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10 Best Video Marketing Case Studies & Insights (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 2, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Video marketing has emerged as a dynamic and influential tool for businesses and big brands to connect with their target customers.

The power of video lies in its ability to convey information, evoke emotions, and engage viewers in a way that text or static images often cannot.

To explore the impact and potential of video marketing, we deep dive into the best video marketing case study videos from various industries that highlight how they have leveraged this medium to achieve remarkable results.


    Top 10 Video Marketing Campaign Case Studies

    1. Toggl Track

    Industry: Software and Technology

    Background: Toggl Track, a market-leading time tracking software, aimed to launch a large-scale awareness to promote their product.

    The company aimed to create engaging video content to captivate its target audience and establish a solid online presence. The customer success story showcased how effective it is to convey the product’s value proposition and business message in video campaigns.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Compelling Video Content: Toggl Track’s decision to invest in high-quality video content proved a game-changer.
    • Creative Concept: The challenge of translating a complex software product into an easy-to-understand, engaging piece of user-generated content was addressed creatively.
    • Brand Consistency: The video content not only captured the attention of any viewer but also remained consistent with Toggl Track’s brand identity.

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    2. Vimeo

    Industry: Hosting and Services

    Background: Vimeo Enterprise partnered with us to create a comprehensive suite of case study videos to complement the launch of Vimeo Enterprise’s refreshed brand, including its new website.

    With a focused team of seven crew members and a clear vision, we [1] embarked on an intensive four-day shooting schedule to produce ten product videos for their business.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Video-First Approach: Vimeo Enterprise recognized the power of video in showcasing its expansive service with rich features.
    • Unique Styling: Our creative approach combined branded color backgrounds with textured foreground elements.
    • Simplicity in Communication: Vidico focuses on maintaining a sense of simplicity in product demonstrations and reflecting this tone in the script and narration.

    3. Montu

    Industry: Healthcare and Cannabis

    Background: Montu, a healthcare provider based in Melbourne, aimed to raise capital for its integrated cannabis ecosystem through crowdfunding.

    Case in point, the crowdfunding video of the company focuses on fundraising efforts and achieving extraordinary sales results.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Exceptional Fundraising Success: Montu’s crowdfunding video played a crucial role in their remarkable fundraising success, breaking revenue records by raising $1 million in just 13 minutes and $2 million in 5 hours
    • Creative Approach: The video’s creative approach blended elements of crowdfunding and product videos to ensure it remained engaging and authentic to Montu’s brand.
    • Audience Engagement: Despite the need to educate a new audience about Montu and the cannabis industry, the video focused on showcasing how Montu positively impacts thousands of Australians’ lives every day.

    4. Bailey Nelson

    Industry: Eyewear and Fashion

    Background: Bailey Nelson, an Australian eyewear brand, partnered with us to craft a defining brand statement through a vibrant and colorful video campaign. Of course, the company aims to increase brand awareness and engage with the Australian audience and other customers nearby.

    The results were outstanding, with a 40% increase in branded search and YouTube recognizing the campaign as ‘best-in-class.’ The interactive video ad also won the prestigious Best YouTube Campaign of 2022 at the B&T Awards.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Impactful Branding: Bailey Nelson recognized the importance of a defining brand story using video.
    • Measurable Results: The campaign was not just about creativity but also about delivering measurable results.
    • Effective Visual Communication: The interactive video ad production team employed various visual techniques to engage viewers and emphasize the brand’s unique key points.

    5. Digital Ocean

    Industry: Cloud Computing and Technology

    Background: Digital Ocean, a cloud infrastructure provider, embarked on the launch of its new product, “App Platform.” This innovative solution allowed developers to quickly build, deploy, and scale applications.

    We created a video marketing strategy, an explainer animation that effectively conveys the product’s features to developers.

    Lessons Learned:

    • High-Level Narrative Approach: Digital Ocean opted for an explainer animation to provide a broad and all-encompassing story approach to their happy customers.
    • Longevity and Brand Impact: The video’s bold and new illustrative direction aligned with Digital Ocean’s goal and set a distinctive style that influenced subsequent content.
    • Authenticity and Connection: The video underscored the significance of authenticity, emotional connection, and a connective tone when communicating with the target audience.

    6. Happly

    Industry: Home Moving and Services

    Background: Happly, a startup that simplifies the home moving experience, collaborated with our team to create a case study video for their go-to-market campaign.

    The company’s objective was to effectively convey its unique value proposition and sell up their services.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Clear and Relatable Messaging: To appeal to a broad audience, the case study video employed a Problem-Solution approach to address two vital questions: who Happly is and what services they offer.
    • Distinctive Brand Identity: Happly aimed to unleash the brand’s unique identity through humor and compelling storytelling using case study videos.
    • Organized and Timely Execution: The collaboration with Vidico was marked by organized and timely execution, from concept and scripting to storyboarding and UI animations.

