Explainer Animation


Uber approached us to produce their new explainer video for the UberEats restaurant dashboard. The project is now being distributed across 27 different countries, alongside multiple translations.

Michael Pirone
It was an incredible experience getting to work with the UberEats illustration system. Getting to animate them, and working them into video format was a dream.
Michael Pirone
Creative Director
Abstracted UI

Abstracted UI

The insights that we learned throughout the project are important, as you’ll be able to quickly iterate on design styles, illustrations, and motion graphics in a way that reduces your overall production time, and increases the final quality of your animated video content.

If you’re animating any UI in a video under 60-90 seconds, you should be simplifying close to 80% of the actual app or product dashboard. We don’t use the actual product because promotional videos move very quickly, and you’ll find that when you add components like music, voiceover and motion, that the viewing experience quickly becomes very crowded.

> Make all paragraph text rectangular vector shapes.
> Delete menus or back buttons.
> Keep text reserved for action buttons, and section headings only.
> Numbers can also be viewed as text.

Get your pacing perfect.

Get your pacing perfect.

Our team has landed on a bit of a sweet-spot when it comes to how many frames or scenes to include over a 60-second duration. We’ve tested this over dozens of our videos on Vimeo, and through paid Youtube ads for clients. One of the best durations for engagement, understanding and audience satisfaction is: 16-18 scenes of illustration per 60-seconds of animated video is near perfect for promotional content.


Develop visual script.

Develop visual script.

Our tip would be to develop visual script next to the written narration before you start storyboarding — this allows your mind to think of the right vision to accompany each line in the narration, without placing too much burden on high-bandwidth video decisions like composition, continuity and overall look. 

Spend four weeks minimum when going from a script to storyboard to style frames to full set of illustrations. Whilst we realise that sometimes pressing deadlines don’t allow that kind of time, this is what you should be aiming for, and letting your clients know when producing quality work that allows for the suitable amount of revision rounds.

Overall this project took us seven weeks to produce.

Conversational tone.

Conversational tone.

Make your voiceover sound like a conversation, and not a pitch.

Tell your voiceover artist:

– It’s not radio, it’s video.
– Narrate as if you were speaking to one person, and not to a group of people.
– Narrate as if that person was less than 1m away from you in a quiet room.
Our team gets the right almost every time, and it makes a massive difference to the overall viewability of your content. 

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