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20+ Interesting Short Form Video Statistics & Trends (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 29, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

A recent study by Microsoft discovered that the typical internet user now has an attention span of just 8 seconds. Surprisingly, this is even shorter than the attention span of a goldfish!

So, it is no surprise that over 90% of marketers embraced short-form videos as a cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns.

We compiled some of the most impactful short-form video statistics, trends, and effects surrounding short-form videos, shedding light on their pivotal role in shaping contemporary digital experiences.


    Updated Short Form Video Data & Statistics

    • Videos under 90 seconds retain 50% of viewers.
    • Revenue from short-form video ads will surpass $10 billion.
    • At least 75% of people prefer video over text for learning about products or services.
    • Over 50% of social media marketers use short-form videos in marketing.
    • Meta launched Facebook Reels to compete with TikTok and YouTube Shorts.
    • 72% of people prefer video for learning about products or services.
    • Viewers retain 95% of a message conveyed through video.
    • Over 70% of Gen Z watch online videos over three hours daily.
    • Short-form video ad spending will hit around $100 billion by 2024.
    • Video content will make up 82% of global internet traffic by 2025

    Top 28 Jaw-Dropping Short-Form Video Trends For 2024

    1. Microlearning, characterized by short, engaging 2-5 minute lessons, emerged as a top learning format, continuing into the new year.

    infographics about man looking at his monitor checking its video content

    Microlearning, known for its brief and captivating 2-5 minute lessons, has solidified its position as a leading learning format, persisting strongly into the new year.

    Its effectiveness in delivering concise and engaging educational content remains unparalleled, catering to learners’ evolving needs across various domains, even in 2024.

    By focusing on specific learning objectives or skills, microlearning delivers information concisely and targeted.

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    2. With 70% of U.S. consumers following influencers, the use of short-form videos in influencer campaigns is set to grow significantly.

    Based on GlobalWebIndex, with 70% of U.S. consumers actively following influencers, incorporating short-form videos within influencer campaigns is poised for substantial growth [1].

    This short-form video trend reflects influencers’ increasing influence and reach in shaping consumer behavior and preferences, particularly through engaging short-form video content across various platforms.

    3. Short-form video is expected to dominate 90% of internet traffic by 2024.

    By 2024, short-form video content will claim a staggering 90% share of internet traffic.

    This forecast underscores the growing preference for concise and engaging short-form video formats, indicating a significant shift in online media consumption habits towards shorter, more digestible content.

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    4. Revenue from short-form video ads is expected to exceed $10 billion.

    According to Woosuite and LinkedIn, revenue generated from short-form video advertisements is anticipated to surpass the $10 billion mark [2].

    This projection highlights the substantial financial opportunity presented by short-form video advertising, reflecting its increasing effectiveness in capturing consumer attention and driving engagement across various digital platforms.

    5. Businesses now produce videos, 56% of which are under two minutes.

    Based on marketing professionals, businesses are actively creating videos, with 56% under two minutes.

    Businesses increasingly turn to short-form video as a social media marketing strategy, with a notable trend towards creating shorter, more concise content. Shorter videos align with the limited attention spans of viewers, making them more likely to engage with and share the content.

    6. Using video can boost sales and conversions by as much as 80%.

    infographics about short-form videos that can boost sales

    Incorporating short-form video content into various marketing strategies can significantly enhance sales and conversions, potentially increasing them by up to 80%.

    Short-form videos have a unique ability to capture and maintain audience attention more effectively than other forms of media.

    Also, when viewers find a short-form video compelling or entertaining, they are likelier to share it with their social networks, increasing brand visibility, engagement, and potential for conversions.

    7. Videos under 90 seconds achieve a 50% viewer retention rate.

    Short-form videos lasting less than 90 seconds manage to retain a viewer rate of 50%.

    According to Harvard Business Review, attention spans are shorter, and more brands compete for it [3]. With a limited timeframe, viewers are less likely to become disengaged or lose interest, resulting in higher retention rates.

    Context Level of Attention

    Advertising Approach

    Short Form Videos Moderate to High Engage with snappy intros; Employ vibrant visuals and concise messages; Use humor or emotions to captivate
    Long Form Videos Low Utilize compelling storytelling; Develop narratives gradually; Seamlessly integrate brand messages
    Cinema Moderate Showcase captivating, cinematic visuals; Offer premium content and experiences; Use immersive audio-visual techniques
    Peer to Peer Sharing Variable Utilize genuine, user-generated content; Leverage peer recommendations; Create easily shareable content
    Television Multi Tasking Variable Seamlessly integrate ads with programming; Repeat ad placements for increased exposure; Use attention-grabbing visuals and jingles

    8. 90% of consumers watch videos in their free time, with mobile YouTube viewing outpacing other devices.

    90% of consumers watch short-form videos in their leisure time, with mobile YouTube viewing surpassing other devices.