    7. Sail Internet

    Industry: Internet Service Provider

    Background: Sail Internet, a provider of affordable, contract-free, fast, and reliable connections, initially engaged Vidico to replace their outdated explainer video.

    This strategy included multiple cutdowns and illustrations on case study videos used across their website, marketing collateral, paid social media campaigns, and out-of-home advertising to address various marketing goals.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Quality Upgrade: The initial objective was to replace an outdated explainer video with a sleek and creative animation that could capture attention and resonate with potential customers.
    • Visual Style: The creative approach focused on conveying a sense of freedom, flying, and movement through an upbeat tone, fun and bright colors, simplicity, and flat design elements.
    • Leveraging Creative Collateral: Sail maximized the investment in the case study video by posting it on social media, their website, collateral tools, content marketing efforts [2], and out-of-home advertising.

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    8. Smart Nora

    Industry: Sleep and Wellness

    Background: Smart Nora, a company specializing in sleep and wellness solutions, invented a unique solution to address snoring, allowing both snorers and their partners to enjoy longer-lasting and more restful sleep.

    They approached Vidicontention to create a fun and large-scale awareness campaign to be distributed through social media channels like YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Redefining Brand Appearance: The project provided an opportunity to redefine Smart Nora’s appearance and voice.
    • Creative Partnership: The Vidico team demonstrated qualities customers seek in a creative partner, including high creativity, an open-minded approach, and a process-driven mindset.
    • Detailed Production: The successful execution of the project, from pre-production logistics to creative direction, required meticulous attention to detail.

    9. HoneyBook

    Industry: Client Management Software

    Background: Honeybook, a client management software platform that offers services sought to create case study video assets to highlight user engagement.

    The goal was to increase the sign-up rate for new customers, be viral, and improve the overall adoption of their reimagined platform.

    Lessons Learned:

    • A/B Testing for Sign-Up Lift: The video resulted in a significant 9% increase in sign-ups for the waitlist compared to the testimonial video.
    • Balancing Familiarity and Teasing: The video marketing campaign approach balanced showcasing the core platform’s familiarity and exciting users about the reimagined version.
    • Practical Script Appeal: The video’s script was carefully crafted, delivering essential information within a concise 60-second timeframe.

    10. Mobile Muster

    Industry: Recycling and Environmental Sustainability

    Background: MobileMuster, an organization dedicated to making the mobile phone industry more environmentally sustainable, teamed up with Vidico to create a compelling brand video targeting Generation Z.

    The primary objective was to ignite the interest of this age group in recycling old mobile phones as they watch the business video.

    Lessons Learned:

    • Tailoring to the Audience: To effectively connect with the target audience of 16-24-year-olds, the creative approach focused on tapping into people’s emotional bond with their phones.
    • Result-Oriented Creativity: The video’s creative approach went beyond generational stereotypes, ensuring the message and benefits resonated authentically with the target audience.
    • Consistency in Brand Messaging: The consistency in the video marketing campaign helped reinforce MobileMuster’s mission and message.

    Why Work With Vidico

    Creative Excellence in Video Marketing Campaigns

    Vidico is known for its creative prowess. Our creative team brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table, ensuring that your sales video is visually stunning and strategically aligned with your goals and will generate leads.

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    Consistency and Brand Identity

    For long-term partnerships, Vidico maintains consistency in brand identity. They work to reinforce your brand’s image and values across multiple sales video projects, building trust and recognition.

    Also, we use top-notch action cameras on-site to shoot testimonials and other services.

    Transparent Pricing on Video Marketing Strategy

    Our pricing structure at Vidico is transparent and tailored to meet your specific sales video production needs. Use our VidiFit Quiz for a free upfront estimate of video marketing campaigns [3].

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    What should be included in video marketing case studies?

    Video marketing case studies should include critical elements such as client background, campaign objectives, strategy and execution details, measurable results, challenges faced, customer testimonials, and visual assets.

    What is a case study in digital marketing?

    In digital marketing [4], a case study is an in-depth analysis of a specific marketing project or campaign. It provides insights into the strategies employed, challenges encountered, and results achieved.

    Case studies serve as valuable resources for marketing professionals, offering real-world examples, messages, tools, benefits, and lessons learned to inform and inspire future marketing efforts.

    Key Takeaways

    Video marketing case studies serve as a valuable tool for understanding the intricacies of successful video marketing campaigns.

    It encapsulates the client’s background, campaign objectives, message, benefits, strategic execution, measurable results, challenges, testimonials, and visual assets, providing a fun and holistic view of the campaign’s journey.

    Do you want to achieve remarkable results like those in our featured case studies? Use our VidiFit Quiz for a free estimate, and contact us so we can discuss your video marketing strategy.


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