitment videos. This is because these videos offer the following benefits:

  • Reach out to more candidates.

Videos are a lot more sharable than text or links. If you incorporate videos in your job posts, more people will watch and share it. Because of this, your post will reach more applicants, get more views, and increase your chances of finding the right fit.

  • Boost your employer brand.

In these videos, you can share your company story, values, and show your employee value proposition. Because of this, you can position yourself as a great employer that people would love to work for.

  • Save money on recruitment.

Producing a video can be a bit costly, but the good news is you can easily reuse those videos anytime. You also do not have to pay for radio announcements, newspaper placements, or TV commercials every time you need a new employee.

Careers Video Example: Airwallex

We created the Careers Video for Airwallex, a company that provides the user with a platform for creating global currency accounts so he can gain access to exchange rates from more than 130 countries.

The goal of this video is to give applicants a visual insight into their office culture and company mission. To achieve that, we implemented a fun yet professional aesthetic that shows off the company’s culture and core principles. Also, we featured some employees who talked about the company’s collaborative and nurturing environment.


Case Study Videos

Do you want to show potential clients how reliable and effective your services and products are? Using case study videos is the best way to go to showcase your real results.

What They Are: Case study videos help to prove brand credibility by showing the company’s effectiveness or success in handling their previous projects. This type of video production provides details about the problem encountered by the former client, the strategies implemented by the company, and the metrics which show the effectiveness of the solution provided.

Why They Work: Case study videos have become a marketing staple for most businesses, and this is due to the following reasons.

  • They provide real-life examples.

Case studies take user reviews into a whole new level. These days, it is easy to create and produce fake reviews, and that is why they are considered to be less credible by customers. On the other hand, videos show that your company has helped real people or companies in measurable ways. That is more trustworthy than any online review.

  • They show your company’s success.

No, they don’t just tell the story of how your company was established or how you developed your first product. They talk about what matters—the story of how your products or services have successfully helped other people.

These videos provide prospective clients proof that what you are offering can provide them something they can benefit from.

  • They focus on the customer.

Case study videos demonstrate the process and result that a customer goes through when they use your product or retain your services.  In short, this video is not based on what you want to tell your customer—it is about what the clients want to say about your company. That is one perspective that other people would want to know about.

How They Can Benefit You

More and more companies are producing case study videos to reap the following benefits:

  • Establish your company’s experience and expertise in your industry.

This type of video production demonstrates your in-depth knowledge about your industry and how you use it to achieve amazing results for your customers. This can build your company’s reputation, encouraging prospective clients to trust your brand more.

  • Attract more leads and increase sales.

Success stories attract prospective clients who can relate and also want to have the same experience that your previous customers enjoyed. The people who will be attracted to your case study video are already at the end of the sales funnel system. Your case study video can convert them from a simple lead into a sale.

Case Study Example: Oliver Hume


We collaborated with Oliver Hume in telling his company’s story and how they have impacted the Australian real estate market. Initially, it was supposed to be a brand commercial, but in the end, it showed the company from the perspective of the Oliver Hume core team.

The video showed more than just the appearance of a property. It showed the company’s focus on customer service and experience.  This case study video was even shown at the annual UDIA awards.


Crowdfunding Videos

Do you want to reach out to people who will help you turn your fantastic idea into reality? Crowdfunding videos are a must in this modern method of launching a new product.

What They Are: These days, crowdfunding campaigns have become an excellent way for people to raise funds for developing their great ideas and turning them into an actual product. The goal of crowdfunding videos is to present your idea to people in a fun and unique way. This type of video production provides information about your project—the product you plan to develop, the benefits that it can offer, and how much money you need.  

Why They Work

According to Indiegogo, campaigns that have pitch videos raise 114% more funds than those campaigns without a video ad. These statistics highlight the effectiveness of using a crowdfunding video. But why does this type of video production work? Here are some of the reasons: 

  • They are more compelling than a sales pitch. 

With a video, you can deliver an audio-visual pitch to your audience. This greatly trumps a written sales pitch, no matter how carefully crafted it is. 

A written sales pitch can talk about the product, but a video sales pitch will show the users how the product is used and how it can help make their daily lives a lot easier. With a written sales pitch, people have to use their imagination. With a video, you are sure that you are getting your point across.

Also read: What is a VSL in Marketing?

  • They show professionalism.

Yes, a small portion of your audience may not watch the video. But most of them will think that you are not presenting your product professionally if you don’t have a video to offer. They may also think that you are willing to cut corners to save money. This can significantly affect how they will perceive your product. 

Having a crowdfunding video exhibits professionalism and shows your target clients that you are willing to invest in your product, which will compel them to do so as well. 

  • They establish trust in your product.

Most people don’t like investing in crowdfunding campaigns simply because they cannot picture or imagine how the product will turn out to be. With a video, you can show them how it looks and how it is used. Showing how the product is developed is one good way to assure people that they will not be investing in a pipe dream. 


How They Can Benefit You

As per Fundera’s statistics, there were about 6,455,080 crowdfunding campaigns last year. Among these campaigns, only 22.4% were able to raise the funds that they need for their projects. 

With all the clutter in crowdfunding platforms, how can you ensure that your campaign will stand out? Experts claim that the best way to do that is to create a crowdfunding video to make the most of your campaign:

  • Tell your company’s story.

Crowdfunding videos also provide information about the company to the audience. This creates a connection between you and your prospective client, enabling them to trust you more. Keep in mind that people would not give money to someone they don’t believe in, so you need to put a face in your company.

  • Reach out to more people.

When done right, the video can appeal to people’s emotions and experiences. And if the audience likes what they see and believe that it can be useful to them and other people, they are more likely to share it and make your campaign go viral.

And if you curate your video to exhibit how the product can be used in various applications, you will not just get lots of viewers—you can get lots of investors as well! 

Example Crowdfunding Video: Emotech 


One crowdfunding video that we have produced is for Emotech’s Olly, the first robot’s assistant with a personality. In the video, we showed how Olly could help you with your daily routine—waking up, working out, listening to music, and so much more. We helped Emotech to achieve a raising of $497,000 AUD. 

The video also highlights how Olly is different from all the others. It can anticipate your needs, it boasts crystal clear audio, and its personality evolves uniquely to match the needs of each individual user.

In the end, we decided to demonstrate how Olly will be developed through the statements of the innovative professionals behind his design. You read up on more of our kickstarters here.

Final Words

In the age where the Internet rules the marketing space, videos are the most powerful weapons for your business arsenal. However, a successful video marketing campaign is not just about determining which of the video production types mentioned are most suitable for your needs. You also need to find a video production company that can find the best way to capture your unique message in a full multi-media video.

Our video production company is comprised of designers, directors, and technologists who believe that videos should tell a story in the most stunning and attention-catching way possible. 

We have already worked with a wide variety of big-name companies from Melbourne to San Francisco, and we take pride in employing research, a wide array of software and hardware, and advanced industry technologies to give your business a video that can engage your viewers and compel them to convert into loyal clients.

Work with us in creating something memorable. If you want to know more about our services and what we can do for your company, feel free to call us on 03 9088 0763 or request a custom quote online today.

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