    YouTube is accessible on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart T.V.s. This accessibility allows social media users to watch short-form videos anytime, anywhere, at home, on the go, or offline with downloaded videos [4].

    9. A large percentage of business-created videos are two minutes or less in length.

    Compared to long-form videos, a significant portion of videos created by businesses are two minutes or less in duration.

    Shorter videos are inherently more cost-effective and efficient to produce. They require less time, resources, and investment than longer-form content, making them a practical choice for businesses looking to generate impactful video content without breaking the bank.

    10. At least 75% of consumers prefer videos over text for learning about products or services.

    At least 75% of consumers prefer videos over text when learning about products or services.

    One study conducted by HubSpot found that 72% of consumers would rather learn about a product or service through video ads than any other type of content. Similarly, according to a report by Wyzowl, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

    According to U.S. Department of Education research, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text [5]. This innate preference for visual stimuli makes video content more engaging and memorable for consumers.

    11. People spend an average of 1 hour and 16 minutes daily watching short-form videos.

    infographics about peoples spending hours daily for watching short videos

    On average, individuals dedicate 1 hour and 16 minutes daily to watching short-form videos rather than long-form videos.

    This behavior suggests a profound shift in entertainment and information consumption habits, reflecting the growing popularity and accessibility of platforms offering bite-sized, engaging video content.

    12. Before purchasing, 55% of consumers watch videos.

    Consumers prefer to watch videos before making a purchase. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are widely used to explore product reviews, demonstrations, and user-generated content, allowing them to make informed decisions before completing a purchase.

    TikTok videos are visually appealing and interactive, where consumers can engage with authentic, real-life experiences shared by other users. Also, users can create videos and see the average watch rate and average daily usage time.

    By watching videos, consumers can visually assess the product’s features, benefits, and functionalities, leading to a more informed purchase decision.

    13. Meta introduced Facebook Reels as a short-form video, competing with TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

    Meta, the parent company of Facebook, recently launched Facebook Reels [6] as a short-form video ads feature, directly entering the competitive landscape dominated by platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

    Meta’s short-form video strategy reflects its commitment to innovation and adaptation in response to evolving user preferences and short-form video trends.

    Facebook users enjoy bite-sized clips posted on Facebook stories and Facebook reels. Meta aims to strengthen its position as a leading player in the ever-evolving landscape of social media and digital entertainment.

    14. Online videos are preferred over television by 60% of viewers.

    These short-form video statistics reflect a significant shift in media consumption habits, with audiences increasingly favoring the convenience, accessibility, and diverse content offerings provided by social short video platforms.

    Online videos offer greater flexibility and convenience, allowing viewers to access content anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection.

    15. Video content can significantly increase conversions and sales.

    Short or long-form video content can remarkably boost business conversions and sales substantially.

    This effectiveness stems from video’s engaging and persuasive nature, which allows companies to use video as a marketing tool to convey their messages more effectively and emotionally connect with a wider audience.

    16. 93% of marketers credit short video ads on social media for acquiring new customers.

    Short video ads leverage video content’s dynamic and visually appealing nature to convey key messages concisely and persuasively.

    Moreover, social media platforms offer extensive targeting options, allowing social media marketers plan highly relevant social media video ads for audiences.

    17. A 50% retention rate is noted for videos shorter than 90 seconds.

    Based on short-form video stats, videos shorter than 90 seconds boast a noteworthy 50% retention rate, indicating their ability to captivate and retain audience interest effectively.

    In just a few seconds, you can raise brand awareness with the help of mobile devices, video, or photo-sharing platforms. Brands create video content to increase brand recognition. Instead of a long-form video, Instagram reels with shorter airtime can help them be remarkable.

    18. More than 50% of marketers report their companies use short-form videos in marketing.

    infographic about marketers who use short-form videos in their marketing

    Over half of social media marketers plan to utilize short-form videos in their marketing efforts. In the past few years, short-form content has been

    The popularity of short-form videos underscores their versatility and ability to effectively convey messages concisely and engagingly, making them a valuable asset in modern video marketing strategies.

    19. Mobile YouTube videos have a wider reach among 18-19-year-olds than any T.V. network.

    Based on short-form video statistics, mobile YouTube videos reach more 18-19-year-olds than any T.V. network because young people use their phones a lot, and YouTube has a ton of stuff they like to watch.

    YouTube suggests videos they might like, and they can chat with others while watching. This makes sense because YouTube has more fun and engaging in-feed videos.

    20. 72% of people favor videos over text for learning about new products or services.

    People prefer watching videos over reading text when learning about new products or services because business videos are more visually engaging and interactive.

    They can see demonstrations, hear explanations, and visualize the product or service in action, which helps them better understand its features and benefits.

    21. Over 70% of Gen Z spend over three hours daily watching online videos.

    It seems like most of Gen Z has realized that spending over three hours daily watching online videos is a good use of their time.

