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15 Viral Marketing Videos That Captured Attention (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 2, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Viral marketing videos have emerged as a powerful and influential tool in advertising and brand promotion.

These captivating and entertaining videos can spread like wildfire across social media platforms, reaching millions of viewers in hours or days.

We compiled the best viral marketing videos that offer valuable insights into the creative strategies and techniques brands and individuals use to craft videos that resonate, captivate, and ultimately go viral.


    Top 15 Marketing Videos That Went Viral

    1. Dumb Ways to Die (Metro Trains)

    No. of Views: 299 Million Views and counting

    What Made It Stand Out: “Dumb Ways to Die,” released in 2012, stands out as a viral sensation due to its clever combination of elements. At first glance, it presents viewers with a cutesy animation featuring cheerful, funny scenes and colorful characters, luring them into a false sense of security.

    The catchy song is undeniably capable of lodging itself in viewers’ minds for days, making it a memorable and shareable element. This stark emotional shift is one of the video’s key strategies, as it engages viewers and leaves a lasting impact.

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    2. Old Spice: The Man, Your Man, Could Smell Like

    No. of Views: 61 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The Old Spice Man marketing campaign undoubtedly holds a special place in the annals of viral marketing video history. This ad has transcended mere advertisement status and become a global phenomenon.

    It is one of the best viral marketing videos uploaded over 13 years ago, and it is infused with humor and delivered at breakneck speed, grabbing viewers’ attention from the beginning.

    The company commercial conveys the brand message effectively, leaving a lasting impression. The character known as “The man your man could smell like” quickly became an online icon, further fueling the campaign’s virality

    3. Glozmo – “Keep your car looking great”

    No. of Views: 427 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: Certainly, if I were to watch this video for the first time again, I’d still be drawn right from the first few seconds by the DIY-style car painting demonstration.

    True enough, in just three months, the Glozmo became one of the top viral videos on the internet, and the channel continuously uploads viral videos of their cleaning gigs.

    ASMR elements create a sensory experience that’s both relaxing and engaging. The soothing sounds and attention to detail enhance the overall viewing experience.

    4. Blendtec

    No. of Views: 12 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The “Will it Blend?” YouTube series by Blendtec is a shining example of a popular marketing video that has captivated audiences worldwide.

    The series brilliantly taps into the age-old curiosity we all share about the capabilities of everyday objects, posing the amusing question, “Will it blend?”

    Blendtec’s clever approach to marketing and the entertaining nature of these blending experiments have made this series a memorable and shareable experience for millions of viewers.

    5. Alibaba

    No. of Views: 3.3 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The narrative of an ice hockey team from Kenya harboring dreams of participation in the Winter Olympic Games is inherently inspirational, highlighting the team’s determination and aspirations against all odds.

    It is an exemplary model for aspiring advertisers, demonstrating how storytelling, emotion, and brand alignment can create a compelling, impactful marketing campaign.

    6. How Deep Does the Ocean Go? (Tech Insider)

    No. of Views: 72 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: Despite its initial appearance as a simple and somewhat lengthy animated explainer video, there are underlying qualities that contribute to its viral success.

    Tapping into a topic with universal relevance makes it highly shareable, as it resonates with company brands from different backgrounds and cultures.

    The straightforward presentation ensures the audience can easily follow the content without distractions or complications. This clarity and accessibility make it more likely for the audience to engage with and share the videos of the brands.

    7. Buzzfeed and Friskies: Dear Kitten

    No. of Views: 32 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The video collaboration “Dear Kitten,” released on June 5, 2013, is a marketing campaign that features insights into successful viral marketing.

    Despite being a seemingly simple concept—an older housecat teaching a new kitten to be “feline”—it quickly gained widespread popularity, amassing over 32 million views.

    The brilliance of this marketing strategy lies in recognizing the immense appeal of internet cat videos. It’s a reminder that effective marketing isn’t always about overtly promoting a product but rather the idea of delivering what the audience is genuinely passionate about and interested in.

    8. JuTOS TV – “Nutella Chocolate Bucket Dipping”

    No. of Views: 475 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The “Nutella Chocolate Bucket Dipping” video is a prime example of a successful marketing campaign that leverages crucial elements to capture and maintain viewer engagement.

    At first glance, it is one of the most viral videos that might seem like a simple concept, but it keeps the audience hooked and captivated throughout its short duration.

    The short video capitalizes on the popularity of Nutella, a beloved and widely recognized ingredient, adding to its appeal. Combining a trending audio format, sensory allure, and a popular ingredient makes this video highly shareable and relatable to a broad audience.

    9. Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys

    No. of Views: 5.9 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The commercial that debuted during the 2014 Super Bowl is a remarkable case study in marketing.

    Accompanied by epic metal music, the commercial features a memorable sledgehammer scene that further elevates the emotional intensity.

    It may have divided opinions, but its epic quality is undeniable, making it a noteworthy and enduring example of marketing campaigns that continue to be discussed and analyzed by audiences worldwide even after that Super Bowl event.

    10. Gravity Cat (PlayStation)

    No. of Views: 3K Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The video created by Playstation Japan as part of the promotional campaign for the game Gravity Rush 2 takes a refreshingly unique approach to video game advertising.

    The success of this out-of-the-box strategy is evident in the video’s viral reach and the excitement it generated for the game’s release. Additionally, the campaign garnered significant recognition and accolades, including a prestigious Gold Pencil award.

