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Wiise is a cloud and accounting ERP software system for mid to enterprise businesses. They were in need of a brand video that helped them enhance product messaging, increase conversion of new prospective clients and create a genuine Wiise brand voice — and a tone that aligns current brand positioning.

Dunya Lindsay
The video enhanced our brand and amplified our reach exponentially. What I liked the most about working with Vidico was their expertise in working with SaaS businesses and the ability for us to hone the way we communicate our unique proposition.
Dunya Lindsay


Wiise sofware reduces double-handling errors while keeping track of everything from financials, to inventory, and distribution all in one place.

This was Wiise first foray into video. They wanted us to:

🎯 Provide a creative direction that enhances and communicates Wiise’s values and vision.
🎯 Position the videos as educative tools that lead to further stakeholder actions and enquiry.
🎯 Create a genuine Wiise brand voice — and a tone that aligns with current brand positioning.

Creative direction.

Creative direction.

We based our style approach on a 60/40 split between live action and abstracted UI, perfectly suited for a corporate audience.

Wiise provided Vidico with an overview of their product, key visuals, brand assets and imagery. We then produced a structured script for signoff and a hand drawn storyboard from the ground up.

Once the storyboard was accepted, our Sydney video production team produced a multi-talent brand video in full colour/ high-fidelity.

After the editing was completed, the project was finalised with professional narration and 3x 30 seconds cutdowns to address different audiences.

The core elements of this project:

📌 A multi-talent brand video, which is clearly setting up the market profile and target audience.
📌 Beautiful visuals of the Wiise ERP and accounting software platform, set in a highly engaging way.
📌 Pitch perfect narration and scripting, highlighting what makes Wiise a challenger in market.



The video enhanced Wiise’s brand and amplified their reach exponentially.

When we asked them what they liked the most about working with us they said our “expertise in working with SaaS businesses and ability for us to hone the way we communicate our unique proposition”

— Dunya Lindsay, COO at Wiise.

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