    There’s so much stuff to watch online, from how-to videos to funny behind-the-scenes videos; it’s no surprise they prefer it over other things.

    22. It’s anticipated that 80% of marketers will prioritize Instagram as their primary channel for influencer video marketing by 2024.

    Based on Forbes, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform [7]. While there are other marketing channels, Instagram boasts a vast user base, including diverse demographics, making it an attractive social short-video platform for reaching a wide audience.

    Additionally, Instagram reels, IGTV, and Instagram stories offer versatile formats for showcasing products and services, enhancing the effectiveness of influencer collaborations.

    23. Video viewers retain 95% of a message.

    infographic about picture superiority effect

    Research indicates in short-form video statistics that viewers retain an impressive 95% of the information presented in video format, a phenomenon known as the “picture superiority effect.”

    24. The most engagement is seen in videos up to 2 minutes long.

    Research in cognitive psychology suggests that individuals have limited attentional resources, and shorter videos are more likely to sustain viewer attention throughout their duration.

    Shorter videos align with viewers’ shorter attention spans, making them more likely to watch the content in the marketing channels’ entirety. Behind-the-scenes video is a great example of a video type with high engagement. Facebook and Twitter users do not scroll past this type of video.

    25. Brands are using short-form videos for effective storytelling and brand messaging.

    Brands utilize short-form videos for storytelling and brand messaging due to their effectiveness in capturing audience attention and concisely conveying messages.

    Short-form videos capitalize on the limited attention spans of modern consumers, offering bite-sized videos that are easy to consume and share.

    26. In 2024, expenditures on short-form video advertisements are expected to hit around $100 billion.

    The increasing popularity of short-form video platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, has created a fertile ground for advertisers to reach a vast and engaged audience.

    Unlike traditional advertising mediums, which may struggle to capture and retain audience attention, short-form videos have proven highly effective in grabbing viewers’ interest within seconds.

    These videos’ interactive and visually stimulating nature makes them inherently shareable and conducive to virality, amplifying their impact and reach across social networks.

    27. 54% of people desire more video content from brands than other types.

    Videos can convey information dynamically and entertainingly, making it easier for consumers to understand and remember brand messages.

    Brands create content that evokes emotions and connections between consumers to increase brand engagement and loyalty.

    28. By 2025, video content will account for 82% of all global internet traffic.

    infographic about the rise of video content of global internet video

    The rise of video content to 82% of global internet video traffic by 2025 is driven by increased internet access, the popularity of video-sharing platforms, technological advancements, and the engaging nature of the social media video itself.


    What is short-form video content?

    Short-form video content encompasses various multimedia materials characterized by brevity and focused messaging. These videos typically span a few minutes or less, making them suitable for quick consumption and sharing on various digital platforms.

    From entertaining snippets to informative tutorials and compelling advertisements, short-form videos offer versatility and adaptability, catering to audiences’ diverse content preferences and consumption habits.

    How many people prefer short-form videos?

    A significant segment of the population clearly prefers short-form videos, attracted by their brevity, dynamism, and ease of consumption. This preference is underscored by the convenience and accessibility of short videos, which fit seamlessly into busy modern lifestyles.

    Additionally, the diverse range of content in short-form videos caters to various interests and preferences, further contributing to their popularity among viewers across demographics.

    Why are short videos more effective?

    Short videos are deemed more effective due to their ability to capture attention swiftly and maintain viewer engagement throughout their duration. The short-form video format ensures that key messages are delivered succinctly, minimizing the risk of viewer distraction or disengagement.

    Furthermore, the condensed nature of short videos allows for focused storytelling and impactful visuals, maximizing their communicative potential and resonating more profoundly with audiences.

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    What are the benefits of including short-form videos in your content marketing strategy?

    Integrating short-form videos into your social media marketing strategy offers numerous advantages for brands and content creators. Firstly, short videos are highly effective in capturing audience attention and fostering engagement, increasing brand visibility and awareness.

    Additionally, the brief format of short videos facilitates message retention and comprehension, ensuring that key information is effectively communicated to viewers. Furthermore, short-form videos are easily shareable across social media platforms, extending their reach and amplifying brand exposure.

    Incorporating short-form videos into your content marketing strategy enhances audience engagement, boosts brand recognition, and drives meaningful interactions with your target audience.

    In Conclusion

    With a significant portion of the population favoring short videos, their ability to capture attention swiftly and convey messages succinctly is undeniable.

    Short-form video content spanning various genres and topics offers versatility and accessibility, catering to diverse audience preferences.

    As brands increasingly leverage short-form videos as part of their social media marketing strategy, they benefit from heightened engagement, increased brand visibility, and stronger connections with their target audience.

    Have you observed a trend or have a story to share? We at Vidico invite you to contribute to our growing knowledge base and share your insights and experiences.


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