    11. Tanner Colson: “How to make good espresso.”

    No. of Views: 22 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The video you’ve described employed a clever educational approach to convey the distinction between good-quality and bad-quality coffee effectively.

    Combining education, the company’s values, and immersive visuals offers a compelling case for the brand’s high-quality coffee, making it one of the most noteworthy viral video ads.

    12. Android

    No. of Views: 124K Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The Android ad you’ve described is a heartwarming example of how effective emotional appeal can be in marketing campaigns. It cleverly taps into the universally loved theme of animals and animal friends interacting and playing together.

    This Android ad is a testament to the effectiveness of emotion-driven marketing and the power of unique, emotionally resonant content in capturing the audience’s attention and fostering brand engagement.

    13. Phonebloks

    No. of Views: 22 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The success of this video can be attributed to its ingenious concept and flawless execution. The filmmaker seamlessly combines animation and live-action to convey the brand’s message, adding an innovative and engaging dimension to the storytelling.

    Its remarkable reach and support on Thunderclap underscore the effectiveness of utilizing innovative platforms and storytelling techniques to create viral content that resonates with a broad audience.

    14. The Epic Split (Volvo Trucks)

    No. of Views: 119 Million Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The Volvo commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme performing the splits between two trucks is a shining example of a video marketing [2] masterpiece.

    It is given that it has a huge marketing budget. Still, it leverages star power, captivating visuals, and an impressive stunt, all within a one-take format, making it one of the best viral marketing videos today.

    Like other viral videos, it resonates with audiences and inspires others to emulate its successful elements.

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    15. Nike Women

    No. of Views: 930K Views

    What Made It Stand Out: The commercial you’re referring to is a prime example of how humor can be effectively used to address serious topics. It skillfully navigates the sensitive issue of women’s insecurities, shedding light on the debilitating impact female athletes can have.

    When executed effectively, viral ads can be more memorable and influential, making them a valuable tool in advertising and marketing.

    What are Viral Marketing Videos?

    Viral marketing videos are captivating and shareable content that spreads rapidly across the internet. They are designed to resonate with audiences, engage their emotions, and encourage them to share the content with others.

    These viral videos often utilize creative storytelling, humor, emotional appeal, or unique concepts to grab viewers’ attention and encourage them to become advocates for the content.

    The goal is to generate widespread awareness, brand visibility, and engagement, leading to increased sales and brand recognition.

    Marketing campaigns have become a powerful tool in the digital age for businesses and individuals looking to reach a global audience quickly.

    What Makes A Video Go Viral?

    Emotional Appeal

    Videos that evoke strong emotions like laughter, awe, anger, or nostalgia are more likely to be shared. Emotions help create a personal connection with viewers.

    Unique & Shareable Content

    Original, surprising, or unconventional content is more likely to stand out and get shared. People enjoy sharing content that feels fresh, funny, and exciting.


    Videos that address everyday experiences, problems, or interests resonate with a broader audience. Relatable content is more likely to be shared among friends and followers- whether emotional, funny, humorous, or educational video strategy.


    A compelling narrative or story can keep viewers engaged and encourage them to share the commercial video or business ad to discover what happens next.

    Visual & Audio Quality

    High-production business companies value clear visuals and good audio quality. These campaign clips with solid messages can outsmart competitors because people are more likely to share well-made videos and use them as inspiration for other marketing campaigns.

    Timing & Relevance of Viral Videos

    Videos that tap into current trends, events, or cultural moments are more likely to go viral. In recent years, being timely and relevant has increased shareability, which you can take advantage of.

    Social Sharing Features

    Including social sharing buttons and calls to action in the video or description of the brands can make it easier for viewers to share the content.

    Audience Engagement

    Videos encouraging comments, likes, and shares directly within the video or through a social media campaign can boost virality.

    Influencer Promotion

    Partnering with social media influencers with a large following can promote the video to a broader audience. It can guarantee conversion rates and gather new customers because of its popularity.

    Organic Sharing

    Organic sharing among viewers’ networks often drives virality. When people genuinely enjoy a video and the story, they’re more likely to share it with friends and family.

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    How many views are considered going viral?

    The threshold for considering a video as “going viral” varies but often starts at several million views within a relatively short period.

    However, virality isn’t just about views; the rapid spread and sharing of content defines it.

    What content goes viral the most?

    Content that tends to go viral the most often includes humorous, emotional, or thought-provoking content.

    Most viewers like videos that tap into relatable experiences, trending topics, or surprise elements with viral potential.

    How do viral videos make money?

    Viral videos can make money through various channels. Standard monetization methods include ad revenue from platforms like YouTube [4], sponsorships, merchandise sales, and driving traffic to a website or product.

    How much will it cost to create a viral marketing video?

    The cost of creating a viral video can vary significantly. It depends on factors like production quality, complexity, length, message, marketing strategy, and whether you hire professionals or DIY. Some viral videos are created with low budgets, while others involve substantial production, promotion, and distribution expenses.

    In Conclusion

    Viral marketing videos represent a dynamic and influential tool in modern marketing. They have the potential to rapidly and exponentially increase brand visibility, engagement, and audience reach.

    While there is no guaranteed formula for virality, key elements such as emotional resonance, relatability, uniqueness, and compelling storytelling often play a crucial role in their success.

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